Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 5: I will think about it (2)

In the end, Choi Cheol-Sik left fruitlessly. His pace of walking was really quick. Well, it was understandable. From his standpoint, he was just beaten until he was half-way on death’s doorstep and healed up in one go by a monster’s magic.

Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 3: Come Over and You Will Die (3)

While lying on his hammock, Park Chun-woo answered the call from Hanseong Su. Cheol-Sik will be visiting you today. Just ignore him and send him back. Don’t fight him. Park Chun-woo frowned, confused by the fragmented story.

Can’t Stop Craving Potions – Chapter 1: Come Over and You Will Die (1)

Gulp. Gulp. Park Chun-woo drank something from the 1.5L plastic bottle in one go. His face became hot and reddish. His circulation became faster, and his eyes bleared. He truly loved being drunk. If there was heaven, he believed that he was in heaven at this very moment.

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 82: You, I, Strangers – 1

(Translation changes: power of life -> life force) The reputation of Vanguard soared by the day. The levels of standard weapons were rising little by little, and after the performance of the higher ranked weapons traded with the 26 powerful clans was discovered, Vanguard’s ability became much more well known. Continue Reading →

Omni Genius – Chapter 25: Bringing A Beauty Home To Stay The Night

“I think that…this matter…is best if you discuss about it with Boss Chen first…” (T/N: Referring to Fatty Chen) Towards Xiao Muxue’s request, even if he was tempted, after thinking for awhile, Qin Fang still felt that it was not really suitable. In the end, he could only think of Continue Reading →