Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 109: Becoming a New Person Every Day (3)

The youngest and the quickest to become a ‘Chief Software Architect’. Those vague rumors had come true. Not a single bug was reported for a month. The service YongHo had released was suggested for the Perfect Code of the company, and regardless of the achievements of the service, regardless of Continue Reading →

Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 108: Becoming a New Person Every Day (2)

Once the service was released, then that service would be monitored specially. It was to prevent the trust in the service from going down by catching the errors at the start. “How many until now?” “None, sir.” “What?” “I, I don’t understand how this is happening either but there isn’t Continue Reading →

Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 107: Becoming a New Person Every Day (1)

Pffft! Jeff spat out the yellow liquid in his mouth as he was drinking a glass of beer. His face said ‘that’s absurd.’ However, YongHo, in front of him, was only baffled. The ‘secretion’ from Jeff’s mouth had covered his clothes. “*Spit* *Spit*, Hey, what was that for?!” YongHo hurriedly Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 8 : [Chapter 5] To Monopolize (1)

Piercing four soul holes was something other users could never imagine doing. Of course it wasn’t easy to level up as one’s required exp quadrupled, but it still wasn’t as bad as he halved it with ‘The Challenger Never Gives Up’. It wasn’t such a big difference in the early Continue Reading →

Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 106: Treatment Befitting of Capability (2)

“I keep wanting him more and more the more I see him.” “……” “To think that the server overload was actually fixed… Actually I didn’t believe it, but now that the results are out, I can’t not believe it. What do you think?” “I think he’s a little over evaluated. Continue Reading →

Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 105: Treatment Befitting of Capability (1)

Rumors about YongHo were already spread throughout the company. The interest in Black Friday was also all the executives’ interests. The two were inevitably linked. The management, who learned that Steve was experiencing difficulty, had requested for support from YongHo. He had no reason to refuse, so he accepted. As Continue Reading →

Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 104: Black Friday (4)

The situation monitor was installed and the number of users were being counted in real-time. The sales of Black Friday wasn’t only on the day itself. Traditionally, the sales would be on the entire week of the week that Black Friday is on. Some companies did their sales from the Continue Reading →

One Man Army – Episode 6 : [Chapter 4] Drawing a Big Picture (1)

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m posting the new OMA chapter scrubs [ A recommended VRA for this game was 150. Users who were under VRA 100 would find trouble playing this game. ] This warning had popped up first as soon as people started Eternal Life(EL). In virtue of the Act of 2024, Continue Reading →

Coder Lee Yongho – Chapter 102: Black Friday (2)

Steve was one of the best technicians within the company. Dave’s position was ‘Senior’. Steve’s position was ‘Chief’. He had a higher position than Dave. And the day after Steve heard YongHo’s story, one strange rumor started circulating within the company. “I heard YongHo said that he would do better Continue Reading →