Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 10: To Meet Again Like This (1)

Dinner table.
YongHo’s father wasn’t home yet. Eating with just his mother, YongHo carefully brought up the topic.
“Mom, I’m working starting tomorrow.”
“Work? How about college?”
“I got employed thanks to the professor’s recommendation.”
“Professor’s recommendation? Where?”
“Mirae IT.”
“Mirae? Isn’t that a big company?”
According to YongHo’s mother’s knowledge, Mirae company was a big company. It was no wonder she was so surprised.
“Not as big as it was in the past.”
YongHo’s mother wrapped her two hands on YongHo’s cheeks with a happy face.
“Good for you! Good… Now you just have to get married after working hard.”
At her happy face, YongHo couldn’t possibly say that he became an intern.
Anyway, it was pretty much guaranteed that he would become a permanent employee, so he didn’t find it necessary to tell her about it.
“If they tell you to do anything, just say ‘Yes, sir/ma’am!’ and do it, okay?”
“I understand.”
“To think that my son got employed in a big company. Mother has no regrets now.”
“My son. Eat quickly and go to sleep early. You’ll be tired if you have to commute early.”
That night, he told his father, who came in drunk as always, the news of his employment. And for that night, he could sleep comfortably.


After passing the interview, he came to the company main building for the employment contract.
“Oh, Hyung, you’re here?”
“Yeah, it’s been a while.”
SungGyu came in to the conference room in which YongHo was waiting. SuMin and HyeJin came in soon after.
“Hello, sunbae.”
SuMin was as cold as always, and HyeJin greeted with a bright smile on her face.
“Oh yes.”
“It seems like we are working together?”
“Maybe we will, maybe we will separate. We don’t know for sure.”
As soon as SungGyu finished speaking, an employee came in to the conference room.
“Good morning, everyone. We have met in the interview, haven’t we?”
“Yes we have. Good morning.”
“Then we will write the employment contract one by one. First, Mr. Kang SungGyu.”
One by one, they went to a place far away to write the employment contract and came back. YongHo’s turn was last.
“This part here is your annual salary, and below that is the duration of the contract. The duration is from the 1st of September to 1st of March next year. If there is no problem during your intern period, you will become a permanent employee.”
He looked at the contract as he listened to employee from the HR dept(Human Resources department).
1,000,000KRW(≈870USD) per month.
After removing tax, the true amount was around 880,000KRW(≈770USD).
‘I’ll probably earn more from part time jobs than this.’
But he only muttered in his heart.
“Should I sign here?”
Employment contract, A.K.A. Slave contract.
YongHo’s name was clearly written on it.


SungGyu and HyeJin were assigned to Delivery Team 1, and SuMin and YongHo were assigned to Delivery Team 2. And they were put into work right away without prior education.
“What the heck. They are putting us to work right away.”
In the subway heading towards Yeoksam station.
SuMin’s complaints were endless.
Pausing, SuMin glanced at YongHo for a moment.
“Ahh, I am so annoyed.”
“Why the hell is this laptop so heavy.?”
YongHo muttered next to her, clearly unable to hold it any longer.
“Then quit.”
“Oh, we’re here.”
They arrived at Yeoksam station.

5 or 6 people were sitting in front of desks that were close together. Every single one of them had fatigue written all over their faces. It was unbelievable to think that these were the appearances of programmers.
“We had to stay up all last night because there was a problem. Due to that, as you can see, everyone is… Well, please take a seat here.”
One glance and they could tell that the desk was used for many years, and the chairs were stained all over it.
“Here’s a wet wipe, clean it roughly and you can put your laptop on it first.”
YongHo cleaned the desk with the wet wipe he was handed and set up his laptop. And he sat there with a blank look on his face. He didn’t have a card-key for entering and exiting the office so he couldn’t carelessly go out.

After lunch, the assistant manager in charge called YongHo and SuMin for a cup of coffee. It seemed he managed to make some time.
“Nice to work with you. I am assistant manager Seo(surname) JaeSeok(first name) and I’ll be in charge of both of you.”
After greeting, assistant manager Seo continued speaking.
“As you see, the situation here is not good right now. So I may not be able to look after you two for a while.”
“What happened?”
“A problem occurred in a system we opened a while ago. Let’s get into the details later… Any other questions?”
SuMin and YongHo didn’t even know what they didn’t know yet.
“Then let’s get back.”

Assistant manager Seo set the computer first. JDK(Java Development Kit: The basic environment for program developing using the Java language) for developing, Eclipse, Sql Developer which was a DB access tool and many other free development tools needed to be downloaded.
‘There’s more to download than I thought.’
YongHo downloaded the things on the list given by Assistant manager Seo, one by one. There were a few programs that he saw for the first time, but he didn’t find any difficulties. If the download didn’t work properly, solutions could be found on the internet for most of them. He could finish downloading all the things on the list after about 1 hour.
‘Phew… That’s downloading finished.’
Glancing at SuMin while stretching, she was biting her nails.
‘She’s pretty, alright.’
With thin and thick eyebrows and resilient skin, sharp nose and big eyes, anyone would say she was pretty.
‘Looks like something’s not working.’
Looking at her frowning while biting her nails, it seemed like something wasn’t going well. YongHo, having already finished downloading, leaned his head back a little more and looked at SuMin’s laptop.
‘sh*t, why does it keep getting errors?’
SuMin couldn’t understand. She, for certain, followed the instructions to download the Sql Developer. However, it erred when she ran it.
Unable to create an instance of the Java Virtual Machine…
SuMin considered asking assistant manager Seo. However, she was afraid that her impression would lean towards being stupid.
‘This is killing me.’
Biting her nails didn’t let her find the solution. She followed a few solutions, to the letter, that could be found on the internet, but the error didn’t disappear.
-Change to AddVMOption-Xmx256M
This was the solution on the internet. But she couldn’t find the AddVMOption on the file she opened to change. She searched with ctrl+f but nothing was found.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 4/4. Next one will be released in 24 hours from now.

I read “A.K.A Slave contract” and I’m like that’s so us (the TL’ers on KCDS). Also, I feel like “Why do Koreans only covet free stuff?” I mean my Uni computers don’t even have microsoft office…

I am still working on the glossary!… not. So much stuff to do… Why do the profs want us to have a debate on books… and even write a draft…

Also, the chapter title is kinda a spoiler… guess who YongHo meets?

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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