Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 15: Permission Error (1)

“Hey, assistant manager Park! You still haven’t solved it?”
Manager Choi yelled as he entered the office.
“The manager is calling me and it’s all a mess! The board executives need to see this on Monday. What are you going to do about it, huh?”
Mirae IT’s business model was the SI (System Integration: client company requests contractor companies to build a system and pay them). The one who called assistant manager Choi was the contractor company’s person in charge of the system.
(*Note: remember Gab and Eul? Gab = client , Eul = contractor)
As the less superior person, assistant manager Choi had to ingratiate with him. If not, there was the possibility that the renewal of the contract will not happen. And if it doesn’t happen, his position in the company would be lowered.
Manager Choi asked assistant manager Park who was hesitating to answer.
“So did you figure out what the reason is?”
“That…Not yet……”
“*Sigh*, What’s the error content?”
“The ETL just dies.”
ETL was the acronym of extraction, transformation and loading. It was a program that extracts and transform data from a remote data storage and load it to the needed place.
“What? Just dies?”
Manager Choi spoke as if he didn’t believe what assistant manager Park was saying.
“Try running it.”
At manager Choi’s words, assistant manager Park ran the putty program and put the command to run the ETL program.
And enter
Both manager Choi and assistant manager Park didn’t want to believe it, but it was a failure. A few minutes later, the program died just like that.
“*Sigh*, What the heck is the problem?”
Manager Choi sighed first after confirming the results with his own eyes. Assistant manager Park was dazed while thinking where he should start. There was no error log in the log window either.
“What do we do, manager?”
“What do you mean, what do we do, we have to fix this bug.”
“There’s no error log……”
“I don’t know either. Let’s think about it.”
Manager Choi went to his seat and turned his laptop’s power on. Silence flowed in the office.

After about 1 hour, Manager Choi called YongHo.
“Hey, Mr. YongHo.”
“Yes, sir.”
“What are you doing right now?”
“I am currently doing the task given to me by assistant manager Kim.”
“Is it urgent?”
“P…Probably not.”
“Then why don’t you help us out here?”
Today was a Sunday. They needed to return the program normal for the board executives to see the current state of the sales tomorrow. If the ETL program didn’t work, the sales data could not be brought up.
That meant that the board executives wouldn’t be able to confirm the current state of the sales. If the problem wasn’t solved in time, the superior company would not stop being annoying about it. Probably because manager Choi was under pressure, he even asked YongHo, who was an intern, for help.
“Y…Yes sir.”
YongHo went to assistant manager Park and asked.
“Assistant manager, what shall I help you with?”
At his question, assistant manager Park asked manager Choi.
“Manager, he’s only an intern, what does he know……”
“Didn’t you hear? He’s the one who solved Seon Min University’s course registration.”
“Oh, really?”
Assistant manager Park asked YongHo.
“Did you really solve the problem?”
His face was filled with disbelief. On one side, he had a small expectation.
“I was merely lucky. It could be found on stack overfly.”
stack overfly was the world’s biggest program related forum. Countless programmers referenced the site.
“Really? So you solved that… Bring a chair here. The problem here is……”
He briefly told YongHo about the ETL program and the current situation. YongHo who finished listening spoke to assistant manager Park.
“Can we run the program once?”
“It’s going to die anyway so what do you want to do by seeing.”
“I just want to see it with my own eyes……”
He only could confirm with the bug window after the program ran in front of his eyes. If there is a bug, then it would appear in the bug window.
Maybe because he had heard that YongHo had fixed the course registration system, assistant manager Park complied with his words. And the program ran once again.
“Ah, Oh……”
YongHo exclaimed in a small voice as he looked at the bugs in the bug window. Maybe assistant manager Park had heard him, but he asked YongHo about it.
“Why, do you know something?”
“Why, what is it? Speak.”
There was no error log, but YongHo knew what the principle was and what the solution was. But there was no error log. If he analyzed the problem and say the solution in one go, they wouldn’t believe him. After hesitating, YongHo replied to assistant manager Park.
“By any chance, would it be a try-catch statement with the error log forgotten?”
Exclamation could be heard from both assistant manager Park and manager Choi. A try-catch statement was an error processing statement in Java code. If an error occurred where this happened, a process of handling errors was needed. If the catch statement forgot to print the error, no logs would remain.”
“That’s true. It’s certainly possible.”
“That’s probably why there was no error log, but the program died……”
Manager Choi shouted after listening to YongHo’s words.

20 minutes later, YongHo was reading the atmosphere.
‘It should be alright if I speak at this point right.’
He already had the solution. YongHo was looking for the timing to say it. A cornered stone would meet the mason’s chisel. (Korean way of saying ‘The tallest tree would catch the most wind’). YongHo wanted to be seen as someone within human capabilities. His position as an intern and his experience from military service was limiting his ability (Korean males have mandatory military service).
“Assistant manager. I think I found the problem.”
“Really? Where?”
“On the 302nd line of FileTransfer class.”
“Come here and talk.”
Assistant manager Park called YongHo who was working at his seat. After moving next to assistant manager Park, he continued explaining.
“On the 302nd line, the try-catch statement is trying to call a file but the file is not found.”
“Really? Let’s have a look.”
Following YongHo’s words, assistant manager Park confirmed the source and put in the error log print statement in the catch statement. And ran the program. The program died, but the log remained
. /homes/salesdata(No such file or directory)
at Method)

The error log matched exactly with YongHo’s words. But this didn’t mean the problem was solved. Now they simply got to know the reason.

Translator’s note

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      Tracing? you can do that? How come I don’t know about it… If it’s some expensive program, generally, small companies won’t use it. As I mentioned(did I?) before, Koreans only like free stuff. My uni doesn’t have MS office, which is REALLY annoying.

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