Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 16: Permission Error (2)

Manager Choi who came next to him from who-knows-when, spoke.
“This is the error that occurs when the file doesn’t exist.”
“Oh, Manager.”
“Assistant manager Park, did you check the file name?”
“I am checking right now.”
“It’s not like the rules for creating file names wouldn’t change so suddenly……”
Manager Choi tilted his head as if he didn’t understand. They were getting closer to the solution. There was one reason why YongHo did this step by step.
‘Won’t I get marked if I step up?’
To look at it differently, the reason why YongHo was marked by Kim WonHo was because he stepped up during the course registration problem when he didn’t necessarily have to. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have to suffer all this bullying.
‘If even assistant manager Park marks me, then I would have no choice.’If he stepped up while manager Choi was here, assistant manager Park would hear an earful from manager Choi. After that, assistant manager Park would probably become hostile. YongHo was worried about that.
‘Hmm… This…I can’t even speak even though I know this.’
While Yong Ho was contemplating, assistant manager Park checked the rules for creating file names.
“Manager, there’s nothing wrong with the code.”
“Ah, then what the heck is the problem?”
Manager Choi held his head, clearly frustrated. There was nothing wrong with the rule for creating file names. This meant that the file created from the program and the file in the remote data storage was the same.
“Manager, I have a question……”
YongHo carefully spoke.
“What is it?”
“I got a SVN account but I don’t have the permission.”
“What? I’m about too busy here because of the error but you ask things like that!”
“Uh, that, I need permission to upload the sources I fixed. Assistant manager Kim asked me to do this within the weekend……”
“I’ll look into it after this gets fixed.”
Assistant manager Park replied with a clear hint of being annoyed. And he murmured as he focused on the monitor.
“Permission… Oh! Permission!”
Assistant manager Park stood up suddenly as if he realized something.
“Manager, isn’t it due to file permissions?”
“Yes. If there’s no problem with the name, then it could only be permission problems.”
At assistant manager Park’s words, manager Choi spoke as if it wasn’t possible.
“Hey, why does a problem occur from permission so suddenly?”
“Didn’t the IDC say they were going to do something today?”
IDC was an acronym of Internet Data Center. It was a place where various servers were placed. The server where ETL was actually installed was also in IDC.
“Was that so……”
“First, I’ll check.”
Assistant manager Park accessed the server and checked the file permission.
The permission was set correctly. ‘r’ meant permission to read. The first r meant that the file creator could read and the second r meant that the group the creator is in could read.
“What the heck? The permission IS there.”
“So that means……”
Assistant manager Park’s voice was filled with joy. They finally found the solution.
“What, what is it?”
“Our account was excluded from the root group.”
“Who the hell changed it?”
The angry manager Choi yelled. Assistant manager Park murmured to himself as if he had some suspicions.
“It seems like it WAS the IDC.”
Manager Choi picked up the telephone and called the IDC server manager right away.
“Was there a server maintenance today?”
-Yes. We have notified you through e-mail.
“We have a problem with our account here!”
-A problem?
“The account we are using is excluded from the root group so the program died.”
-If you read the mail, you would know, but due to security reasons, the root group is currently unable to be used. So we sent you the mail requesting you to edit it.
The server manager said confidently as if he had nothing to lose. Or rather, the voice of manager Choi who proudly called him was lowered.
“W…When did you send the e-mail?”
-3 days ago
“Oh, ok, I understand.”
Manager Choi looked at assistant manager Park after he ended the call and spoke.
“Hey, check the e-mail. Check if they have sent any e-mail about maintenance.”
Manager Choi also went back to his seat and checked the mail. Assistant manager Choi had a browser window up and was checking through the mails one by one as well.
“Huh? Assistant manager Park!”
“Yes, sir.”
“Sh*t, it’s here. It is. Looking at the Excel, looks like our account is a target too.
“Why weren’t we able to check this?”
“It’s too late anyway. First, request a root account and give the file permission and make another group and put the account that runs the ETL program and the FTP account in there.”
“Right away.”
After that, the work progressed in one fell swoop. YongHo didn’t even have the time to butt in. After solving the problem, it was nearing 7 in the evening.


“Well done.”
“No, sir.”
“If it wasn’t for Mr. YongHo, we would have had to stay up all night.”
“No, I didn’t do anything.”
After work was finished, manager Choi patted YongHo’s back saying ‘well done’. Assistant manager Park who was next to them also laughed and spoke.
“Yeah. If it wasn’t for Mr. YongHo today, we would have taken a long time.”
“No, assistant manager.”
“Manager. Shouldn’t we have a little get-together today? We worked this hard even though it’s the weekend.”
“Shall we? Are you free right now, Mr. YongHo?”
“I am fine.”
He didn’t have a girlfriend anyway. But the problem was, as these kind of get-togethers increased, he was getting further and further away from girls.

Nearby BBQ restaurant.
After a few rounds of drinking soju (=shouchuu in JP), the swearing at the company started. It was manager Choi who started.
“You’re in 4th year Uni?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Then how did you come to a company like ours?”
“Sorry, sir?”
“I am wondering why a guy with skill like you came here.”
It was the first get-together after being assigned to work. Moreover, this was a conversation between the manager. To say ‘why did you come to this company?” as the first question… It was a bit of a shock for YongHo.
“Well, an opportunity came and……”
“Well, this company can be considered a mid-scale one.”
“It was big in the past though.”
“Well, it’s not like in the past.”
Assistant manager Park, who was grilling the pork belly, butted into the conversation.
“What are you saying to the newbie, manager?”
“Is that so?”
“It’s like telling him to leave right after entering.”
“Well, he’s still an intern, so he should think over it well while he’s an intern. If he steps in, then it’s not easy to pull it back out.”
“Oh, manager… Anyway, how’s work, Mr YongHo? Is it doable?”
“I’m trying my best.”
He heard a similar question during military service.

“Private Lee YongHo. Is the work doable?”
“Yes, sir! It’s doable, sir!”
“Really? You seem relaxed. Okay, I’ll tell them to give you more work.”

The best answer was to tell him that he was doing his best. Assistant manager Park asked YongHo as he looked at YongHo’s face.
“It seemed like that Kim WonHo marked you.”
There was no one in the office who didn’t know of this. They just ignored it.
“Even if it makes you feel frustrated, bear with it. That Kim WonHo has some backing.”
“He’s the director’s son.”
“That’s why we pretend to not know about it.”
YongHo didn’t know about this. He thought it was normal that the office’s atmosphere was so desolate. He thought society as where bullying was occurring in the office and nobody was interfering was the norm. But that was not all. After listening manager Choi raised his glass and spoke.
“Well then, let’s stop the depressing talk here!”
*clang*(sound of glass hitting each other with cheers(EN)=Geonbae(KR)=Kanpai(JP))
The soju in the glass jiggled in the glass. Manager Choi’s swollen belly, and assistant manager Park’s swelling belly were also jiggling. At that moment, YongHo had a weird thought.
‘Oh! They work while sitting all day, and they eat alcohol and meat all night so they get fat!’
I won’t become like that. Or so he pledged.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 1/4


Kim OneHoe WonHo was the director’s son! Many people should’ve already guessed that he was some kind of bigshot’s son, haven’t you?

Also, don’t ask me ‘Can’t they do this?’ questions, I dunno how to answer them… Heck, I never knew programs can be traced until a commenter mentioned it. How to prevent copy&paste? I dunno either… Maybe Kim WonHo smashed the ctrl key into smithereens. Wait, it’s YongHo’s own laptop so I guess that isn’t possible…

When will I get rid of MY jiggling belly…

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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