Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 28: Points Management (3)

There were about 3 pages of A4 worth of calculation conditions of the customers’ points. The conditions needed to be turned into mathematical formulae on the source for it to be run on the computer.
The business manager was doing customer points calculation by hand, and not using the system.
After he finished calculating, the business manager didn’t have a good expression. The system manager for the AS-IS system from the KO DS (KO Telecom’s subsidiary company); and An ByungHoon and YongHo who were developing the TO-BE (Next-gen system) had nervous expressions.
The business manager sighed after he looked at the calculation result. Perhaps No JunWoo who was next to him was curious but he asked about the result.
“How’s the result?”
“This is bad.”
The business manager smiled bitterly and scratched the back of his neck. “What to do with this. Phew……”
“Why? What’s wrong?”
“The problem indeed is from the old system. The points were calculated wrong until now. The source from Mirae IT is correct.”
At the business manager’s words, YongHo slightly smiled and nodded. An ByungHoon turned his head around and looked at YongHo.
“I think the checking wasn’t done properly because we were too hasty to apply it to the old system. I need to check, but it seems like not all customers over received points, and it occurred to just a few of them.”
At the business manager’s words, the people from KO DS had dark expressions. Perhaps they didn’t believe it but they got the customer’s profiles and did the calculation themselves.
After the people from KO DS finished calculating, they sighed heavily without being able to speak. They were dreading as to how to fix the system. The business manager who sighed, spoke up.
“Anyway, it’s a good thing. We did find the problem, although it was late.”
“Thank you for your cooperation.”
“You said the people from Mirae found this?”
“It’s these people here.”
No JunWoo acted extremely commonsensically in front of people from the same company. He didn’t do anything that stood out.
“Thank you. I’m Kwak DongHwan, manager of customer points.”
After greeting everyone, the manager smiled bitterly as he stood up from his seat.
“Then I’ll leave first. A bomb just dropped on me so… It’s overtime work.”
The business manager left the office with loose shoulders. The people from KO DS followed him in a line as if they were criminals.


“Mr. YongHo, I heard you took care of something big!”
“Anyway, you’re amazing.”
“An intern that’s not like an intern.”
To YongHo, who was entering the office,the people’s praises were endless. Perhaps being shy, YongHo could only nod. Amidst of those praises, he could hear something unpleasant.
“He’s better than manager An. Shouldn’t you give him a manager’s salary?”
The cheerful mood instantly calmed down. It could be said that it was an ability of No JunWoo.
“Then have a wonderful Friday night.”
As always, No JunWoo left work at 6 p.m. After he left, An ByungHoon spoke up.
“Let us leave early today too. Also, you don’t need to come tomorrow. You should stay at home and do the laundry, spend time with your family, and rest, since it’s been a while.

“SungGyu sunbae told me we should meet up sometime. Did you get anything?”
“No, I didn’t check my phone yet… Shall I contact him today?”
It’s already been many months since they agreed to meet up. At this rate, they wouldn’t see each other until the intern period ends.
“I will contact him. Work ends today too.”
“Let’s do that.”
The office in Yeoksam told them that they left work early too since it’s Friday. They agreed to meet up in Gangnam and hurried there.
It was the season when sharp winds brushed past them.

“SungGyu hyung!”
HyeJin called SuMin, and YongHo called Sunggyu. They haven’t seen each other in a while.
“You guys… look like you were in a world of suffering.”
It was the common reaction of SungGyu and SuMin. Perhaps due to the two’s expressions, the SungGyu and SuMin looked at YongHo and HyeJin with pity.
“Well, We did have a lot to do. How was Yeoksam?”
“Us, well… It was doable?”
They didn’t need to put it into words as it was written on their faces. There was no need to talk about which place was worse.
“Did Kim WonHo bully you or anything?”
“Not to me. To SuMin, he was always good to her from the beginning.”
It had been a while since YongHo saw SuMin. Unlike HyeJin, SuMin was still pretty.
HyeJin and SuMin had similar levels of beauty before entering the company. They were both flowers, but different species of flowers.
But it wasn’t like that now. SuMin overflowed with vitality while HyeJin wilted. HyeJin spoke enviously as she looked at SuMin.
“You’re as pretty as always, SuMin.”
“You’re alright too, HyeJin.”
HyeJin spoke while she caressed her own cheeks.
“It’s not alright…… Ugh, don’t even mention it.”
Like HyeJin said, SuMin’s skin glowed with luster while HyeJin’s skin looked weary. YongHo was the same. He looked older by a few years. And so, they finished greeting and asking how they did at work.

SungGyu who was drinking alcohol, started speaking.
“How’s work everyone? Not easy huh?”
“It’s hard.”
“It will only get harder.”
“I got everyone to meet up not only because of friendship reasons, but also to exchange information because if everything goes well, we will work in the same industry, moreover, the same company. Especially about the future.”
The drinking instantly turned into a future counselling. Everyone listened to SungGyu’s words.
“Everyone may already know, but…… Different categories exist even though they are collectively known as programmers. Server programmer, front-end programmer, system engineer, DB developer, etc. There are countless positions.”
“R, really?”
HyeJin looked at SungGyu with wide eyes as if it was the first time she heard of such a thing. YongHo nodded as if he understood a little bit.
“In my opinion, it’s better if you set your aim early.”
Although SungGyu was only 1 year senior, he had a different way of thinking from others. He went a trip around the world using the money he earned from part time jobs. He also gave around 30% of his earnings to the SUC.
“So, think about it carefully, everyone.”
The drinking continued late into the night.


HyeJin’s house was in Bundang, and SungGyu’s was in Sillim. YongHo, who lived in Gangnam, the same as SuMin, had to take her home. Her swaying told him that he couldn’t let her go alone.
“Where’s your house?”
“Where is ‘there’?”
YongHo had to first find out where she lived. So he sat her down and took out her ID card.
Banpo Xi apartment.
It wasn’t that far. He supported SuMin to walk when SuMin had signs of vomiting.
“How much did you drink?”
“I’m not gonna throw up, you know? I’m just playing around, you know?”
He remembered about SuMin’s cold shoulder and had the urge to knuckle her on the head.
“Sunbae, you hate me, right?”
“I hate you too.”
“Damn you!”
SuMin ran like mad after shaking YongHo’s arm off. What he was relieved about, though, was that she was running towards her house. It wasn’t that far, so it was enough to walk. YongHo only had to look whether she arrived safely from behind.


Even after he arrived at home, SungGyu’s words didn’t leave his mind.
‘What…What should I choose?”
Until now, he just found fun in programming. And he blindly aimed at becoming the best programmer.
‘I have an ability such as the bug window, so it seems like I won’t starve to death.’
The majority of what YongHo felt was about the bug window. The ability to see bugs that he got after getting struck by lightning. It didn’t only catch errors that were shown, but it also showed logic errors or the program’s efficiency problems.
‘I should ask manager An when I have the time.’
It wasn’t something he had to decide now. YongHo decided to ask manager An after the project ended and ended his thought there.
‘Let’s go to stack overfly.’
It was a place where YongHo’s ability can be infinitely stretched out. Everyday, new and novel questions came up. It could even be considered studying, looking at those questions.
It was a place where YongHo’s ability could be infinitely stretched out. Everyday, new and novel questions came up. It could even be considered studying, to look at those questions.
And before he knew it, solving bugs that came up in stack overfly became his hobby. Anyone would have fun with something if they were good at it. He also found it exciting that his ranking was going up. YongHo’s ID which was at the bottom, was steadily rising.
‘I can’t solve anything without the source……’
YongHo’s ability had a crucial problem. If the program doesn’t run in front of him, he cannot find the bugs, much less solve them. He had to have an example source and YongHo had to personally fix the errors while testing them. But only a few of the questions that came up in stack overfly had example sources.
‘Hmm… Shall I write on my profile to put the source?’
YongHo used internet translators and wrote on his profile.

Please leave your test code. We solve all the bugs..

YongHo slept early to enjoy his rest after fixing a few bugs that came up in stack overfly.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 1/4

I just binge read CLYH chapters until 100… and I can tell you that… it’s super interesting!


Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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