Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 33: End of Internship (2)

“You can? How?”
“The source is there anyway. I’ve looked around and it seemed like ant was installed too. I can edit if there is those two things.”
YongHo said confidently but An ByungHoon, and also the manager from the another company, didn’t seem to believe it.
The source folder and the build destination folder had to be designated and libraries that were referenced had to be constantly without fail. The related content had to be included in the Ant build script.
Not everyone could compile and build a program even if there was a source and ant. It was difficult even for An ByungHoon.
However YongHo was different. Due to the 3-prohibited education from Kim WonHo, he got used to using ant and he got a habit of manually compiling and building programs. That’s why tried building each of the programs without using Eclipse when he first entered the KO project. “You can’t do it with ‘probably’. It has to work. Mr. YongHo, This is not school. If you fail here, a loss of hundreds of millions of won can occur.”
“Then I should rephrase it. I can’t ‘probably’ fix it but I will make the program work properly.”
YongHo had his base for confidence.
The bug window.
He already knew of its usefulness from the time when he was ‘educated’ by Kim WonHo. When he missed a library or he got a file path wrong, the bug window would tell him.
This is the answer.
Do it this way.
YongHo did exactly as the bug window directed and there wasn’t a single time it went wrong.
“Are you really confident?”
An ByungHoon asked again. The project this time was that important and he was a bit uneasy leaving it to an intern.
“3 hours. I will make it run properly in 3 hours.”
“Okay. Try.”
The manager next to him shouted.
“Manager An!”
“Do you have a better way, manager Lee?”
“I think it can be solved by using the already installed backdoor to upload the file and edit it. So why are you leaving this to an intern?”
“You do it your way. YongHo will do it his way.”
“What happens if the sources get mixed up?”
“Just don’t touch the source that YongHo is editing and do the rest.”
An ByungHoon perfectly controlled the traffic. He showed his trust in YongHo. Now was the time for YongHo to show his ability.


He didn’t know how the 3 hours passed. Even though he wasn’t good with his studies since he was young, his focus in doing something he liked was better than anyone else. YongHo forgot about the time while focusing on fixing bugs.
“Sunbae, there’s no problem.”
It didn’t seem good to have an assistant manager or a manager test the source that YongHo had edited and report back. Moreover, YongHo was not fine with it either. So they put HyeJin to work.
YongHo would edit the program and HyeJin would check. HyeJin just finished checking the bug that YongHo fixed last.
“Phew… It’s over.”
YongHo stretched his neck backwards and stretched his arms. HyeJin looked at that YongHo like she was looking at a madman.
“Sunbae, are you human?”
“What does that mean?”
“Aren’t you some god of coding?”
“What nonsense are you talking about. I will go report to manager An so have a rest here.”
YongHo looked at the program again and confirmed that nothing came up on the bug window. And he walked towards An ByungHoon with light steps.
However before even talking with An ByungHoon the server room was in chaos. The security guards had barged into the room.
“Everyone get out. From now the server room will be closed. Everyone except KO Telecom’s employees must leave the server room.”
“What, we are uploading the program, what do you mean by get out?”
“I repeat. Everyone stop what they’re doing and leave the server room.”
The security guards who suddenly barged into the room started throwing everyone out of the server room. An ByungHoon stepped up to ask but nobody answered.
“Don’t you have to at least tell us what the matter is?”
However the security guards were silent and kept throwing everybody out. Eventually, even YongHo and manager An were ruthlessly thrown out. An ByungHoon hurriedly called the PM after he was out.
“Project manager! We were thrown out while during the porting.”
-I know. Come back to Yangjae, it’s a chaos here.
“What do you mean?”
-The KO Telecom homepage was hacked and around 10 million customer’s information were leaked. Look at the news. It’s a chaos here because they said they were doing security checks here.
KO Telecom customer information leak incident.
A big number of over 10 million customer information was leaked. It had no direct relation with Mirae IT but the managers who came with An ByungHoon had worry written all over their faces thinking about what damage they would received as collateral.

The scene YongHo saw when he arrived at Yangjae was the desolate office.
“What in the world……”
A4 papers were strewn everywhere and pens were scattered all over the desks. The strange thing was that not a single computer could be seen. Even though they fixed them in place with a laptop lock but it was cut off with a lock cutter.
“Project manager, what is this?”
“First off, everyone come to the conference room. I will explain there.”

After everyone heard the PM’s explanation, everyone’s faces were dark.”
Private information was hacked. KO Telecom’s action was clear.
Shifting the blame.
KO Telecom’s were trying to shift the blame onto the cooperative companies.
And so, that’s why the confiscation of every outsourcers’ laptops were carried out. Not only that, they received a notice that they would carry out severe punishment if they found anything that violated the rules.
The situation was more serious than it seemed.
“So stay quiet. System opening is also indefinitely postponed.”
“I understand.”
“You didn’t violate any security rules right?”
The PM looked at the people in the office and asked. The conference room full of people suddenly became quiet.
“If there is, there is none, if there isn’t, there is none, you understand? If a problem arises the culprit will take responsibility. The company has nothing to do with this.”
At those words, everyone scattered.

Having his work disappear so suddenly, YongHo and HyeJin came outside a bit.
“Sunbae, hasn’t this become really big?”
“Yeah, you’re right. What the heck happened so suddenly…”
HyeJin asked in a worried tone.
“It won’t affect us interns right?”
“Wouldn’t it be so? But then……”
“But then?”
“The words that the managers said keeps lingering in my head.”
At YongHo’s words, HyeJin asked curiously.
“Why? What did they say?”
“I think they said they will upload the files through a back door. Using a backdoor means that they did it secretly right?”
YongHo showed exceptional ability in regards to bugs but he still lacked IT knowledge.
“You’re correct. But it shouldn’t be… that should it?”
“That would be the best.”
YongHo sipped the coffee in front of him. A bitter taste of americano lingered in his mouth.

Translator’s note

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Sorry about the mix up… Lesson of the day: do not schedule 3 chapters at once on wordpress…

Anyway, looks like the backdoor program messed up…

I have read the entire CLYH novel in Korean and what can I say… It’s a MASTERPIECE!!!! although I was like, IT’S THAT!?!?!??!?!?!!??!? When I read to the end (I won’t say what ‘THAT’ is. It may be something, sometime, someone, the story development, or even maybe all of them put together)

Thx for reading!

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