Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 36: End of Internship (5)

The phone activation process was a program that was run on the background. It was similar to a program that automatically starts running after finish loading the desktop.
A programmer next to YongHo re-activated the phone activation program and explained the basic structure of the program while inputting a few commands.‘Hmm.’
Looking at the bug window, it was clear that there was indeed a problem. The process on line 1045 of the program running in the background was a malignant code. That process kept swapping one of the files related to phone activation.
He already knew how to fix it. The thing YongHo was worried about was something else.
Can these people be trusted?
‘Yes. I think I’ll do it this way.’
After sorting out his thoughts, YongHo called out to An ByungHoon, who was looking at the monitor.
“Yes, Mr. YongHo.”
“I can fix it.”
“Really? I knew you can do it. Yes, how do I do it?”
“However, I can’t tell you right now.”
“Tell the KO Telecom’s vice president to write up a contract.”
YongHo’s military registration number was 2141, it represented that he was from the logistics department. If he learned anything from working with the logistics officer during his service, it would be the documentation of everything.
He wondered why all the small details were all included in the document but it turned out that it was there to determine accountability. The thing needed right now was exactly documentation.
“Only after he writes a contract will I fix it.”
Between the two who were conversing a long shadow casted over. YongHo looked behind only to find out vice president Go JinSung was listening with his hands held behind his back.
“I told them to bring the contract paper right away.”
“Well then, please fix it.”
“I will start as soon as the contract is written.”
After he finished speaking, YongHo’s eyes looked at the bug window. The solution was simple. It would end if he killed the process that the hacker group put in and deleted the related files.


The contract was done in less than 30 minutes. Looking at that, YongHo remembered when he first came here, to the KO Telecom’s customer support project.
‘And it took one week to get the key card.’
The contract, which was more important than the key card, was done in less than 30 minutes. YongHo bitterly licked his lips and looked over the contract. He found a sentence that caught his eye.
-Provide with an after service whenever a problem arises later.
Even from YongHo’s undergraduate eyes he could tell that it was disadvantageous.
‘*Sigh*… I-am-your-slave-even-after-I-complete-my-shit service, huh.”
YongHo, who was reading the contract, looked at the vice president. When he felt the fury in his heart, the nervousness and uncertainty disappeared.
“Vice president, I think you need to change this sentence. And also, I want it written more simply. ‘100 million won will be given if the problem is fixed’ is all it needs.”
The contract offered by KO Telecom was over 3 pages long. YongHo didn’t have time to look over each of those lines, much less the time and knowledge to judge them.
“This young friend is quite daring. Ok, we will do it your way.”
The contract was written again and a lawyer authenticated it.
Seeming urgent, the vice president urged YongHo as soon as the contract was finished. There were thousands of chain stores around the country. The phone activation requests from each of those stores were currently unable to be processed. The amount of money lost in one hour was well over 100 million won.
“Then please hurry and fix it.”
“I understand.”
YongHo killed the process and deleted all the running files according to the bug window. And spoke to the programmer in charge of phone activation.
“Reset the source and run again.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the man ran the script which was already written. Not even 10 seconds passed when logs came up on the computer screen.

k10297 4g open transaction success!!
k11291 4g open transaction success!!
k25293 4g open transaction success!!

The first string was the virtual code given to each of the chain stores.
transaction success.
It was a log that showed that the activation was successful.


The vice president’s house was wider than YongHo’s. ‘President’s desk and chair’ that could be seen only in dramas could be seen. The chairs for guests were also made of leather which had the air of being high quality. YongHo and An ByungHoon were sitting there.
“What is your name again?”
“Lee YongHo, sir.”
“Thank you. The work finished well thanks to you. You’re from Mirae IT?”
“Yes. I’m currently an intern.”
“Is that so. You worked hard.”
“No, sir.”
The vice president looked at An ByungHoon after he was done speaking with YongHo.
“You must be reassured with an employee like him around.”
“Oh, yes. It sure is reassuring.”
“The current project you’re working on……”
“We are implementing the customer support system.”
“Oh, the one senior managing director Jeon is in charge of?”
“That’s the one.”
“I must tell him to go easy.”
An ByungHoon was tense. His tense hands which were placed on top of his knees showed how nervous he was.
“Thank you sir.”
“Well, Do you need anything or are you uncomfortable with anything?”
YongHo felt like he was in the military again. Whenever he had an interview with the battalion commander, he was always asked this.
-Tell anything that you have difficulties with in the military.
Then a weird thought passed by his head.
“I think the card key is issued a little too late. Even when I was put into this project, the card key took 1 week to be issued so I experienced some inconveniences. I think this can be improved.”
“Hahaha! Is that so? I will talk to them about it.”
He didn’t know whether it will be improved or not but he wished that the programmers who were put into this project after this would have less inconveniences due to the late issuing of the card key.
“Anything else?”
YongHo looked at An ByungHoon. At the same time, An ByungHoon looked at YongHo. The two’s gazes met and they smiled awkwardly. Vice president Go also looked at the two with a smile.
“So, there isn’t. Then let’s get up. You must be busy working.”


100 million won.
It was no less than 100 million won.
While going to the office, YongHo’s smile didn’t go away.
‘But shouldn’t I give some of it to the manager?’
If he thought about it, it was the manager who made him able to receive that 100 million won. Also, they found the bug together. Purely looking at the result, it could be said that YongHo was the one who fixed it but An ByungHoon’s contribution couldn’t be ignored either.
‘Yeah. I should give him even if it’s a little bit.’
After calculating, YongHo called An ByungHoon.
“Manager An.”
“Oh, yes.”
“What’s your bank account number?”
“I wanted to give you some of the… reward money.”
An ByungHoon waved his hand.
“Why are you giving it to me? It was you who did it.”
“But it was you who introduced me to this work and we found the bug together too. I think it’s right and proper to give you a share.”
“It’s alright.”
“No, I won’t be able to rest easy like this.”
At YongHo’s urging, An Byung Hoon had eventually conceded. The two stepped into the office while conversing.


*Clap* *clap* *clap*
In the office in which everyone was sitting, one person was standing up and was clapping.
No JunWoo.
The person in charge of the project.
“Wow, Mr. YongHo, I look at you in a new light. You’re amazing.”
“Th, thank you, sir.”
“To think I missed a talent like this. Did you say you were an intern? Shouldn’t you be promoted to general manager right away?”
No JunWoo’s exaggerated tone made every Mirae IT’s employee’s faces turn dark.
“What are you doing? Our hero is here, you should at least congratulate him. Hey, isn’t Mirae IT a bit too lacking in compassion?”
No JunWoo’s annoyance made the employees stand up one by one and they congratulated YongHo.
“Mr. YongHo. I see you in a new light.”
“You’ve worked hard.”
YongHo sat down, exhausted, after answering each and every one of those people, who praised him while patting his shoulders.
“Sunbae, was it really you who did it?”
“Of course it’s me, who else can it be?”
“Sunbae, really……”
After the office became quiet, the PM stood up and spoke.
“Well then. We have something to celebrate today so let’s have a get together. Everyone here doesn’t have anything right? Even if you do, it would be better if you cancelled it.”
YongHo looked away from the PM who was speaking. There was indeed something to celebrate but he didn’t want to see the PM’s face. There was a knot which wasn’t undone yet.

Translator’s note

Regular chapter 1/4

Sorry for the late chapter, internet was down… (the WI-FI machine broke, so even YongHo wouldn’t be able to solve it). Credits to Ensj for ‘I-am-your-slave-even-after-I-complete-my-shit’

So, YongHo got what he deserved I guess? And turns out the virus was a malignant code so the bug window caught it no problem! =)

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled

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