Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 42: Basics of Coding (1)

A big company differred starting from the ID card.
Perhaps due to the company emphasizing design, even the ID card had signs of being designed carefully.
YongHo, who had put the ID card around his neck, was bothered about the watchful gazes around him, but he didn’t really hate it.
A shiny building.
The luxuriousness inside seem to speak as to why people go on and on about big companies.
YongHo who entered the office sat down at the place with the name tag ‘employee Lee YongHo’.
The office YongHo was located in was distinguishing even for Shinseki. Due to the team being lead by Jeong DanBi, the CEO’s direct descent, it boasted of the best from private space to office supplies to furniture.
YongHo, who was sitting on his seat, was called by Jeong DanBi.
“Mr. YongHo, come to the conference room for a bit.”

In the conference room were sitting the people who YongHo saw at the interview.
Heo JiHoon.
Son SeokHo.
Including them, introductions were made of the people who will work in the same office.
Heo JiHoon had the expression of not being convinced but he didn’t say anything.
A few people greeted with their eyes. By solving the transaction error, YongHo was already known amongst the development team members.
“Oh, the person who solved the transaction error.”
“Really? Wow, I’m deeply impressed looking at his real face.”
“Please take care of me in the future.”
He was known as a capable person who fixed the transaction error without even looking at the source.
After a little introduction, Son SeokHo called YongHo alone.

“Nice to meet you. My name… you know already, there are high expectations on you Mr. YongHo.”
It was his honest opinion without a speck of lie.
Son SeokHo was honestly surprised.
He predicted the problem without even looking at the code, and he turned doubt into confirmation.
He didn’t say it out loud but he had even thought that perhaps he was a genius.
The POS’s program doesn’t use the normal JAVA but basic or C# language. The transaction program that YongHo fixed was also written in C#.
Moreover YongHo didn’t even have 1 year of developing experience.
He had enough intention to make him into a great programmer.
“Oh, yes.”
“By chance, do you have any code that you’ve written until now? If you do, I want to have a look at it.”
Son SeokHo asked with a sweet bean bread in his mouth. The figure of him eating bread while moving his mouth made him look no better than a elementary school student.
While it wasn’t apparent from his looks, YongHo already knew from Jeong DanBi.
One of arch foundation’s projects, maut’s, committer.
Maut, to be exact, was a library for machine learning. It could classify and define data with similar properties and collaborative filtering (a type of recommendation algorithm).
YongHo was curious about the skills of an open source committer. He also had a program that he had a hard time on, and didn’t manage to finish. It was source related to an indroid customized view.
“I have a source related to indroid customized view which I was planning to upload on gethub.”
YongHo calmly finished explaining about the view he was making. Son SeokHo, who heard it, showed interest.
“That sounds interesting.”
Looking at that figure, YongHo went into more detail.
And he also asked about a question that he couldn’t solve at this opportunity.
“This is a view where the screen will shatter like glass and disappear, but the thing I have a problem with is the part where the effect should be a little different according to the surface area touched but it isn’t easy.”
YongHo named it WindowView. He inherited View and added the methods necessary for the customized view. And he showed the effect of shattering by finding the coordinates of the touched area.
Just one thing.
He couldn’t add the difference in effect according to the touched surface area.
He didn’t solve that part so he didn’t upload it on gethub.
“Can I first look at the source?”
YongHo downloaded the source from his own SVN account and showed it to Son SeokHo. And he started explaining one by one. The source started with a comment.

* View that shatters like glass when touched
* @author lee yong ho
* @version 1.0, 2015.3.1 method for effect intensity added
* @see None
“Wow, the comments are neat.”
The majority of the programs didn’t have comments due to being chased by time. Son SeokHo being surprised after looking at YongHo’s code wasn’t out of the blue.
“Thank you.”
“If I am disappointed in anything, it’s the fact that the comments are not detailed enough. What kind of functions are in the view which shatters like glass when touched and how each method uses what kind of parameter, etc. But I think you followed the basic principle.”
There were a few basic principles to commenting.
Avoid repetition and don’t include special characters.
The document comments should not be within a method or a constructor. YongHo was abiding these basic principles.
Son SeokHo mentioned the parts that YongHo didn’t consider.
“Well then, shall we look at the next line?”
The work which, he thought, started with just a few advices was turning into a code review.
An open source committer was clearly different from others.

“The name for this method is windowWidth but what does this method do?”
“It’s a method that computes the width of the shattering effect.”
“Hmm… Do you know the rules for naming methods?”
“Not too clearly……”
The custom was to start with a noun for a variable and a verb for a method to differentiate between them.
“A method’s name should start with a verb so shouldn’t we change it to computeWindowWidth?”
“Considering having solved the transaction error bug so easily, the quality of your source isn’t that high.”
Son SeokHo spoke without holding back. YongHo couldn’t say anything because it was all true.
He showed distinguishing ability in solving bugs thanks to the bug window, but he had a lot to learn related to program developing.
And YongHo had the right attitude.
“Please teach me a lot from now on.”
“Haha, that honest attitude is good. The stuff I just said now are mistakes that people starting coding make a lot. Developing new programs is good but you also need to remember the basics. If not, then even if you upload a revolutionary program onto gethub, nobody will look at it. After all, who would want to read a novel with incorrect grammar? Solid basics are a must.”
YongHo could only escape Son SeokHo’s hand after 3 hours of code review, with his curiosity unsolved.
The meticulousness was a level different from An ByungHoon.
He pointed out each and every variable name, each and every method name and even each and every indentation.
Son SeokHo seemed to treat the code as if he was treating a piece of artwork.
Editing until it was 100% perfect was a matter of course and he endorsed editing until the code looked beautiful.
It was to the point that YongHo’s teeth started clattering even though he liked programming.


“What? He can’t come to our company because he went to Shinseki?”
“*Sigh*… The contract won’t be affected just because of some fresh graduate right?”
Kim ManHo stared at the reporting man as if he was shooting laser.
Perhaps that gaze was too unbearable, but the man quickly replied.
“O, of course.”
“Ok. You may leave.”
After the man left, Kim ManHo searched his phone contacts.
Shinseki vice-president Park KiChun.
After confirming the name, Kim ManHo called.

Perhaps they knew each other already but there was a simple greeting before they went to the main topic.
“I contacted you to ask about the progress for Shinseki recommendation system.”
-That matter has already been mostly transferred to team leader Jeong DanBi. So I think it’s difficult for us to leave the development to Mirae IT.
“So I have a suggestion. From now, we want to provide 50 terminals of kiosk(unmanned information terminal) free of charge. The superiors’ talks have already consented too. The only condition is that the we receive the data from the kiosks that the customers used.”
As an unmanned information terminal that displays the map, it was a device mostly used when customers wanted guidance to go somewhere by touching the screen.
Mirae IT had the precondition that they had to analyze the information from the kiosks to develop the service.
The situation was that Mirae IT had to beg to give them the kiosks for free and get the data from them. Data concerning customer’s acting pattern such as going somewhere at which time was hard to gather in the first place.
The sensitivity to private information was one of the reasons but there was not much methods to gather such data.
Department stores or discount stores were perfect places to gather data in that regard.
The world was now where data had value.
And Kim ManHo was over-emphasizing the fact that he was doing it for free.
Shinseki vice-president Park KiChun had no knowledge regarding technology so he seemed surprised at Kim ManHo’s words and asked back.
-The kiosks, you say?
“Yes. As you know already, don’t we have the know-how from providing the recommendation service to KO Telecom? Add to that, the contract for KO Telecom’s next generation recommendation system, the K-Recommendation is as good as ours. Team leader Jeong DanBi’s ability will definitely be top-notch but she would have to spend effort in doing other things too, doesn’t she?”
-Hahaha there were a lot of rumors regarding that in the company even without you mentioning it.
“According to what I heard, team leader Jeong DanBi employed a problem child a while back. Even we didn’t hire him because he had some problems… he’s called Lee YongHo……”
“Yes. Well, he’s just an ordinary employee but I’m only saying this because he may perhaps harm team leader Jeong’s top-notch ability.”
-huh… hmm
“Please relay it to president Jeong JinHoon.”
Jeong JinHoon.
He was Jeong DanBi’s older brother and Shinseki Group CEO Jeong JinYong’s second son.
As a man with a big ambition, he clashed time to time with Jeong DanBi. Park KiChun was of Jeong JinHoon’s line.
-I understand for now.
“Yes. Then I expect good news.”
Kim ManHo opened his notebook after ending the call.
President Kim ManHo.
Kim ManHo, who started as an ordinary employee and became a director while aiming for the president position, was looking at his notepad where this was written.

Translator’s note

Regular Chapter 2/3

OK, let’s get this chapter out of the way… Uu… Some intra-company politics will happen (maybe)… Confusing stuff…. Don’t blame me if you don’t understand this politics stuff (that I’m translating)

Thx for reading!

Translator : Chamber

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