Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 47: How to Use the Bug Window (2)

Making the referral data….(7124 sec)
Making the referral data….(7125 sec)
Making the referral data….(7126 sec)
The aim was an RTS(Real-time System).
But it wasn’t like they were making the PS system work by the second. A minimum of one hour was the margin.
The planning team judged that the recommended data, which should reflect the latest trend, should be produced within one hour to have any effect.
However, the PS system wasn’t producing any results for nearly 2 hours.
“Didn’t we give you the hardware with the right specs, as you said?”
Jeong DanBi’s voice was also sharp.
Even technology-based companies were stingy in investing into hardware.
And Shinseki was a distribution-based company.
They could only be more reluctant to invest in IT technology. It was only possible because of Jeong DanBi’s name.
“So? Did you find out the solution? There is less than one month left.”
The man who was being scolded at spoke with difficulty.
“I think we need head researcher Son here.”
“Didn’t I say that head researcher Son has to concentrate on the NetFlax Prize?”
There was a reason why Jeong DanBi didn’t put Son SeokHo into the PS System.
A yearly salary of 100 million won (≈85000 USD) was a salary executive-level people received.
The company issued a condition befitting of that salary.
The condition for this year was the winning of the NetFlax Prize.
If he won, then the contract would be renewed automatically but if he failed, there was no ‘after’.
Jeong DanBi also wished to put Son SeokHo into the PS System but this was the reason why she put him only as an assistance.
If even Son SeokHo resigned, then her future would be unthinkable. The most important thing in work was a person that can do the work.
And a person with ability.
It was the reason why Jeong DanBi was mad at the man’s words.
“You’re saying that’s a solution? You’re saying yourself that you are worse than head researcher Son.”
He was a developer put into this project since one of the subsidiaries, Shinseki I&C, said he had ability.
However, he was a frog in a well.
“I understand. You may leave.”
On the ID card of the man, there was the name ‘Lee HyunGu’ below the smiling picture.


The number of methods YongHo tried to make the bug window solve the logic problem was going over a few thousand.
Performance problems.
And about ordinary errors, he was very clear on it.
The problem was problems with logic.
‘This doesn’t activate the bug window too.’
On the monitor was the program to produce prime numbers that YongHo made in the interview.
‘I want it to calculate until 50…….’
YongHo tested while changing the number in the for-statement to 100 and back to 50 again.
He wanted it to produce prime numbers until 50 but but even when he changed it to a program to produce it until 100, there was no reaction on the bug window.
‘What’s the difference?’
What’s the difference between a logic error that comes up on the bug window and a logic error that doesn’t?
This time, he ran the program where the bug window is activated by a logic error. It was the maut source used in the current PS System.
-The morning sun has risen. Wake up……
YongHo, who was lying down stood up while rubbing his eyes. Even in his dream, he was thinking about one thing.


The office was no different than usual.
If there was one thing that was different, then it was Son SeokHo’s stiff face.
“That’s why, what did I tell you in the beginning?”
“I told you that programs should have comments, which is the basics, and there should be a specification document since something like this may happen.”
YongHo who was pondering over how to make the current RMSE score be recognized as a bug, also listened in.
It was the first time he heard Son SeokHo’s low voice.
“Even a programmer that could fly and crawl(i.e. exceptional) wouldn’t be able to understand the system with a source like this. And there is no related document? If it’s like this, it’ll be faster to make the program from scratch.”
Perhaps the PS System had no future, it found its way over to Son SeokHo. Jeong DanBi requested help from Son SeokHo since she judged that it wasn’t good to keep going like this.
However, Son SeokHo was no god.
The demonstration was right in front of them.
A program with no comments whatsoever.
Leaving that aside, there was not even a specification document, so the program specs were passed down from mouth to ear.
The program was reeking a bad air.
Son SeokHo’s creased face didn’t know to loosen.
Son SeokHo took out a sweet bean bread from his drawer and put it in his mouth.


Two words came to his mind after he heard that conversation.
Comments and documentation.
They were the words he heard from the code review with Son SeokHo when he first came to the company.
When coding, one always has to consider other people that may see the code.
For that, comments were the basics and at the minimum, and there should be a document about the specs of the developing program.
He heard it to death so he was doing it all the time.
‘Comments and documentation, huh……’
There were comments. It was a simple program to produce prime numbers but the power of habit was frightening.
Each class had comments by the method.
‘Oh yeah, there’s no document. Shall I……’
YongHo started writing up a specification document for a program to produce prime numbers without any expectations..
There was a good example.
There was a document related to the open source maut that Son SeokHo made, and there were various documents related to various programs they made while preparing for the NetFlax Prize.
‘This has no results.’
The developing program for the NetFlax Prize had no results. It was not written since the result was unknown.
In contrast, in the maut-related documents, there were lots written including test data and the results for the test data.
A program has a simple structure unlike what everyone thinks.
You put A in.
And make Z come out.
It was made up of input and output, and the process in the middle.
YongHo documented the prime number program while referring to the document explaining the open source maut program.


Abruptly standing up, YongHo’s mouth didn’t know to close.
With his mouth wide open, he inhaled a few times before calming down, and his mouth gradually closed.
‘It’s working. It works. Sh*t!’
He ran the program which produced prime numbers until 100. Then an alarm popped up on the bug window.

Title : Prime number counting error.
Content : The current program should count program numbers until 50. The current result counts up to 100.
Solution : Change the i value in the for-statement in line 35 of Main.class from 100 to 50.

The result YongHo wanted was on the bug window.
“Mr. YongHo, y…you alright?”
Son SeokHo asked him, perhaps due to worry for YongHo, who was staring at the bug window.
YongHo, who was submerged in excitement, didn’t hear any of it.
“Ex, excuse me? Mr.YongHo?”
Opening and closing his mouth while looking in one direction was a sign of a psycho.
Son SeokHo’s worries increased since there were programmers who became psychos.
He stood up and went towards YongHo.
On the monitor was a program to produce prime numbers. Perhaps having got his soul back, YongHo looked at Son SeokHo.
“It’s done. Head researcher!’
“It’s done! It’s working!”
YongHo who was opening and closing his mouth, shook Son SeokHo’s hand with a delighted face.
Son SeokHo didn’t understand what he was saying, when there was just a program to produce prime numbers.
“What’s done?”
“Oh, yeah. Just wait. I’ll produce the result that head researcher wants.”
YongHo sat back down after realizing that he had just took the first step.
‘This guy… is as crazy as me.’
Son SeokHo thought that he himself was a madman but YongHo was worse.


The conference room had a heavy atmosphere.
“You mean to overturn the whole system?”
“Yes. Team leader.”
“You do realize that there’s only 2 weeks until the demonstration, right?”
“I know. It will fail with the current status anyway. It’s outside the boundary of editing.”
Heo JiHoon muttered to himself after hearing what Son SeokHo said.
“You called yourself an open source committer but there’s nothing much huh?”
Perhaps having heard to the words of disdain, Son SeokHo struck back.
“Anyway, people who can do nothing but shout at his subordinates are so detestable, right?”
Everyone in the room could tell who Son SeokHo was referring to.
When implementing the PS System, only one voice could be heard in the office.
“This is not the time for that. The two of you, calm down. That’s your opinion, head researcher Son?”
“Yes, this won’t end with just fixing a few lines.”
Jeong DanBi’s pretty forehead creased.
The situation was now at the point that they should give up without even implementing the PS System. How it reached this point – it made one sigh.
Heo JiHoon who was looking at the situation coldly, spat out some words again.
“Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, shouldn’t you make it work? If the company pay you money, then you should do that much work. What does the team leader think?”
The fact that it wasn’t a question – everybody in the room new.
The developers at the core of the PS System, lowered their heads and didn’t say anything.
Son SeokHo looked towards them.
“Raise your heads. Should humans lower their heads at a barking dog?”
“What did you just say?”
“Team leader Jeong, I need to prepare for the NetFlax Prize so I will take my leave now.”
Ignoring Heo JiHoon’s words, Son SeokHo stood up and opened the door to the conference room.
As soon as he opened the door, he heard a loud voice.
At the voice filled with delight, everybody was confused and looked outside.
Son SeokHo was also looking at YongHo who was hopping around like a madman.
He knew from YongHo’s expression.
‘This guy has finally gone crazy.’
YongHo was indeed crazy.
Crazy in delight.

Translator’s note

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