Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 5: Bug Window (5)

“President Oh!”
With a shaggy beard and a fat belly, and a black suit to top it off… With a glance one could tell that they were good at using force.
“You know what? I feel really bad right now.”
Behind him was men who looked like his subordinates. The office employees looked away in fear. As the man came in, the president stuttered.
“P…President, what are you doing here, sir?”
The man who kicked into his way into the office started walking towards president Oh’s back. Then he grabbed president Oh’s shoulders and gripped them hard.
“The club app I requested. I am in a real mess because of you, you know?”
“What… What do you mean?”
“I even advertised that it can do room reservations. But it doesn’t F*CKING WORK! YOU SON OF A B*TCH!”
Because the man gripped too hard, president Oh fell over, just like that. His face turned red like a tomato, and to resist the pain he bit his lips.
“It doesn’t work, it doesn’t, huh? Our boss installed it and even personally called me, you b*tch!”
“F, first, let’s see what kind of error it makes. Then we will s…solve it right away.”
“Mangchi, bring over the phone.”
“Yes, sir!”
“Bring the Mangchi(hammer) with you. If he doesn’t get it fixed I’ll just smash him along with the phone.”(*pun intended…Mangchi brings a Mangchi over)
The man called Mangchi took out the phone and placed it on the table. And a fist sized hammer was placed right next to it. Yong Ho, who stood up was so surprised that he stood still and couldn’t speak a word.
President Oh tremblingly picked up the phone as if he had epilepsy. He ran the application.
-Program ending due to unexpected error
The application didn’t even run.
“He…Head Researcher Kang!”
President Oh hurriedly called an employee.
Head Researcher Kang, who was just about to go to the toilet as an excuse, turned around.
“C.. Come here quick!
The man whose hand was placed on president Oh’s shoulders also waved at Head Researcher Kang.

Head Researcher Kang’s hand which was typing the keyboard was trembling.
“8 minutes left.”
President Oh’s open hand was placed on the table, like a frog. One of the mafia gripped president Oh’s wrist so he couldn’t evade. Next to him, a man was holding a hammer.
“7 minutes, is it fixed?”
Sweat was pouring like rain on Head Researcher Kang’s forehead. Perhaps due to the sweat covering his eyes, he kept wiping his eyes.
“You took me for a fool. That’s why one cannot just trust these sheltered bastards. You sold me trash that doesn’t work? If you can’t fix it, you, Head Researcher Kang or whatever, your hands will be crippled too.”
Head Researcher Kang’s hand trembled even stronger at the man’s words. It didn’t look like he could type in that condition. President Oh spoke after looking at his condition.
“That, that won’t do. Just I’ll just stake both my hands.”
President Oh placed his right hand on top of his left. But he couldn’t do anything about the trembling.
“Wow, what a tearjerker. Sh*t, did ya all hear that?”
However, Head Researcher Kang’s condition didn’t look like he could solve the problem. More like, he seemed like he needed to go to the hospital quickly.

SungGyu and Yong Ho, who were unluckily also trapped in the room, felt cold sweat on their backs at the dangerous situation. Yong Ho, who was standing up, also sat down quietly.
They could see what kind of situation was happening from just their conversation.
‘it, it really looks like his hands will be smashed at this rate.’
He was trying to rip the two off a few moments ago, but at this moment, he looked pitiful. Moreover, the president looked not so bad when he covered for his subordinates. However, these kind of thoughts were buried beneath the mafia’s violent actions.
‘What… what do I do?’
At this rate, he would see blood flying everywhere. And there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t be involved. He peeked at the phone on the table.
And looked at the bug window.
‘OS version clash problem’
It was the same problem. The OS was so outdated that it made one wonder when it was bought. However, the guy called Head Researcher Kang didn’t look like he was solving the problem due to nervousness and fear.
Time was flowing even as Yong Ho was conflicting in his mind.

The hammer man struck the ground. The floor was indented.
“Sh*t, it’s f*cking tiring. 5 minutes left.”
Maybe he made up his mind at those words, Yong Ho stood up and went towards Head Researcher Kang.
“What are you? Why the f*ck are you moving?
“I… I am a co-programmer, and I can fix it.”
“Really? Fix it quickly, before your president’s hand is crippled.”
The hammer man placed the hammer on the president’s hand gently as if saying it was not an exaggeration. Maybe due to the weight of the hammer, president Oh’s face distorted.
“H…Head Researcher Kang, please make way.”
Yong Ho sat next to Head Researcher Kang and pulled the computer towards him as if he was an employee. Looking at the screen, he realized that Head Researcher Kang hadn’t done anything. Even at Yong Ho’s action of pulling the computer, he didn’t move a bit.
After confirming the source code, Yong Ho fixed the program according to the bug window’s solutions. It didn’t even take 5 minutes to finish.

After he fixed the program he clicked the build button on Eclipse. On the console window, logs after logs came up and the application was run on the phone.
Build success.
After the last log, the application started running on the phone and the black logo screen could be seen.
That was the name of the application.

“If I see you again, it won’t just end with this, alright?”
“Let’s work properly next time, yeah?”
“Y… Yes of course.”
The man tapped president Oh’s face and left the conference room. It looked like a storm had raged in the room.
After the mafia left, Yong Ho requested for money.
“Please give us the money.”
“T…Take it.”
The president took out a money envelope and threw it on the table. After Yong Ho and SungGyu stood up, he said in a small voice.
The sue-me expression was gone. Instead, a miserable middle-aged man was sitting there.

As soon as they left the office, SungGyu said to Yong Ho.
“Phew… You did really well this time, Yong Ho.”
“It was nothing.”
“You really are something. I have to change my opinion of you now.”
“It was nothing, really.”
“Here, 800,000 Won(*≈695 USD).”
SungGyu took out 800,000 Won from the envelope and handed it to Yong Ho. 16 50,000 Won notes, he earned 800,000 Won in 2 weeks.
“Hyung, I only promised to have 600,000 Won(*≈521 USD)……”
“Compared to what you did today, even 800,000 isn’t enough, Just keep it, I’m still scared.”
“Thank you, Hyung.”
Yong Ho didn’t bother rejecting it. More money was better.
“You are going home now?”
“Yes. I think I need a rest too.”
“Yes. Be careful on your way home.”
“Hyung, thanks, really. Be careful on your way home too.”
Yong Ho and SungGyu parted ways and Yong Ho came back holding his thumping chest.

The stairs on the way home.
Yong Ho couldn’t move on the stairs between 4th and 5th floor.
“Dear… Are you alright?”
“I am alright, yeah, I am.”
“You didn’t sleep at all these days.”
“Did I really do that?”
“What will happen if you end up collapsing? I will earn the money, so how about you just rest for a few days? You don’t even get paid anyway.”
“I still need to go. What will happen if I really stop getting paid?”
Because it was an old apartment, soundproofing was bad. Yong Ho couldn’t enter  the house and he was hesitating in front of his house.
‘Oh god…’
He gripped the money envelope in his pocket.
800,000 Won.
If said small, it was small, and if said large, it was pretty large. But it sure couldn’t feed a family of 3 for one month. Yong Ho couldn’t enter his house because of the sense of shame he felt.
‘Where should I go now…’
He couldn’t face his parents as he was now. The sense of guilt was heavy on his heart.
Yong Ho climbed down the stairs quietly.

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    If its just about feeding them, then that much is more than enough. Heck, it could probably pay all the bills except rent and might even make a dent in that. Assuming that they’re living as frugally as they should be anyway. Besides, something is far better than nothing.

    His dad should go find a new job. Any employer that isn’t paying you isn’t worth working for. Even a fast food job would be better.

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        The only thing you have to worry about is being blackballed, but low wage jobs like those either don’t check your references or don’t check them deeply enough that your wife couldn’t pretend to be your former employer.


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