The Strongest System – Chapter 10: Shixiong, Please Wait Up

This chapter was sponsored by Dennis Andersen “Ni Shixiong, did we come to the wrong place?” Lin Fan compared the extremely plain building in front of him with Meng Shixiong’s residence. The two were simply not on the same level. “Nope. This is it. All outer sect disciples live in Continue Reading →

The Strongest System – Chapter 9: This Grandmaster Is A Peerless Genius That Might Not Appear Even Once In Ten Thousand Years

TL note: This chapter is sponsored by Dennis Andersen. I’ll have another chapter out by tomorrow latest. Then I’m cutting all ties with this series. The author’s CN is just…… Then again that’s true for most authors…… Oh and Mr. donor, before you scream at me in the comments for Continue Reading →