God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 33: Invincible Marksmanship

What kind of idiot does it take to spend 19,800 RMB to buy a crystalline photo frame? Shen Ming would understand what it feels like to be an idiot today. “Mother, I’m sorry but I could only buy such a cheap photo frame like this for you, I will change Continue Reading →

Omni Genius – Chapter 71: Drinking Alcohol Like Water

“I will definitely beat you in drinking!”   Forced till he had no means of retreat, the baldy started getting serious. His eyes were sharp, and he forcefully pressed down his bitter feelings. Though his stomach was rumbling non-stop, he still kept drinking cup after cup.   “Fourth Brother, how Continue Reading →

God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 32: Shopping Like Others

When Fang Yuan was crying alone, the door opened and Shen Ming walked in with a big bag of breakfast. “You’re awake? You were drink too much last night, so I called Teacher Xiao Jing to help you. You were drink too fast so you had alcohol poisoning. It really Continue Reading →