I Am the Monarch – Chapter 121 : A Good Person (8)

“Even so, isn’t this too dangerous?” “Wouldn’t it have been better to send a letter and negotiate our stance instead?” “They look like a group that we could negotiate with.” Complaints, the only thing that came out of their mouths were complaints Looking at the executives of the Janis information Continue Reading →

Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 3: Bloody Message.

Spirit Beasts were actually creatures which could cultivate so they were really intelligent. Many types of Spirit Beasts exist, and they are mainly divided into Humanoid, Monstrous, Evil and Mysterious Beasts. Heavenly Beasts were, instead, lords above all other spirit beasts and the Primordial Heavenly Beasts also, referred to as Continue Reading →

Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 2: Goldy Your Grandfather!

The examination room was actually a huge floor of what seemed to be a castle: columns of marble stood every few steps and no light filtered from any window as there was none. Only a small crystal on the ceiling let out a bit of radiance. In one corner of Continue Reading →

Immortal Ascension Tower – Chapter 1: The Dirty Eight Year Old Boy

The Heavens and the Earth. Two completely different worlds that rarely had anything to do with each other, yet tales and legends of the Heavenly Realm, the Jade Emperor, the might of his powerful guardians and the battles against powerful foes caught the ears of the mortals nevertheless.

Immortal Ascension Tower – Book 1: Reborn – First Arc: The Child And The Dragon – Prologue

Humanity had always wondered and pondered about what would come next. So when humanity experienced death, the thought that formed in many people’s heads was one and one only… What next? What came after death? Is it the extermination of the soul? Reincarnation? Or is there a completely different world Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 99: A Gentle Poke…

The Fusion Real, a phrase so frightening it could cause kings to kneel in trepidation. It was said that a single Fusion Real expert can topple a True Empire by himself, whether or not that is possible is unknown by most. What is known however, is that it was more likely for one to Continue Reading →

Titan’s Throne – Chapter 98: Spear Against Support!

Support techniques were generally the most looked down upon, do to their poor performance in one particular field. Yet what Bastian had just used did not seem like a support technique. No, to the majority it seemed as if he had fused a defense, movement and attack martial technique perfectly. Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 120 : A Good Person (7)

Tl/n (CSV): Regular Chapter. Sorry about the lateness. I had my Psych final this week. I also have a math final next Tuesday, so the next chapter will probably be delayed to sometime on Wednesday. However, my summer vacation starts right after that, so I may be able to increase Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 119 : A Good Person (6)

Tl/n (CSV): Sponsored Chapter. “Certainly, we should bring him in, right?” “Of course. There is no one like him that fits us so perfectly.” Ten young men and two young women. The twelve young people sat around a large round table and chatted pleasantly. Their expressions were soft and the Continue Reading →