God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 32: Shopping Like Others

When Fang Yuan was crying alone, the door opened and Shen Ming walked in with a big bag of breakfast. “You’re awake? You were drink too much last night, so I called Teacher Xiao Jing to help you. You were drink too fast so you had alcohol poisoning. It really Continue Reading →

God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 31: She Won’t Die as Long as I’m Here

The room went silent. Fang Shi Quan took off his gold-rimmed glasses, tears flashing from his eyes: “I… didn’t want to be like this.” His daughter looked at him, ridiculing him while crying, “Fang Shi Quan, you’re really getting old. You even can’t hurt me anymore. Have you ever thought Continue Reading →

God-level Bodyguard in the city – Chapter 30: The Father and The Daughter

Xiao Yi haven’t had her breakfast, as she was busy with running her jeep after Fang Yuan. It’s 7 in the morning, so it was very crowed on streets. But this doesn’t make any difference to Fang Yuan who won the EBR road race. Her driving skills are so good, Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 142: People Over The Crossroad (2)

Kaya’s eyes, which were filled with chaos, trembled. Even after reading the message, closing her eyes, and turning off her smartphone, that message didn’t leave her head. ‘I’m sorry for the sudden message. Kaya. To go straight to the point, I’m your real father. If you see this message, can Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 106 : Amends (3)

Tl/n (CSV): Apparently, Subak had already translated 106 and simply didn’t publish it. You can thank Subak for this chapter. ‘Roan Tale?’ ‘Tale?’ ‘Wasn’t he a commoner?’ The nobles all frowned. And Deni Von Rinse also had a strange facial expression. Simon realized that and quickly opened his mouth.

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 110: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 2

When Kang MiRae started reciting the incantation for her spell, the other clan masters who were chatting amongst themselves while leading their clans flinched at her sudden actions and proceeded to rush into battle formations.

Omni Genius – Chapter 64: In A Gang Fight

Though Fang Dacheng had left, his words allowed Qin Fang to get more customers, making the formerly desolate restaurant slowly start to get crowded.   As Qin Fang’s skills were above the rest, in no time at all, the restaurant acquired fame around Orchid Park. Like this, they had accomplished Continue Reading →