I Am the Monarch – Chapter 204: Amaranth (4)

T/N: Warning. Probably the most graphic and violent chapter of IatM I’ve translated yet. Also, the following chapters will be up soon. The Webster House was one of the founding retainers of the Rinse Kingdom. Liste, who was the progenitor of the Webster House, aided Norman Rinse of countryside noble Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 91: Today’s Main Character (2)

“The direction is good! It might go in!” “Wow, what is this?” “Wow! It went in! Albatross!” “Woooow!” Clap clap clap- The inside of the booth was full of shock and excitement. Everybody stood up and high fived each other. The reaction of the Lions members was extremely passionate. They Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 188: The Return of the Legend (3)

Kaya and Amelia did not lower their competitive spirit even at Fabio’s comment. Of course, their bickering wasn’t going to impact Anderson and Jo Minjun’s teamwork ……Fabio just clicked his tongue before mumbling internally to himself. ‘Women. Why do they make their lives so complicated?’ There were only 5 minutes Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 203: Amaranth (3)

While the messenger of the First Prince, no, the incomplete King Simon who climbed up to the throne without the royal crest nor national seal was running towards Roan Lancephil’s camp, an unusual event was happening in Second Prince Tommy Rinse’s camp in the Southwest. “Idiotic bitches!” A roar with Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 202: Amaranth (2)

“What is it?” President Seripa of the Lancephil County’s Bureau of Druids asked in an emotionless voice. “What do you mean what is it, sir. It’s because of the promise from the last time.” The one who was cheerily smiling and lightly throwing the words was Clay. With his hands Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 201: Amaranth (1)

T/n: I wanted to post all ch.201~206 together, but it seems I wasn’t fast enough to get them all done it time. Sorry about that. Well, here’s ch.201~203. Please enjoy, and I’ll bring the owed chapters of March soon as I can. “Have you heard? They say the kingdom’s knight Continue Reading →