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I Am the Monarch – Chapter 63: War and more war (1)


Roan let out a long sigh.
He sat down in front of a small stove.

Tadak. Tadak.

Although summer hadn’t ended yet, a strong heat was emanating continuously from the stove.

“Certainly, the accumulation of the mana is much faster than when I was at miss Biate’s place.”

Roan was now practicing Reid’s Flamdor mana technique.
He had turned on the stove to absorb a little bit more of fire essence.
He slowly stood up and loosened his wrists and ankles.

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God of Cooking – Chapter 113: The winner’s scale (2)

The sights of the chefs got fixed on Kaya. And she looked at them as if there was a problem.

 “What are those eyes?”
“……You are saying such a thing with such a calm expression.”
“There are lot more things being said about me, will this much be a problem?”
“Good. I like your ambition. And I also like your dish.”

He said while pointing at the langostin. Kaya smirked.

“I told you. That it was made by the chef I admire the most.”
“But that admiration, is that possible? He got eliminated earlier than you. In conclusion that means that he’s a worse cook than you…… If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to admire him.”

At those words, Kaya’s eyes became sharp.

 “The reason why disciples admire their teacher isn’t always because they are better than them. In the first place, Minjoon has many talents I don’t. The reason why he got eliminated earlier than me is…… he was just unlucky. Because he was a foreigner.”
“I don’t know about anything else, but I agree on what you said about admiring but not being better than themselves. There are teachers that even if they have good skills, they aren’t admirable at all. And there are also teachers that although they don’t have skills, they are admirable. I……..”

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God-level Bodyguard in the City – Chapter 17: Murderous Gleam

Note: this chapter was translated by Lickymee. Also, he did it as a favor and is not on the project so don’t expect him to take over.

Chapter 17 Murderous Gaze
“How could this happen?”
Green Tea stood frozen on the stage. It was a waste to have opened a 82-years old high quality wine Lafite in the dressing room just now to celebrate her championship.
Crocodile tears started flowing out from her plastic surgery modified eyes.

Dream Jade covered her mouth with both of her hands as tears welled up in her eyes. Even she didn’t expect this kind of outcome.
After all, the last song she used was just something she did purely on a whim. Wu Neng had not only once told her that her new song which was a slow one was bound to fail.
Yet, she had now created a miracle within the history of 《China’s Wonderful Sound》with this song of hers. Continue reading


I Am the Monarch – Chapter 62: A new start (5)

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But of course, even if you received a badge, it didn’t mean that you could become a noble immediately.
You only had the requirements to be able to become one only when you had enough accomplishments.

‘For me to get a badge……’

Roan looked at Benjamin who was holding the badge.

‘And on top of that from Benjamin Doyle?’

A bitter smile appeared on his face.

‘In my past life the relationship between us was one of the worst ones.’

It wasn’t enough that he ignored his merits but he even demoted him several times.
He was a bastard that he wanted to hit if only he could.
But he was able to receive a badge from him.

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God of Cooking – Chapter 112: The winner’s scale (1)

Chloe took in a long, deep breath. She tied her hair with a white bandana with flowers, and as she took on a white apron, she looked kind of boorish. The feeling got weirder as she stood next to Joanne since Joane sticked to the fashion of the ‘20s. They said that the fashion of that time was rather good, but in the end it was going back in time.

A striped white shirt, a brown cardigan, and a brown pelt floppy hat. It felt just like she was an American princess of that time. If they went to the mission like that it would have been quite a funny scene, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. The staff lent them cooking uniforms, and the two of them lowered their heads as if they were disappointed.

“I wanted to show my fashion senses because it was the last time.”
“Me too.”
“How about going to a model audition later on?”
“I won’t even be able to apply because of my low height.”

At Jo Minjoon’s joke, Chloe replied with a serious voice. Could she have really dreamt of becoming a model? Kaya looked at the uniforms for quite a while and then opened her mouth.

“Ours are better than theirs.”

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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 48: A Partner Only for Me – 1

“Thank you for saving me.”
“That’s what I should say.”

After the situation was over with, Kang HaJin bowed his head deeply to Yu IlHan, but Yu IlHan just waved his hands and denied it. If it wasn’t for them, Yu IlHan definitely would have died. Just like that. Continue reading


I Am the Monarch – Chapter 61: A new start (4)


Tens of cavalrymen rode down the plain escorting a big carriage.

“It’s a really secluded place.”

The carriage shook about.
A middle aged man that had a big build looked at the scenery outside the carriage and frowned.

‘Should I have rested instead?’

His regret came late.
But in the end the man shook his head.

‘No. I can’t just leave that Reil guy alone.’

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