God of Cooking – Chapter 160: Party Members Wanted (1)

Venice. When hearing that word, many people may think about Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ And of course, they will think about it as the location in Italy. Venice is definitely in Italy. However, the Venice Jo Minjoon is currently in was not in Italy, but in California, located in Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 159: The reason they are hungry (3)

Of course, there was no chance of Anderson understanding the reason behind Jo Minjoon saying congratulations. Looking at Anderson’s confused face in front of him, Jo Minjoon was actually surprised. He really meant it when he said congratulations. Although there was a feeling of envy, it was not to the Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 177 : The Decisive Battle (4)

T/n: The second chapter of the week. A wind like march. The Tale Legion and the Lancephil Legion’s march north was without a pause. At the state where Chase Legion and the Owells Forces’ main army had receded to the west, the Lancephil Fief’s south and east were no different Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 176 : The Decisive Battle (3)

T/n: A bit late Tuesday’s Chapter. I’ll have ch. 177 up as soon as possible, sometime tomorrow morning at the latest. Sorry about the lateness. I’m still getting used to new semester at college, but hopefully I should have everything set by next week. “Just what are they planning, sir?” Continue Reading →