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miracle drawing - cover

Miracle Drawing! – Chapter 6 :Miracle drawing (6)

She immediately squeezed acrylic paints onto a palette and started mixing the colors.

From that point on, she planned on doing an extensive retouching, faithfully following along Jinho’s critique.

‘I have to turn these in by tomorrow but… it’s worse to leave them be despite knowing how to fix them.’

Although Fei was usually adamant and wouldn’t bend her pride, today was different.

She decided to try the path a true genius has shown her. Continue reading

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 89: Establishing a base (4)

The ghost of the battlefield.
That was the nickname given to Roan during the subjugation in the Pedian plains.
But the nickname back then was given because he accurately found the monster nests. Not because of his overwhelming and powerful strength and abilities.
A ghost that was a fortuneteller.
However, the Roan right now, he really resembled an amazing ghost.


The Travias spear split the air.
Because of the Flamdor mana technique, mana of white light flowed in the spear.

Continue reading


Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 69: Me, a God!? – 2

Sponsored Chapter~! Enjoy~

[You have earned 524,839 experience.]
[You have earned 499,904 experience.]
[You have earned 512,293 experience.]

Some of the angels said that Yu IlHan’s request was very shameless and they enraged, but the majority understood that accepting his request was the answer to solving this crisis fast. Continue reading


Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 68: Me, a God!? – 1

Although the opinions would differ from person to person, generally, Kantou region was historically, politically, commercially the center of Japan.

As such, the Dungeon Break that started in Kanagawa prefecture without any signs one day made numerous Japanese people shocked. Not just the Japanese, it was the same with all the other people on Earth.

It was shocking that a mix of 1st and 2nd class monsters had appeared out of nowhere, but it was more shocking since everyone believed that Dungeon Breaks would not occur unless the 2nd Great Cataclysm arrived.
This was the moment when their knowledge learnt in other worlds had popped like a soap bubble. Continue reading


Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 67: I am also a Building Owner – 6

Now that Yu IlHan’s objective to enhance the people of Earth was now on a smooth start thanks to the launching of the brand, Vanguard, his next objective was of course to go to Daréu and beat up all the dragons.

His motivation died down instantly since the objective he was facing was way too grand, but even so, as this was the most urgent matter, he had no choice. And, after thinking what the most important element in fulfilling that objective would be, he concluded that he should evolve his concealment first.

Concealment was the only innate ability he had, and at the same time, his strongest ability. Continue reading


Link the Orc – Chapter 3: Ability Transfer (1)

Sunny weather. Vivid sunlight. It’s a weather putting you in a good mood. I came to the park I found before when I passed next to it and took a smoke.

“Hoo…ah. Sweet.”

The tobacco smoke diffusing in the air. I became used to the cigarette I started to smoke in the army when a senior soldier convinced me that it had a taste of apple, and I got so used to it that after 6 years, I could really tell you that it had a taste of apple. And especially the taste of smoke after being deprived from smoking even a single cigarette the whole morning was really even more delicious than an apple. Continue reading