100WhiteSalts are a**holes (KCDS’s POV)

Hello people,
Another drama from KCDS, probably the group with the most dramas (exposed) in this community.
Why am I posting this? Because I just can’t let the a**holes have the good and nice image while they are in fact liars and hypocrites. I don’t want to be the only one at loss.
So what basically happened? In short-long summary (I’m not good at explaining things so I’ll let the details be discovered with chatlogs available at the bottom):
1. A translator named Neria offered to join KCDS (KobatoChanDaiSuki)
2. Got to pick up an amazing novel (SSS-class Suicide Hunter) selected from my gorgeous library
3. Neria pretended to work for KCDS
4. “invited” another group (100WhiteSalts a.k.a 100WS) without having asked me
5. Said group (100WS) asks to release as well
6. KCDS agrees to avoid drama and try to become friends with them
7. When releases are coming near, things start to go wreck
8. problems with releasing, exposure on NU starts
9. Lies from Neria and 100WS + actions from them without my knowledge
10. gullible and naive KCDS finally gets to know he’s been fooled
So why am I releasing the chatlog? because I’m just totally bad at explaining long stories and the chatlogs will very probably show you how things were really + I’m emotionally destroyed now (the reason why my post is chaotic)
I know people would call me stupid for making things public but I’ve already made things go public in the past and even if I would get criticized and my image tarnished, I could care less when 100WS did this thinking they would have consequences from their actions. They have no shame, no guilt. How could I deal with this issue otherwise? This is my coward and shy revenge.
Also, I tried to avoid dramas by making many concession and trying to discuss. But their intention was never such.
Probably some or even many of you won’t even bother since you are fine as long as you get what you want (some novels to read). Probably some of you don’t like me and my group. Probably everybody will eventually forget this issue and will continue to read in their website. But really, I can’t let this go without having dealt them even a tiny single scratch as revenge.
Yeah, I know it’s my fault for not having strict policies and being gullible but they still abused my kindness and good intention.
Btw, it’s normal if my English is shitty and sorry about that.
You can download and view the chatlogs below :
Seems the old log was broken or whatever it was. alternative is up for you.
To view the chatlog (viewer): https://dht.chylex.com/build/viewer.html
renew chatlog:
If you have any questions, please ask me. I’ll try to answer what I can.
Serious, why do people have to try mess up with me all the time? I never asked for troubles.
I tried to be open to discussion but nobody tells me anything and backstabs me.
I tried to be nice but they turned me into an a**hole.
Is it so hard to pay me and my group a tiny bit of respect? We are not asking much. Just a bit of peace…
PS: I don’t care about the novel itself anymore. I’m pissed off from being lied and fooled around. And their hypocrisy is making me puke.
PS2: probably someone would criticize how my group runs but that’s not your concern.
PS3: Popcorn
EDIT: I haven’t checked the chatlog and seems there were incomplete. I was using a DHT or whatever it was called but seems that didn’t work well. I was driven emotionally and couldn’t check about details, you know?
But seems 100WS decided to release full records, you can check their version I think unless there have been any editing. (they omitted Record between slimicee and me tho)
EDIT: finally got correctly the chatlogs cuz I didn’t check the chatlogs I posted previous.
Had to get a proper chatlog exporter:
renew chatlog:

12 Replies to “100WhiteSalts are a**holes (KCDS’s POV)”

  1. ArKain

    I’m going to say that after looking at these chat logs, I don’t agree with you. Skip the comment if you don’t want to see me blaming you.

    1. So this whole thing was about a partnership to… rewrite already released chapters into more westernized versions…? What would even be the point of this…?

    2. You suck at negotiations and communication. You’re trying to get conditions that are obviously stepping on their bottom line. They are trying to get exposure and make a website for their ideals. I think it’s a stupid ideal personally, but I’ll still respect it. To this end, they need to show up on NovelUpdates, the main hub where the community gets their chapters from to push up traffic, while you’re trying to get the lions share by releasing first for your site. I don’t come here from checking out new chapters on NU, I come here because I have a bookmark list I scroll through daily to check what’s new, so you’re keeping your core reader base even without NU links. Your constant pushes for a merge (with you basically controlling everything) are also not helping, as you guys are two very different entities. There is no way at all in which you two would be merged, and if you are, they would be the ones in power.

    They have a dream, and you’re trying to stomp on it, getting the best of it without doing any work.

    3. This is a BIG ONE. You didn’t hold up your end of the deal with Neria: access to editors, which was basically his only request. Neria joined back in January, and the chapters only started releasing late March. That was plenty of time for you to help with edits, yet it appears that the chapters being released were pretty much purely what Neria’s initial draft was without editing? Yeah I can see him wanting to leave the group when he found another group that properly supports him.

    4. Some parts of the chat log make you seem like one of those stalker-types in a relationship… Spamming accusatory messages don’t help you at all, so try not to do it.

    5. Here’s another big one. They aren’t screwing around, they want to go at it for real. You are a site of fan-translations that will basically never be acknowledged by the author nor will you be a legal entity. They want to straight up be a legal translator/publisher like YenPress. I would not be surprised if they said they had a lawyer (I’d be in fact, very disappointed in them if they said they did not have one/actively consulting one). You don’t seem to understand that and are trying to drag them down and prevent them from doing that. You are saying they can’t get licenses and all based on your personal experiences of what is likely just asking the author if they will overlook you, while they are going to be going to the authors with a contract stating how much the author will get paid.

    Also your excuse of not going professional is.. IT problems? Really? Just say you don’t want to, and are doing this for fun etc. If IT problems are the only things holding you back, then just hire a computer sciences graduate and go pro already. They’re doing all this already with a team with proper degrees.

    6. So looking at what’s happened after all the dust has settled, is that someone came and looked at your list of novels, picked one they liked, and then began translating it on another site after releasing a few chapters on KCDS. A novel you would very likely never actually get to translating yourself, out of a ton of other novels that you are never going to get through. Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me.

    1. non so anonymouse

      To be honest I will agree except for the numbers 2 and 6. The rest can be viewed as neutral views that contains the truth. Number 2 was laughable at best and can be viewed with too much biased as they are already getting exposure the moment they are posted here and they know how much benefits they can get otherwise why not just go to another website? Those bookmarks are unjustifiable as you are only sharing your personal experience without any scientific facts that can prove it (not to mention can be viewed as a hypocrite because of number 5) and kcds wanted to get more people to know just like the other group the problem was the distribution which both people wanted to get more benefits. Number 6 is probably where the most of your biased views came from. Although I indeed also agreed in number 6 however in to give in fair judgement is that while kcds provide the ropes and give exposures then they betrayed him after they suck all the benefits they can get. To be honest it is also kcds fault for trying to be despicable then he gotten revenge by another group which is more despicable than him (which I can assure you they planned that out considering kcds reputation thus anyone who is cautious in the internet with that kind of dream will probably avoid him.)

  2. Nazarach

    I haven’t posted anything until now, because I have never involved myself in the drama that is the translating ‘community’ – BUT in this case, especially reading the comment above, I feel oblieged to.
    Your english is good enough even for forgein readers, so don’t make yourself small, it’s pretty good.
    I don’t think wanting to be acknowlged for your efforts is something strange to ask for, so IF Neria felt that way why wasn’t there any serious communication about soving these problems, when you don’t say something one could think all is ok and leaves you on your own devices – so don’t complain if you haven’t really tried to aquire things (like editors) if you haven’t said when, why and what for especially.
    KCDS is a group I enjoy reading translations of, even if I am just one of the beggars that can’t give donations as I just don’t have the money to spend for non-essential things. Your translations are a lot better than many other groups where one could get the impressions it’s MTL with a once-over, so I prefere to read quality instead of badly translated quantity. Destroying art with bad translations (if you can’t help it) just for received money per released chapter isn’t something I particularly like to support and it’s even worse if a originally good work can’t get the credit it’s due because of that.
    I’m a western person, but I hate when the atmosphere of a (clearly) eastern novel is destroyed by westernization because there are no ‘right’ translations for the names, titels or expressions – a footnote to explain is enough – don’t try to force something in a shape it just isn’t meant to be.

    For the issue of betrayel or working against your own ‘supposed’ group, KCDS always felt honest and open in their approach, even airing their ‘behind the scenes’ workings or issues, so I am more inclined to think the real problem involved was a different mindset and goals of Neria herself, miscommunication instead of ignorance from KCDS. I have noticed that especially small groups are often mislead or worked against because they don’t have a focus on getting money out of their work – but people involved may think themself not appreciated enough and seem to be more willing to ‘change allegiances’ where they could make profit. I don’t condemn anyone that wants to work seriously in translations, but getting hands on novels of interest under disguise and then being offended when a small groups wants to have their part in the order of publications as they where the ones that got them to notice it is fair. Also, after getting ‘betrayed’ I can understand if you start a deal with the offending party under heavier conditions, so I can’t really find fault with KCDS when they try to secure the best conditions for themselves.

    These thoughts here are my personal feelings for these matters, so if you don’t agree, just say so and don’t get offensive or abusive as each person is allowed to have a different opinion and has a right to speak of it.

  3. aaa

    the way i see it is a group that have a big dream and you (the lazy editor who can’t edit some chapter in time) want to stomp on it

    it’s remind me of a translator from oppa translation, the poor boy have translated over than 100 chapter but the site has not published the novel yet because it’s not edited, i can’t blame him if he joined an another site really

  4. Dxiel

    I just read the logs

    Omg this salt people are so irresponsible man,,

    It looks like they didn’t even know it existed.

    This neria so finicky totally a deception, after agreeing with you goes to other group offering to translate the novel you recommended to him to translate for you, that’s a trash person.

    They way he presented himself and the connotations in speech he conveyed to you.. it’s like a traitor

    at least they dropped it


  5. Dxiel

    And i was very skeptical when I saw the style of the novel they selected.. after they picked returne magic and not another real individualistic novel choosing sss suicide Hunter was really unexpected.

    They probably didn’t get the audience they expected (such a bad novel; rm)and after seeing sss class they compulsively jumped on sss Hunter disregarding you had plans on translating it. (Ofc you had, you ask/recommend it to translated for you, this compulsive opportunist didn’t even know it existed, but don’t respect your plans to work on it.

    It’s sad these people are so trashy.

    Their evaluation wouldn’t be so low except the way they responded and tried to evade things ..

    At least Im aware of the truth now (read both parties logs) man I just hope you recover from this

    Things shouldn’t have gone like this but like everyone kinda half assed it

    Salts wanted to translate, the guys initially have good intentions but without respecting some one else’s plans they are very wrong.

    They don’t have honor, can even find a novel by themselves and derelict responsability on your obvious novel plans.

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