what about the scanlating world?

The scanlating world is like a micro-reconstitution of the big world, the actual world. You can meet very sympathetic and nice people. You can also meet “plain” people. You can meet arse holes. You can meet complete idiots.

Few example of “arse holes” in this strange world that is “scanlating” are :

  • hypocrites that critic everybody but can’t bear one when it’s towards them.
  • who doesn’t want to share a magazine raw
  • and lies (and very badly…lol). Can’t even tellthat you don’t want? U got no balls, bro?
  • people that drop suddenly without news or gone MIA (they deceive the people, meh)
  • slave merchants not putting credits (yeah it happens.)
  • And so and so…quite fucked up, huh?Don’t worry. There’s as much good people than idiots.

  • KobatoChanDaiSuki

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