Announcement 24.01.2015

Hello, It’s KobatoChanDaiSuki.

I’m recovering little by little my mental, I think about going to restart working on kenkyo in about a few days or next week, until then, there’ll be other releases as well.
Oniichanyamete deleted the chapter 72 to 77 but will start to give an alternative translation for kenkyo from 1 to the recent chapter. It’s not like I approve it much since I feel it like a kind of concurrence to me but it can’t be helped, I can’t stop him.

Anyway, I thank him for at least being this much cooperative and comprehensive. And I’d like also to thank Haikai0 from Japtem who contributed to improve some aspects on the blog (like the “previous chapter/next chapter” or the Table of Content), I can’t thank him enough.
I should give him some swiss chocolate…

Also a big Thank You to dear readers and co-translators/scanlators who’ve supported me and left kind words.


P.S : I’d like to have people who would write synopsis for the two projects “maou no hajimekata” and “Kenkyo Kenjitsu”. If you have propositions of synopsis, please send an email at  thank you

17 thoughts on “Announcement 24.01.2015

  1. anon

    dude, arent you being selfish as fuck by not wanting the readers to get faster tls by not working with the other guy? its kind of stupid.

  2. Loco15

    Kobatochandaisuki ignore that anon, do whatever you want whenever you want. I’ll be cheering for you either way.

    Good luck!


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