Never two without three…

This is KobatoChanDaiSuki again.

I’ve just had an excess of stress with all things pilling up in real life and here, got a kind of acute stress reaction(ASR) and now I’m kind of half burnt-out so I’ll start working later and slowlier than I expected/wished to, I’m really really sorry.

11 thoughts on “Never two without three…

  1. Iseeu

    Just work at your own pace😛. Though these little updates are good for us stalking you, even if you can’t keep schedule, don’t feel sorry about it. We are leechers after all, just ignore the toxic ones and feed us.

  2. FlameStrike

    Dang that sounds crappy. Chill out and relax a bit! Translation work itself is pretty tough. I gave up such endeavors early on. I hope you recover!

  3. Loco15

    Holy crap, forget about translating, just rest for now. If a leecher ask or demands you to translate anything you have all the reason in the world to tell them to go to hell and fuck themselves.

    Get well.


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