Lookism - Cover

Lookism chapter 57

Chapter 57

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17 thoughts on “Lookism chapter 57

  1. Atse

    When will the next chap be released? Have it some schedule for the released date? Like once a week, or others?thx

  2. ds

    Fighting!! The translation is very clear. You have good working hah.. Thanks a lot! 😚😘😙😗 (hug) (kisses)

  3. OTH

    Thank you for translating this story ! I like it very much, it’s funny and full of awsome guys ahah. I support you, if only I could help to translate corean … >< See you soon for the next chapter!

  4. Alaska

    What happened with the donation link? Did PayPal change? I wanted to donate again, but can’t log into my account. It used to be that you could donate without logging in…


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