Sponsored Chapters?

Okay guys, so now, we’ve decided to have the so called “sponsored chapters” (cuz we have wives and children to feed)

Sponsored chapters are additional chapters to the scheduled chapters.

To sposor the serie you want, you just have to click HERE and do the rest🙂

Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Sponsored Chapters?

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      Why do you think having other group translating would be better?
      If there were to have another group starting to translate a serie we were already translating, if we have nothing to gain, I’d totally drop everything or if not, start a war. We do this almost for free(thanks the kind sponsors who donate us money) and do you expect to leech even more?
      And there’s no point in working on something that the others are already doing.

  1. Alaska

    I like it. Free money to you and more chapters to us. Well, maybe not free…. I guess your working for it. But still… Money!

  2. Alaska

    Also, maybe in your sponsored status, if a chapter gets fully sponsored, put (1 of 20 sponsored) or whatever so we can see how far ahead it is. I’ll keep donating but my paycheck can live with 2-3 chapters a week!

      1. Alaska

        Re-reading my post, I wasn’t very clear. I mean if a chapter is fully sponsored, do this: (3/5 chapters funded)(chapter 4/5: 20/60$). IDK, your the expert at sites and stuff… Has any full chapter been sponsored for anything yet? Maybe I’m getting way ahead of the whole deal, lol.


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