Lookism - Cover

Lookism chapter 68

Chapter 68

download (*all download are available only about 30 days after the upload)


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14 thoughts on “Lookism chapter 68

  1. Anonymous

    Umm.., sorry… Ahh, Usually I downloaded chapters D+2 after upload but now why I can’t? It says “File does not exist on this server”?🙂 Thanks

  2. Santika

    Can anyone send chapter 68-70 to my gmail?
    Because i can’t download that files,it says’file doesn’t exist on this server’.thanks for your intention… ☺☺☺:):):)

    1. Santika

      Or you can send to me by line,my id is ‘santikasaftinuryanti’ or by BBM,my pin is
      ‘537b1ef2’…thank you so much


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