Lookism - Cover

Lookism chapter 72

Chapter 72

download (*get quickly because it might be deleted by the site)

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14 thoughts on “Lookism chapter 72

  1. Izaya

    More more more more more more more more more MOREEEEEEEEEEEEE MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MOREEEEEEEEEEE
    *question1: Is that spamming?*
    *question2: Is it helpful?*
    *question3: Is this kind of comment needed?*
    *resolution to 1 – 2 and 3: Yes.* x’D

  2. Shadow

    Anyone have and have download chp. 49-70??? If you guys have please. Comment. Or contact me. Please. Bcs im late to find this site. Oh poor. So i cant read previous chps. –fb. Imelia Imel with black t-shirt dp. Please contact me if you have. Thank you

  3. Anonymous

    Please continue uploading this! You often upload other scanlations more frequently, but I think people demand this more! Thank you!

    1. Joey

      I think all of the scanlations require sponsors, so if you want them to update lookism then donate. $60 per update and its not even halfway to reaching it so…


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