Concerning link problem

Hello guys,

Many of you have reported that link didn’t work. But I’m sure, most of you did have that problem on PC and not on mobile.

The problem seems to be caused by old caches redirecting to the old server’s files…which doesn’t work at all that way.

So the solution to the problem is clearing the cache (I tried and it works). Please download the following plugin if you’re a chrome user and set the options as the following :

Data to remove – Cache
Time Period – everything

To clear the cache if you’re a FIREFOX user, click this LINK and follow the instructions.

If something doesn’t work, please report to us at or at our chat.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Concerning link problem

  1. Anyone

    Simpler method:
    Ctrl+F5 on whichever site you wish you to get non locally cached page of.
    Can’t do anything if it’s server side cache. Try logging in.


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