Chamber’s update

Hello everyone, and sorry for the lack of chapters in the past few weeks. Also sorry for posting this announcement only now

As I’m busy with exams and other homework, I won’t be able to do many chapters.

Until 6th of November, the releases for Coder Lee YongHo and God of Music will be sporadic(There WILL be releases, just randomly). I also won’t be doing any sponsored chapters until I can get back to the 3chapters/week schedule. (Someone actually mentioned this, I won’t be greedy, don’t worry)

Hopefully, this will change on the 6th of November.

Also, after I let St8_Lupe and IllidanStormrage post the chapters, I forgot how many chapters I owe you guys. I’ll appreciate it if someone replies the number of chapters I owe in the comments. Hopefully, I’ll catch up if I get some free time…

After 6th of November, I will be back with 4 chapters/week until I catch up!! (Hopefully) (No mass release, though)


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