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Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 180: The Reward I Want (2)

It became more difficult for me with each fortification level as well. I guess I can describe it as feeling like I am carrying a heavier item each time? It’s like how even if I can carry 100 kilograms, I can tell the difference between 1 kilogram and 10 kilograms. Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 179: The Reward I Want (1)

I was used to regular Elementals, but a Fire Elemental? I had never heard of it. I opened my bag to see a small orb the size of a fingernail inside the inventory. I picked it up and the information popped up. [Fire Elemental] The soul of an Elemental with Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 178: Friend of the Fairies (2)

# Friend of the Fairies (2) “Oh! The friend of the Dwarves! Long time no see!” It was the voice of the Dwarves’ Great Patriarch, Bangart. Bangart welcomed me while looking behind me. “But why are you alone?” He was asking about the other Dwarves who had accompanied me to Continue Reading →

BJ Archmage – Episode 10 : ? (3)

10.   As God Wars gained popularity, its shareholders were able to make ridiculous amounts of profits, but with great popularity also comes a great amount of questions.   “According to you, what impact will the reality created by God Wars have on the professional sports scene?”   “Can we Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 177: Friend of the Fairies (1)

‘Oh! Divine power!’ This was not an issue of the value being high or low. The fact that I now had the divine power stat itself was an amazing gift. Having just 1 in that stat allowed me to use Ares’s power. Furthermore, he also gave me 500 Guard Points. Continue Reading →

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