Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 109: The Magman Continent (2)

I turned my head and saw a spider the size of a house. ‘It was you!’ Hell Spider! It’s a level 407 monster. But it is not really too dangerous. The reason its level is so high is not because of its attacking abilities, but because of its surroundings. Pitch Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 108: The Magman Continent (1)

Port Jaksen. It is a small port at the north most point of the Muon Continent. However, it is a pretty famous port for its size and number of visitors. It is because it is the only path to enter the Magman Continent. Portals do not exist in the Magman Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 194: In Front of the Start Line (1)

As usual, time did not care for anybody’s situation. The opening date for Rose Island was already less than a month away. Of course, there were no customers yet, but the kitchen atmosphere seemed to be a bit more nervous than before. And now, Jo Minjun was frowning while holding Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 107: The White Corona (4)

He was guided to a room with a soft bed. The attached bathroom was luxurious as well, and the taste of the fruits after a warm bath was just out of this world. Even the pajamas were so light and soft that you couldn’t even tell you were wearing it. Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 223: Amaranth (23)

The way to stopping Mad Monarch Simon Rinse who once more started to rampage. The method was unexpectedly simple. Roan, Flamdor, and Travias combining into one. Instead of taking turns and controlling Roan’s body, it was altogether the three existences being reborn once again as single existence. If the three Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 222: Amaranth (22)

T/N: Sorry this chapter was late. The IRL issue took rather long to resolve. “Should we begin?” “Leave it to me.” “I’ll show you what a true spearmanship is.” Words that followed one another. Surprisingly, they were all words Roan had said. The color of his eyes dyed each time Continue Reading →

Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 106: The White Corona (3)

  I casually answered the portal manager’s question.   But I could feel Humbley and Kaldera flinch as soon as I answered. They were trying to hide it, but I could tell because I was paying close attention to their reactions.   ‘They know about it as well.’   I Continue Reading →

God of Cooking – Chapter 193: Searching for the Roots (4)

Jo Minjun put another spoonful of samgyetang broth in his mouth. The fact that his mindset changed didn’t necessarily instantly change the flavor. However, the feeling he got from the taste was definitely different. It was because he  no longer thought that he needed to give up on this because Continue Reading →