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A little poll to decide the future!

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      1. Ikari

        Sign in doesn’t work against bots either.

        Source: am programmer, have written scrapers, including against sites where some wise-guy put all the images as text and I had to OCR it after.

        Requiring login first means you need around two extra lines of code, and lots of sites need login for various reasons so anyone writing a scraper who isn’t a total noob will be able to do it.

        1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

          Could you enlighten me more about this if you don’t mind, please? I would like to find a way to fight against scrapers.

          1. Ikari

            There isn’t really a way to stop people from copying information you’re publishing publicly. If I log in and load a page through a web browser, or if I have another program do the same steps, it all looks the same.

            CAPTCHAs are sort of an attempt at a solution to “is it a program or a human user,” but a sufficiently determined attacker can work around that too, and then it’s still there driving humans nuts. (You can have a human work it once & run until it expires, or you can have a computer program guess it at about 30% accuracy then retry until you get through.)

            An important part there is “sufficiently determined attacker.” Over time it’s a slightly different story, if you’re determined enough you can always muck up their scraping over and over and eventually outlast them.

            For example: making frequent major structural changes to the HTML, tracking and blocking IPs, or throwing CAPTCHAs around. It may not be possible to stop but there’s still a human at the other end who has to deal with changes that go beyond the scope of their existing scraper.

            It’s worth thinking about how big of a problem this really is. It can take a lot of time & energy to fight, even if it’s really annoying to see after doing all the work to put things up in the first place.

            (Another reason that requiring login doesn’t help if anyone can register is that you can automate *registering* in addition to login, so blocking suspicious activity at an account level doesn’t get you very far.)

            P.S. Please don’t break the Novel Updates scraper…if you do any fancy biz you can probably whitelist it?

          2. kobatochandaisuki Post author

            the Novel Updates scraper is whitelisted already I think.

            Hmm…I’m not seeking for a 100% but just making a hassle for the aggregators and if it works, spread to other translating websites

  1. mai

    Don’t care too much if it is a simple form on the site and it is not required to log in through a google account or similar. (As needed to participate in the poll. Having to log in to vote about having to log in. logception )

    Though wouldn’t a captcha be the usual way to weed out bots? Like the one used to post a comment right here. These friendlier captchas are alright imo.

  2. ognarb

    For bots who where specially written to copie the content of this website, it won’t change anything, because when you have time to bypass cloudfare protection, it’s really easy to bypass the login protection 🙁

  3. Void

    I personally voted “No”, because I think it’d negatively impact the userbase of this particular website. With such easy come easy go sort of content, the demographic will probably be, at large, inconvenienced with ‘taking the time’ to register.

    i personally don’t mind registering, I just think this is a double-edged solution. If you have a reason to think it’s not, that’s a whole other story, then.

  4. Nicolas Gauthier

    As much as I understand the pain of seeing hard word benefit someone else. I admit that I first discovered Everyone Else is a Returnee in the Top Novel of an aggregator kind of site. What made me transfer? A simple message to please read the novel on kobatochan.com that you guys started putting on your chapter around chapter 60 (or was it 90). I discovered novelupdate that link directly to the content provider throught the comment sections and Chamber suggesting discussing with him on novelupdates forum. If it was not for an aggregator, I might not have stumble upon Everyone Else is a Returnee. Now I am reading directly on kobatochan the following novels : I am the Monarch, Green Skin, The Stone of Days as well as EEaR. They might be stealing content but the most effective way is still probably to have a message suggesting to read directly from the translator. Most people will not have a membership before they discover the novel. To discover it, it needs to be availible to read. In the end, with “please read on the translator site” message brought me here and instead of providing them with ad revenues, my presence benefit you. I might be reading something else if I could not have a taste of the novel first. It may need editing the first few chapters of every novel to ask the readers to read it here, but that would still be more beneficial to you in the end than simply blocking the reader withtout a membership. It’s a pain to repost everything probably but it’s a way that would still be more effective than blocking new clientele from discovering what you have to offer.

      1. Nicolas Gauthier

        That’s why you have the poll. From my point of view, I would not have discovered the web site if you had implemented that method you are suggesting earlier. However I do not know if it would be effective to edit the published chapter since they are already on the aggregator site. I sure would have noticed sooner if the message was on the first few chapters of the novel I was reading. But if it was not availible to me, I would probably have moved to the next novel on the top 10 and never discovered this website. I still believe that you do not wish to restrict your readership to only those of us who are already here. The question become : how to make sure people read the novels here and not on aggregator site? With sub questions concerning the benefits and negatives effect if you restrict the reading to only members. An exemple might be : if you are not a member, you get annoying pop-up if you use a ad blocker, being a member you wouldn’t receive such message. (after all we still would appreciate membership advantages) 🙂

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