A new change soon to come

Aggregators suck.
That’s why we’re going to set up something to stop them from stealing the work done by our staff.



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    1. Koukouseidesu

      We’re sorry for the delays and whatnot, but please do take note that translation takes A LOT of time and effort, Chamber has been working very very hard for the past few weeks to catch up on the backlog and when he finally cleared it? Computer problems……. It should be resuming in a few days! Thank you for your patience and support!

      P.S. Literally impossible to post one chapter per day for EER as the chapters have an average over 1800 words to 2400 words, which would take an experience translator at least 3~4 hours, plus the proofreader another 1 hour. We have lives too you know! (Though we are ruled by Kobato sama’s whip)

  1. grace

    Doing something like Japtem does might be helpful. Just the fact that u cant just copy paste the text might help against some pirates. The pirate sites I know do the piracy thing in high amounts so if they dont know how to do it theyl prolly just skip stealing it instead of learning how to get around it.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      we’re going to set up something more efficient because even the anti-copy paste didn’t stop the thieves from stealing in the past

  2. iwanttobeagoodman

    Google Translator Russian -> English
    It generally is real?
    I saw three methods of protection
    1) http://novel.munpia.com/72380/page/1/neSrl/1100897
    This method uses the software, but you can PrntScr. Does not work on programs such as the conversion of text – picture -> text but 100 coins – Chapter 1
    2) https://shalvationtranslations.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/dungeon-defense-volume-4-prologue/
    This method is used pictures. Does not work on programs such as the conversion of text – picture -> text
    3) https://lit-era.com/reader/xrizalida-kniga-chetvertaya-osnovy-b21706
    This method does not work if you use ctrl + A in microsoft word and turn off javascript
    All three methods only slow down for a couple of mouse clicks thieves…. But you can change the font of the text so that it did not work in the program(I have not tested it).

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      I don’t know but a lot of people actually use aggregators for their own reasons. They don’t know they slowly kill the translators by doing so
      (less views in original website = less ad revenue or popularity or donation = no interest in TLing = nobody’s happy)

  3. Pahkiss

    Just going to say that not that many people follow novelupdates, its kind hard to pick up new materials to read from there.

    Also I can see why some people read accidently those aggregators because they dont know its copied from original sites.

    That being said, its great that you try to fight against it!

  4. BestBe

    I’m curious, are you partnered with Novelupdates/ Realightnovel. As on both, there are links to the origional translators website (this being you guys for Everyone Else is a Returnee. I simply assumed you where, but if you’re not all read exclusively on your website from now on. (I primarily use those sites to find new content anyway, then check to see if they have the newest stuff released.)

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      We’re not partenered with readlightnovel, it’s one of the aggregator stealing our content and making money from it.
      Novelupdates is a special case with all translation sites but that we all consider it as a partener since they do not copy our content and redirect to our website.

  5. Dexus

    I think that a fun translation is just a way to work and share a passion and good experiences with other peolpe.
    And a donation, is just a way to show gratitude for have realized all of this with your good will.
    Stay focused on the good things of all of this, and don’t let the bad things derail you from your way and destroy you.
    Is not enough? for you is not worth? just drop it.
    But don’t let the unfulfilled expectations ruin you. 🙂
    Good Luck bro.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      Novel translation has become more than just a simple hobby for fun but also a business and a job. Readers have their expectations but translators also have their own expectations. This is not just a one-way direction.

  6. Gregory

    Ive read some chapters of novels on readlightnovel ( not for any on this sight i dont think) but only time i ever do that is if the real website goes down while im in midst of bing reading, and i always check after each chapter to see if real back up. But i totally see where you guys are coming from and hope yall can get it fixed up so piracy doesnt happen. Have fun and thanks for all the chapgers and updates!


    i just saw new novel of this website is published on readlightnovel. I think it is really horrible for them to steal people’s work.

    I suggest you guys should use picture file like munpia to stop this kind of piracy.

  8. aoisora

    i do know i am seeing this post a litle late…
    i just keep thinking u guys are amazing. i am still not a pro-like translator as you, but i feel same as you…
    also i think the problem whit your works being stolen is just a relative thing….
    but please no pictures file like munpia… it will hurt me hard.. not something i can explain well……..

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