About Kakegurui…

I decided to wait for the tankoubon to get the raws and work on it. It’ll have better image qualityas well in that way.

sorry for making you wait more, I apologize sicerly.


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    1. dakarah Post author

      Tankoubon is to say “book version” of mangas that are usually published on magazines.
      We often say “tank raw” to designate “tankoubon raw”(book version raw)

  1. thelovecleaner

    Hello there, I must say I have been waiting quite a while for this manga to be released!! I was hoping if we (MSD – Mangaichi scanlation division) could pick it up? Even though the required 90 days scanlation rule is up, I still feel the need to ask if we could take it off your hands? I am also interested in making this a joint manga between the scans as we have quite a bit of slow translators, if you accept that is.

    Thanks – theLove_cleaner

    1. dakarah Post author

      Dear thelovecleaner, thank you for your huge interest in Kakegurui.
      I am working on the script since the other translators were not able to (and I was real busy) but we don’t intend to abandon it by all mean.
      about a joint work, we welcome about it.
      but let’s talk about it via email.
      ([email protected])

      Sincerly yours,

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