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Well, seems Oniichanyamete has started to work again on Kenkyo kenjitsu.

Honestly, I was too busy with all kind of shit in real life to take more care of Kenkyo kenjitsu, got another acute stress reaction (got it at school) today so yeah, you can guess that I’m not able to work on it very soon and I’m also tired of having all of our projects being sniped…so I guess it’s time I drop it.

Kind of a shame to have all the novels and most of the mangas/webtoons I’ve started to translate to get sniped. Is it a maybe jinx? I dunno.

Thank you everybody for having followed us and read Kenkyo Kenjitsu, a big thank you for your patience up until now.

Will try to come back with a new project next time, probably a genre that has never been translated yet. (and will get sniped again by another group or person. O happiness)


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  1. midoriha

    -pats your back- it’s okay, it’s okay, things’ll get better. Take care of yourself!that acute stress reaction is very worrying! Hopefully the next project you have’ll be good and interesting, too! All the best!

  2. anon

    Acute stress reaction. Alright. Honestly can’t blame him for taking over something you have ignored for Lookism and other stuff. Hes retranslating from the start too so its not like people will stop reading your translations. I dont want to come off harsh but grow up.

  3. chibi

    You should take care of you health =o
    Though I think you are doing too much tempest in a glass of water; one thing is others get your project that you started and without saying anything get it (continue translating from the chapter you stopped, with is too much of rude), other thing is someone get the same project and starts from 0 (which actually would take quite a while to translate to until you are), which is actually accounted as alternative translation (which is actually quite common, specially regarding manga).
    So, don’t stress too much, do some exercise (it’s said to relieve stress), calm down and continue.

  4. franckoa

    It’s gonna be alright, working on fewer project will lighten your schedule and will lower your stress.
    Concentrate on what you want and can do with your schedule and everybody will be happy with it, you, the leachers, everybody, everybody *singing a blue’s brothers tune*…

  5. Anon

    If you really don’t want Onii-chan to take this project, he probably won’t if you ask him

    That being said, I think it’s better this way, since kenkyo and lookism will both be able to progress at the same time :3

  6. lilmos2

    thank you for all of your great work, i hope you will find another great project and have a great life
    well, there are people that doesnt really care about other people feel, just screw them

  7. M

    Have to agree that I also don’t see any sniping that happened. She started from Ch 1 again, and did not bank on any of your translated chapters to get readers. And really, while I’m thankful for your translations, what’s a shame is that this series needs more love than you have time for. But thank you again for your efforts, all of them are appreciated.

  8. tkg_es

    it mean you taste for novel very good as the other said. RL is more important. have a nice break and nice schedule for translation. you may start with smaller project but constant relase.
    BTW any one know any good english trans for LMS (light moon sculpture) from volume 29 till end. many translator drop their project for this some still translate with slow paced

  9. HydroPoop

    I started reading this when you started translating, your speed wasn’t bad, but it slowed down till you barely translated anymore. Due to the speed of the translation I had lost interest and forgot what is currently happening in the novel. It might be that you did not have time, might be you lost interest, but to have translated only 1 chapter in 4 months and complain about “sniping” of the novel is rather disappointing, more so than you dropping it.

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