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This site has been founded by KobatoChanDaiSuki, the tyrant and dictator, to reunite people to build my giant pyramid raise my ego higher work on mangas, webtoons and novels like slaves.
Yes. Like slaves.

We’ll be the last slave empire.

We are recruiting translators and/or merging with other translation groups. Join Us!






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    1. Profile photo of kobatochandaisukikobatochandaisuki Post author

      email me to [email protected] please

      thank you

      1. [email protected]

        Are u sill accepting translators

          1. KempaCaliber

            I’m actually trying to learn some Japanese specifically for translating, and if all goes well, I will be glad to help translate. Might take a bit though considering I am using online resources to teach myself…

  1. otakunyan99

    Hello! I belong to a fansub in spanish called Ame Fansub [http://amefansub.wordpress.com/] and i’m writing to you to ask if you could allow us to use your scans for Gaussian Blur
    Thank you for your time. ^^

      1. heheheheeee

        good afternoon, i was wondering if you guys would consider giving this a look and seeing if you would be able to translate it. ive asked around and those ive requested have said its to “risque” in other words perverted. ive read your new story and you dont seem to have that problem 😀 (Maou no Hajimekata)

        the previous translators dropped it so its up for grabs. heres the page:


        please let me know either way it goes, thanks

        1. Profile photo of kobatochandaisukikobatochandaisuki Post author


          First, I don’t take request
          Second, personally I only do what I’ve read and found interesting
          Third, I usually don’t take projects that were already started even if it’s dropped for personal and various other reasons. And I like to do new things.

          So I’m sorry but I won’t be able/don’t want to take your request. I hope you find other people willing to accept it 🙂



  2. sidharth S

    Hey!!!!! I really love the “i am the monarch” series .. Any chance its releases will speed up. Is there any fixed schedule for the releases..
    Thanx in advance…..

  3. lollygagger

    Hello, I recently found the manhwa series “Lookism”. However I noticed that your updates on this manhwa are relatively slow. Why is this? Will it go faster in the future, or is there some kind of timeframe between each I can expect?

    How much do donations help to speed up updates?

  4. hollymollysite

    I love most of the novels you translate and edit and all that but i’m curious. Have you droped god of crime or not? And i’m sorry for posting here but couldn’t find this part in the god of crime section.
    P.s. sorry for any mistakes in writting this lenghty posy.

  5. tanzoo7

    New design is good. It will be better if the homepage only contains small picture, book name, chapter name, release time only. Without sone of the text of chapter. That way it will look more clean.

  6. Foxy

    Hello I was wondering if Looking had any kind of schedule for updates? Also thank you for uploading the recent chapters😊


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