Okay, I’ve done one chapter of Lookism and I’m about…half done with Kenkyo.

I’m sorry about the late like always but I’m busy even during my holidays since I have to help with my family’s business. The high season is during holidays…orz. Plz save me.

Recruiting translators!! (Japanese or Korean)


17 Replies to “Advancing…”

  1. blackrose156

    As Long as you tell us beforehand if anything happens, then its okay. Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Cyead

    Hello! A lowly leecher here, asking is there a set release time for Kenyo? I found out about on oniichanyamate yesterday and I must it was really cute!!! So yeah… I’d like to know! Thanks for hard work!

  3. Minibu

    just started reading kenkyo and… it’s hilarious!!!
    again…thankyou thankyou so much for your work, I (who knows not a speck of chinese, korean or japanese) am really grateful (/*^*)/ (–*^*)– (/*^*)/ (–*^*)–

  4. kyasama

    Just wondering but if I want to help translate what level should I be in Japanese? btw I don’t think I’d be of much help because I’m barely jlpt lvl5


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