All Things Wrong – Chapter 10: Please Don’t Harm Your Underlings Like That, Boss!

“Dafuq!” All the Spirit World members exclaimed, and they all took a step back unconsciously. They all thought, ‘Luckily, I’m not party members with this guy.’


[System Notice]: As you have attacked Neidhart, friendliness level with Neidhart has increased by 20 points. You are currently seen as a friend.


“Hero, I’m really injured already…” Neidhart pointed at his wound, “Could I trouble you to…”


“Ask me to do things? Go fight the boss with me! Or else, I will slap you till you become an idiot!” Li Huailin then slapped Neidhart again.




“You’re still saying useless things. Prepare to accept my slap!” Another series of slapping sounds were heard.


One minute later, Neidhart stood in front of Li Huailin with a heroic expression. “Oh, noble hero! I owe you a great debt of gratitude! Even if I must sacrifice my life, I will help you take down Azaz!”


“What? It really worked?” A Spirit World member who was hiding far away said as he looked at Neidhart who was already slapped silly.


“What has that guy done for this NPC? Is slapping him vigorously considered as something to be thanked for?” Firehead was speechless.


“As expected of Brother Niubi!” Zhanhun at the side could only say such a sentence.


“How the f*ck did you do it?!” Ye Hang was already putting down his leader visage and using curse words already.


“By slapping of course! What else can you do?” Li Huailin said as a matter-of-factly.


“Ha..haha… Slapping, huh?” Though Ye Hang had already seen this happening before, he didn’t think that not only the Beginner Village’s NPCs, NPCs out here in the wild would submit to Li Huailin’s tyranny too.


“Come, let’s go kill the boss!” Li Huailin who was in a good mood waved his hand authoritatively and advanced forward with Neidhart who was limping behind him.


“This… This is fine, right?” Le Ling asked Ye Hang.


“No choice, let’s go and see what happens first. If we can clear the boss, then so be it. If not, then we will just give up this quest.” Ye Hang said with furrowed eyebrows.


“Okay…” Le Ling nodded her head.


With Neidhart in tow, the guys soon arrived in an oval shaped room. The room was dark, but oil lamps were lined along the walls, so you could at least see. In the middle of this oval shaped room was a black-coloured magic circle. There was a black ball on top of the magic circle, and black waves were being constantly emitted from the ball, making it look quite terrifying.


Beside the ball stood a man who was wearing a black magician robe. The black hood covered his face, making it difficult to see his expression, but his name ‘Azaz’ which was red in colour showed his identity.



Level ?? BOSS

HP: ??

Physical attack: ??

Physical defence: ??

Magic attack: ??

Magic defence: ??


“The level difference is too much, so you can’t see his stats.” Ye Hang explained to Li Huailin who was confused by Azaz’s stats.


“Oh, I see.” Li Huailin recalled that you can’t see a monster’s stats when the level difference was more than 5. This was written on the official game web page. For example, he was Level 7 now, so he can’t see the stats of monsters that were Level 13 and above.


“You’ve returned again, Neidhart. Have I not given you enough punishment?” Azaz’s voice was very hoarse, and one couldn’t tell his real age by his voice.


“Azaz! I’ve to eliminate you this time.” Neidhard raised the sword in his hand and said with a cold voice.


“To interrupt me at a critical time twice, I’m angry already. This time, I definitely won’t let you go.” Azaz then waved his hands, and the tunnel the group came from was suddenly sealed by a layer of black mist.


“Heroes, there is no retreat for us now! Defeat this guy, and we can return alive!” Neidhart raised the sword in his hands and shouted.


“Bringing newbies who haven’t even chosen a profession yet, I don’t even need to fight myself! My slaves of darkness! Go forth and kill these newbies!” Azaz waved his hands, and eleven mummies who were radiating a black glow appeared.


[Dark Mummy]

Level 10

HP: 800

Physical attack: 70

Physical defence: 35


“I will go and deal with Azaz. You guys deal with the slaves of darkness first.” Neidhart shouted, and without waiting for a reply, rushed at Azaz.


“Looks like we need to deal with eleven dark mummies at this phase.” Ye Hang said while looking at the mummies surrounding them. “Everybody, split up! These monsters aren’t very strong. We should be able to solo each of them.”


Just as Ye Hang said that, an explosion of black light appeared beside Azaz, covering the whole battlefield.


“Huh?” Li Huailin was honestly startled by this. Because he suddenly realised a ‘+50’ on top of his head. Looking at the appearance of Azaz’s skill, Li Huailin thought Azaz was unleashing a big skill. Yet… it increases Li Huailin’s HP instead?


“Damnit! It’s darkness aura! As expected of an AA-ranked quest, it’s not that simple. Everybody, quickly drink your HP pots!” Ye Hang suddenly shouted.


“Darkness aura?” Li Huailin was confused. Why are they so nervous? Isn’t this an HP adding skill? Just as he was puzzled, Li Huailin suddenly realised there was a buff in his buff column. Li Huailin quickly checked what it was.


Darkness Aura: Increases HP by 50 every 2 seconds


“I see!” Li Huailin suddenly understood what was going on. This darkness aura should have been a DoT skill, decreasing HP by 50 every 2 seconds. However, due to his character’s bug, this debuff becomes a buff for him. On the other hand, it means a buff becomes a debuff for him.


As he was thinking so, a dark mummy pounced at Li Huailin. Li Huailin subconsciously waved his sword towards the mummy. At the same time, the mummy’s attack reached Li Huailin.






“Lucky!” Li Huailin wiped off his sweat. He didn’t bring a single HP potion at all, and only had his beginner set with him. Thinking about it, he shouldn’t be able to defeat a Level 10 monster at all. Luckily, the boss was helping him. This boss was really trolling his underlings bad.


Though the Spirit World was being harmed badly by the darkness aura, they still had HP pots, increasing their HP by 20 every second. Since the darkness aura decreased HP by 50 every 2 seconds, the Spirit World members were only losing 5 HP every second. For a Level 10 character with around 500 HP, this decrease wasn’t that bad.


Spirit World’s second team had good chemistry as expected, and 10 mummies turned into black lights and disappeared after just 1 minute. The last one to kill his monster was Li Huailin. Looking at his battle log, Li Huailin heaved a sigh of relief. “Luckily, summoned monsters don’t give EXP. If not, I will directly go back to Level 6.”


Just as he relaxed, a blood-curdling scream from Neidhart was heard. The group looked back, and saw Neidhard being tied to the floor by over ten black chains. Each chain was tied to a black pillar, and the pillar was placed in all corners of the room. The boss Azaz had already returned to the middle of the room beside the black ball, and looked like he was activating a spell.


“Everybody, quickly destroy the pillars these chains tying me are tied to! Azaz is summoning the power of darkness. If we don’t stop him now, he will grow even stronger!” Neidhart couldn’t move as he was tied up, so he shouted at the players.


“It’s the second phase already. Cut the pillars!” Ye Hang immediately gave out an order.


“Will I let you save him so easily?” Azaz who was standing in the centre suddenly waved his hands, and a black magic bullet flew towards Ye Hang.




The huge damage caused everyone to jump from shock.


Ye Hang was also stupefied. His HP decreased by half just like that. However, he quickly regained his cool. “No need to fear. He probably won’t target one person only. Everybody, quickly destroy the pillars!”


As Ye Hang said, Azaz waved his hands again, and this time, the magic bullet flew towards Li Huailin instead.


“More than half of my HP is gone!” Li Huailin was scared out of his wits too. However, the darkness aura ‘buff’ was still there, so another ‘+50’ appeared on his head. “As expected, direct attacks will still decrease HP, and only buff and debuffs will be reversed.”


Quickly destroy the pillars! With such a thought, Li Huailin immediately hacked away at a black pillar nearest to him. To his surprise, he found out that the pillar had 1000 HP, and his slash only deals 51 HP to it.


“Drink Medium HP pots!” Ye Hang who was also slashing a pillar calculated the time, and immediately shouted.


The battle pace was really fast, but luckily, Spirit World knew they were going to fight a boss, so they prepared a lot of HP pots. Thus, they could somehow deal with the boss’ attack while attacking the pillars.

*crack crack*

With the fall of one pillar, Neidhart who was originally chained to the ground suddenly shouted loudly. He then tensed all the muscles in his body, and all the remaining black chains chaining him down were turned into fragments too.


“Come, Azaz!!!” Neidhart shouted at Azaz.


Suddenly, the black light around Azaz intensified, and his whole body turned ink black.


“Too late, Neidhart.”

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