All Things Wrong – Chapter 11: Please Don’t Harm Yourself Like That, Boss!

“Not good!”


Neidhart’s whole body flashed gold for awhile before he rushed and slashed at Azaz who was in the middle of the room. This slash was really filled with killing intent. However, Azaz just raised his hands suddenly and a black wave hit Neidhart’s chest. Neidhart coughed up blood like it was free, and was sent back where he came from.


“Grant me power, Emperor of Darkness!”


With another wave of his hands, Azaz shot out 11 black magic bullets. As if they had eyes, they homed in on all 11 players present in the room.









11 of such damage notification appeared causing everybody to be shocked. To think the boss had an area attack magic, of such strength too.


“I won’t let you succeed!”


The heavily injured Neidhart stood up while coughing up blood.


“Even if I can’t kill you, I won’t let your summoning succeed!”


Neidhart then made a loud battle cry and suddenly, an intense burst of golden fighting spirit enveloped his whole body.


“You are actually using that skill?!” Azaz was shocked, “Are you planning to burn your life away?!”


“For glory!”


Neidhart replied with a loud shout and rushed out once again. This time, however, his target was not Azaz. Instead, it was the black ball in front of him.




Azaz roared and used both hands to conjure a big magic bullet to try and stop Neidhart. However, he was a step too late. Neidhart’s sword had already reached the black ball, and with a ‘crack’ sound, the ball was sundered into two halves by Neidhart. At the same time, Azaz’s magic also reached Neidhart. With a groan, Neidhart flew and hit the wall nearby, spurting blood everywhere.


“No, no!!! My magic circle!!!!!”


Looking at the dissipating magic circle, Azaz roared in a tone that seemed a little like crying.


“Damnit, damnit! My hard work, four years of blood and sweat, gone!”


Azaz slowly kneeled down on the floor. The room was silent, before Azaz suddenly raised up his head again. Looking at the 11 players around him, he said, “I will kill all of you!”


His voice contained intense hate, and coldness.


“It still hasn’t ended yet?” Li Huailin was shocked by this development, before another buff appeared in his buff column again.


Shadow Susceptibility: Damage received when attacked by attack with shadow attribute decreases by 100%.


The surrounding Spirit World’s member face all changed. Because the debuff they got was…


Shadow Susceptibility: Damage received when attacked by attack with shadow attribute increases by 100%.


“Sh*t!”, Ye Hang suddenly shouted, “Group shadow arrow!”


To attest Ye Hang’s words, the boss shot 11 shadow arrows after Ye Hang shouted.









A bunch of damage that was above 500 points popped up, with a stray ‘Nullified’ among them. All the Spirit World members ended up on the floor, and disappeared as white lights.


In the whole room, only Li Huailin and Azaz were staring at each other now.


“Why… why didn’t you die?” After suppressing his doubts for a long while, Azaz asked such a question.


“Mister Boss, this is totally your own fault…” Li Huailin said helplessly. After watching the show, he also wants to exit by death already.


Azaz, shocked by this reply, raised his hands again and shot another shadow arrow at Li Huailin.




“Umm…” Li Huailin looked back at the black mist sealing the exit, “Say, Mister Boss, can we talk for a while? Since you can’t kill me anyways, why not just let me go? Sounds good?”


“I will kill you!” Azaz shot three more magic bullets, but… Nullified, Nullified, Nullified was the result.


“F*cker don’t get too cocky! I am already giving you a lot of face by condescending to negotiate with you! I will stand right here and let you kill me! Come, kill me!” Li Huailin really wanted to die and provoked Azaz with biting words.


“Life Absorption!” Azaz suddenly changed his method of attack and extended his right hand towards Li Huailin. A stream of red light then shot out from his hands towards Li Huailin.




Li Huailin looked at his buff column and found another buff.


“I… I don’t know what to say…”


Life Absorption: Increase HP by 100 every second. Duration: 20 seconds.


“Why do you have to do this to yourself… Wait…!” Li Huailin had wanted to continue mocking the boss, but suddenly found out that the boss was taking damage, evident from the ‘-100’s appearing above his head.


“Hey, hey, Mister Boss, don’t be rash! Please don’t kill yourself, there is still hope in life, yeah?” Li Huailin was really scared here. He obviously knew what was going on already. This Life Absorption should have been a debuff that deducted 100 HP from him per second. Yet, due to his bug, this buff was reversed, and it became the boss transferring 100 HP to him per second instead.


“Hahahahaha! Scared now? Cry, scream, despair!” Azaz said with a sinister smile.


“What do I have to cry for? Mister, could you please stop this skill?” Li Huailin replied speechless by the boss’ words. If this goes on, he will end up killing this Level 30 boss alone. The EXP… even dying a thousand times wasn’t enough to compensate.


“It’s useless to beg for mercy no-” Azaz wanted to show his superiority further, but suddenly coughed up blood in the middle of his speech.


“Beg, why should I beg? Oh right! I should beg for you to stop being so retarded! Please look at who is coughing blood now? I can feel my IQ points dropping already!”


20 seconds soon passed, and Life Absorption ended. Li Huailin wanted to persuade the boss to stop suiciding, but the boss didn’t wait and just used Life Absorption again.


Li Huailin sighed.


“I… Truly, even gods cannot do anything when a person is destined to die… Forget it, I accept my fate.”


At this moment, the system suddenly notified Li Huailin that someone wanted to call him. Li Huailin looked at the notice and found out the caller was Ye Hang.


“Where are you, Huailin? I didn’t see you at the respawn point.” Ye Hang asked curiously when the call got through.


“I’m still with the retarded boss. This guy is still chatting with me, and the tunnel is still sealed so I can’t even exit…”


Li Huailin replied moodily.


“Huh? What is he chatting with you about?” Ye Hang asked immediately.


“Err… something along the lines of ‘there is no use crying’, ‘begging is useless’, I really can’t do anything about him.” Li Huailin replied honestly.


“Huh?” Ye Hang was befuddled. What is he talking about?


“Oh yeah, how’s the quest?” Li Huailin could only use the ultimate skill: Changing The Topic!


“Oh, the quest’s completed already,” Ye Hang said, “Looks like this quest is a success as long as you destroy the black ball. The instant kill just now should be a ‘plot death’. I’m going to turn in the quest now. Right, thanks for your help this time.”


“Err, no need for thanks…” Li Huailin was truly moody. He had just wanted to take a relaxing walk to death and didn’t expect to find a boss who wanted death more than him.


“We are leaving the Beginner Village after turning in the quest. What about you?”


“I haven’t reached Level 10 yet, so I still need to train for awhile. You guys go ahead, don’t mind me.” Li Huailin then added in his heart, “I don’t even know which century will be the time I leave the village after killing this boss and getting my EXP deducted …”


“Okay, see you at the capital. Don’t be shy to ask for help next time, just call me.” Ye Hang said politely.




After ending the call, Li Huailin turned towards the boss once again, and got shocked by him. The reason was that in the time Li Huailin was talking with Ye Hang, Azaz was already bleeding from his seven orifices. He looked seriously terrifying now.


“Hey, Mister. How are you, still alive?” Li Huailin asked with concern.


“*cough* *cough*…” Azaz coughed up blood again. “How unexpected… for you to be so strong despite not having a profession…”


“Me,  strong? It was you self-mutilating all this while!”


“I’ve lost today. However, if I want to leave, not even you can stop me!” Azaz said while coughing up more blood(is his blood supply unlimited?).


“What?! You’re leaving?!” Li Huailin shouted almost hysterically from excitement. “Good, good! You’ve finally thought things through! Should I send you off personally? How about some travelling fees too? Do you need some?”


“I definitely won’t let you off the next time we meet!”


After threatening Li Huailin, Azaz took out a magic scroll from his robe and tore it. A flash of black light blinded Li Huailin for an instant and when he opened his eyes again, Azaz was gone.


“The Heavens hath not abandoned me yet!” Li Huailin said with tears streaking down his face.


After the boss left, the black mist which was sealed off the exit dissipated too. Li Huailin was on cloud nine now, but just as he lifted his foot and wanted to leave, an extremely soft voice called him.


“Noble hero, please wait…!” Neidhart who was drowned in his own blood on the floor stretched out his hands and said weakly.


“The hell? Why aren’t you dead yet?” Li Huailin was shocked by Neidhart’s vitality.


One look at Neidhart and you could tell he can’t make it anymore. Putting aside the fact that he was drowned in blood, even his eyes were blurring already. He was probably reaching his limit already.


“Noble hero…*cough*… you must report this matter to the king…! Right, you probably can’t meet the king… please, convey this news to my nephew, Antho-Anthony Murat. He..he is at…”


Before Neidhart could tell Li Huailin where his nephew was, his body suddenly convulsed and his eyes rolled up. He died.


[System Notice]: Accepted A-ranked main quest, [Emergency Situation]: Find Neidhart’s nephew Anthony. Hint: According to rumours, people have seen Anthony at the north of the empire. Rewards: 10000 EXP, 1 gold coin, 500 Fame.


“What? I didn’t say I will accept this quest!” Before Li Huailin could say anything, Neidhart happily went on to the afterlife leaving behind a quest that automatically entered Li Huailin’s quest log.


“Give up.”


[System Notice]: You cannot give up a main quest.


“I…” Li Huailin facepalmed, “What is this? Does this guy have to harm me even in his death? 10000 EXP, 1 gold coin… If I complete this quest, I will directly reset back to Level 1 and have no money… This is even faster than deleting and creating a new account!”

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Saquacon (PR)     


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