All Things Wrong – Chapter 12: Why Must The World Force Me?

The human race’s capital, Godblessed City. It lies in the Gondor region, in the very centre of the Minasdilis Plains. Though it was on the plains, 30 metres tall double walls and a 5 metres wide moat surrounded this city, causing this city to be known as the ‘Unbreakable City’. In the very centre of the capital, occupying one-fourth of the city’s total area, was the King’s Area. The southern part of the King’s Area is where the nobility lives. The merchants and shops were centralised in the city’s west. The remaining area belonged to the commoners, and it was the biggest area in the city.


This was <Heart of Glory>’s human capital. This capital had the feel of the Middle Ages, with all the houses were made up of red bricks and white walls.


When Li Huailin teleported to this city, he was shocked by the view that unfolded in front of him, the same going for most of the other players who first came here too. They all stood there dazed by the view, unable to recover even after a long while.


“This game is good as expected!” Time passed, and Li Huailin said this in his heart.


Seventh day of the game’s start, and approximately half of the players have left the Beginner Village already. Different from Beginner Villages that were like instance dungeons, all the players were teleported to the same capital, making Li Huailin finally realise what was the meaning of crowded.


For example, in the city’s central plaza Li Huailin was in now, due to the shopping district being not far from here, the people coming here and there could only be described as ‘streams of people’. Occasionally, you can see a soldier wearing armour patrolling this area. Lively and thriving, this was the human capital.


Li Huailin just got to Level 10 this afternoon, just after Neidhart trolled him even in his death. Though Li Huailin was quite moody after accepting such a quest, thinking about it, as long as he didn’t go complete this quest, wouldn’t it be all good? The quest only said the Neidhart’s nephew appeared in the north before, with no other clues. This means that this nephew of Neidhart’s should be very difficult to find, so as long as he didn’t go find him, Li Huailin wouldn’t get his EXP and money deducted.


After thinking things through, Li Huailin continued to level up and tossed this quest to the back of his mind. Little did he know… Anyways, though he did defeat(?) a boss, the boss didn’t actually die, and since he didn’t accept a quest, he didn’t get any EXP deducted in the end. He was still Level 7, so he quickly made use of the mine to die another 30 times and got to Level 10 with no surprises. After that, he used the portal in the Beginner Village to teleport to Godblessed City.


Li Huailin’s current character was really ‘niubi’. As he couldn’t kill monsters nor do quests, he didn’t have any source of money or equipment at all. On his body was still the beginner’s set the system gifted which will never drop. The amount of money Li Huailin had now was 18 silver and 40 copper. For comparison, even the poorest player which gets to Level 10 will have at least a full set of common equipment and 50 silver coins.


However, Li Huailin didn’t care at all. What is the use of equipment? After equipping it, his defense and HP will increase making dying and thus leveling up even slower!


“Right, have to choose a profession first!” Li Huailin suddenly realised his first order of business. His level was now capped at 10, and his EXP wouldn’t increase even if he died if he doesn’t choose a profession first. Thus, choosing a profession was of utmost importance now.


Li Huailin had wanted to be a mage, but he wasn’t that attached to this idea, nor was he really experienced with being a mage. The only reason he wanted to become one was that he saw videos of mages on the official website and thought that killing enemies with fireballs and ice spears was really cool. Due to his racial gift which deducted Intelligence by 10%, he immediately decided to become a warrior instead. (T/N: Li Huailin will be so glad he did so.)


Fearing that beginners who just teleported here wouldn’t be able to find the place to choose a profession, <Heart of Glory> very considerately placed a gigantic sign which read, “Profession Area”. Furthermore, it was placed close to the centre of the plaza, and its size made it impossible to not notice it no matter where you were in the plaza.


The first building in the Profession Area was the Warrior’s Guild. As warriors was one of the most popular professions in games, probably being the profession most players would choose among the eight available, the Warrior’s Guild’s entrance was extremely large. The entrance also had two workers to facilitate movement and prevent congestion.


The moment Li Huailin walked in the guild, he was puzzled by the scene in front of him. The hall of the guild was split into two halves, one was a reception area, the other a training ground. There were many wooden dummies on the training ground and currently, a lot of players were slashing the wooden dummies with gutso. Not only that, there was actually a queue of players waiting to slash the wooden dummies.


“Weird… The game has just started so this is a golden time for players to get ahead of the competition. Yet, these people are not training but hitting dummies here? They shouldn’t be in such a hurry to test their new skills, right?” Li Huailin muttered.


Though puzzled, Li Huailin didn’t care about what they were thinking. He proceeded to the warrior instructor to change his profession.


The warrior instructor was a tall but slightly thin middle-aged man, name, Aaron Sterd. He donned an armour with red and silver stripes, and had a ponytail on his helmetless head.


When Li Huailin got closer to the instructor, Aaron took the initiative to say,


“Newbie, I am the warrior instructor Aaron Sterd. Did you come here wanting to become a noble warrior?”


[System Notice]: Warrior instructor Aaron Sterd is offering to change your profession to Warrior. Do you accept?




With a ‘whoosh’, a beam of green light shot out from Li Huailin’s body.


[System Notice]: Profession change to Warrior successful.


Li Huailin looked at his character’s stats window and found out that his HP did not change at all. However, his physical attack rose sharply. After all, changing into a melee profession will cause the Strength stat to increase physical attack by more per point, and Li Huailin had an all-strength build…


Before choosing a profession, his physical attack was 57~73. Now, it shot up to 97~121.


“Newbie, are you interested in warrior skills?”


After Li Huailin had finished looking at his new stats, Aaron asked such a question.


“Right, I have to learn skills too.” Li Huailin only recalled now that he had only one skill called ‘Heavy Slash’ which increased damage by 50 points. Furthermore, he had never used it before until now, with the skill proficiency still being 0. However, even if he did use it, his skill proficiency will probably go into the negatives anyway.


In <Heart of Glory>, there were two categories of skills. Common skills, and rare skills. Common skills were skills taught by job instructors, and one could come back to learn new ones every 5 levels. Usually, there were 1-2 new skills available every 5 levels. Rare skills were skills learnt from skill books or taught by special NPCs. They were extremely rare and precious. Also, there was no skill limit for <Heart of Glory>. As long as you fulfilled the requirements for learning the skills, you could learn as many skills you want.


“What skills do you have?” Li Huailin obviously wanted to see the skills available.


Aaron waved his hands, and a virtual screen popped up in front of Li Huailin. On it, 4 skills that Li Huailin could learn now was displayed.


Attacking skills:



Level 1 (0/300)

Increase attack by 10 points and cause target to bleed, which makes target lose 10 HP per second. The effect cannot be stacked.

Instant cast

Cost: 10 MP

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Learning fee: 1 gold


Horizontal Slash

Level 1 (0/500)

Able to deal damage to 3 targets in front of user simultaneously. Damage will be 80% of user’s physical attack.

Instant cast

Cost: 15 MP

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Learning fee: 1 gold


Defensive skills:


Defensive Stance

No level

Upon activation, physical damage received reduced by 20%. However, movement speed will be decreased by 50%.

Instant cast

Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Learning fee: 1 gold


Shield Block

Level 1 (0/300)

Immediately raise shield and defend, reducing physical damage. Damage reduced is related to shield’s stats. A shield needs to be equipped for this skill to work.

Instant cast

Cost: 5 MP

Cooldown: 3 seconds

Learning fee: 1 gold


“What?!” Li Huailin was not shocked by the stats, but by the final line of each skill description. “Learning fee: 1 gold”. To think that learning a skill would be this expensive. 1 skill 1 gold, wouldn’t that mean 4 gold for 4 skills? Li Huailin only had 18 silver (and some copper) now!


“How many people can afford such a price?! Do you want us to become skill-less warriors?!”


Li Huailin roared at Aaron.


“Oh, I see that you do not have enough gold to learn the skills. What a poor newbie…” Aaron frowned, and disdain was written all over his face. He pointed at the training ground behind him, “On the part of you being part of the Warrior’s Guild, I will still guide you, newbie. I will teach you the trick to the skill ‘Rend’. If you practice it against the wooden dummy a thousand times, you will probably be able to learn it.”


“The hell!” Li Huailin finally understood why there were so many people queuing up to hit the dummies. It was because the game was scared that many will not be able to afford the skill and provided an alternative way to get skills; hitting dummies. However, to hit the dummy a 1000 time with Rend which has a 6 second cooldown… This means it will take at least 6000 seconds, which was 100 minutes. This task…


“Hey, poor guy, quickly go and queue up to hit the dummies already!” Li Huailin had already talked to the instructor for a long time and the players behind him were getting impatient.


“Haaa…” Li Huailin softly sighed and looked at the right hand he just raised. He then muttered, “I already didn’t want to be niubi. I had wanted to live my life out quietly in this game, but… why must the world force me… force me to be in the spotlight once again?”


The player behind Li Huailin got confused by Li Huailin’s strange behavior and asked,


“Hey, what are you talking abo-”


Before he could finish his question, a ‘pa!’ sound was heard. Li Huailin had just slapped Aaron on the face.


[System Notice]: As you have attacked Aaron Sterd, friendliness level with Aaron Sterd has increased by 20 points. You are currently seen as a friend.

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