All Things Wrong – Chapter 13: Everything Would Have Been Fine If You Were Like This From The Start

Following the ‘pa!’ sound, everybody that was initially queuing up behind Li Huailin immediately took a step back, and those who were slashing at the dummies all froze too.


“What’s happening?” A clueless player asked.


“That guy slapped the warrior instructor…” Another player replied mechanically.


“What? Then why isn’t he dead yet?”


“I feel like I’ve seen this scene somewhere before… Right! On the forum, in the post about Brother Niubi slapping NPCs in the Beginner Village! Could this guy be that Brother Niubi?”


All the players suddenly understood the situation and recalled the video they had seen in the post. They all thought that it was a fake video, but to be able to see the same thing happening firsthand now… all of the players immediately started their video recording function.


Li Huailin didn’t care if players were recording him or not. With another slap, he raised Aaron up and asked, “I want to learn skills. How much.”


“Oh? It’s you, hero! Looks like you have been training hard these days. As for learning skills, seeing that we are friends, I will give you a 20% discount!” Aaron said while smiling.


Li Huailin looked at the skill shop interface and indeed, the price for learning a skill became 80 silver coins.


The peanut gallery’s expression were all reminiscent of the cold sweat emoji. What friendship do you have with this guy? Friendship formed upon him slapping you?


“You still dare charge me so much? You really think I won’t slap you till you become an idiot?”


Li Huailin proceeded to slap Aaron again.


“How much? Tell me again.”


“On account of our friendship, I will give you a 40% discount.” Aaron reduced the price again.


“You really won’t cry until you fall into a coffin, huh?” Li Huailin said fiercely.


“Isn’t it suppose to be ‘won’t cry unless you see your coffin…?” A player at the side softly corrected Li Huailin.


“Hmm?” Li Huailin turned around and gave a domineering stare at that player. That player suddenly felt a strong surge of killing intent coming at him, causing him to immediately take a step back.


Li Huailin turned back to Aaron again and said, “You really won’t cry unless you see your coffin, huh? Looks like I have to take drastic measure nows.”


Li Huailin rotated his shoulder backwards, and exploded. Using the move Double Slap but not stopping after two slaps like a certain game, Aaron’s face had already experienced more than ten slaps already. The ‘pa pa pa!’ sounds made even the surrounding players grimace in pain.









Large strings of numbers jumped out from Aaron’s head. Due to Li Huailin’s high attack now, he could even damage NPCs that were much higher leveled than him. Aaron’s face slowly turned red, and his gums even started bleeding causing blood to seep out from his mouth.


“What did Aaron do to offend Brother Niubi so badly? So pitiful…” A female player in the crowd said empathetically, unable to stomach this cruel scene.


“Phew~” After using Double(?) Slap, Li Huailin exhaled loudly.


“Come, Brother Niubi, don’t be so angry! Getting angry is bad for your health, right?” Two players immediately ran forward to calm Li Huailin down. “We should settle things more peacefully instead!”

“Peacefully?!” Li Huailin replied angrily. He then turned to Aaron and said, “I’ve given you over 20 slaps already, so it is equivalent to owing me your life already. Am I right? Tell me yourself.”


“You’re right, noble hero! You have done so much for me that I could never repay you in this life!” Aaron who was already slapped to worship agreed with Li Huailin.


The surrounding players now had three drops of cold sweat streaming down their face. This Aaron had really been slapped silly already.


“Since I have done so much for you, you should be overwhelmed with gratitude, right? So why do you still ask for money when I want to learn skills?” Li Huailin roared at Aaron.


“Noble hero, I will never be able to repay the debt of gratitude I owe you! You won’t need to pay from now on when you come to learn skills from me. This is my way of trying to repay you. Please do accept my offer!” Aaron said with worshipping expression.


“What?! You really won’t charge money for learning skills?” Li Huailin’s expression suddenly changed.


“Yes, it will be free.”


“Ai… That’s why I said, everything would have been fine if you were like this from the start!” Li Huailin immediately put his arms over Aaron’s shoulders and learned all 4 skills from the skill shop while he was at it. It was really all free.


“Right, I have a special skill passed on in my family too. I will teach it to you.” Aaron suddenly said.


“Oh? Ancestral special skill?” Li Huailin was elated, “Teach it to me then. Let me see what it is.”


[System Notice]: Aaron Sterd wants to teach you a skill, [Fighting Spirit Burst]. Do you accept?




Fighting Spirit Burst

No level

Unleash your full potential in an instant, increasing all stats by 30% for 1 minute. After usage, user will be subjected to a weakened state, decreasing all stats by 50% for 10 minutes.

Instant cast

No cost

Cooldown: 30 minutes

“En, not bad!” Li Huailin nodded his head, “See, if you had done this from the start, everyone would have been happy. You just had to force me to take action.”


“What you have said is right, noble hero.” Aaron immediately concurred with Li Huailin.


“Okay. I’ve learnt all the skills already. I will come back to you next time.”


Li Huailin then waved his hands and proceeded to leave. However, he suddenly realised he forgot to say something.


“You are not allowed to charge me money for learning skills next time.”


“Of course!”


Aaron replied with a smile. Satisfied, Li Huailin dusted off his hands and coolly walked off, leaving behind the peanut gallery who have not reacted yet.


“The hell!” A shocked shout caused the dazed crowd to recover.


“This… this is not logical!” Another player said after thinking for a long time.


“How masochistic must one be to act like Aaron? Brother Niubi slaps him and he is overwhelmed by gratitude? Even teaching an ancestral skill too…?”


“I hereby proclaim that my brain cannot process these happenings…” A player held his head as if stricken with headache.


“I wish to write ‘I yield’ on my face…”


“I’ve finally met Brother Niubi! Now I have a thing to brag about! Right, I have to go get an autograph first!”


Ignorant of the happenings in the Warrior’s Guild, Li Huailin tested what his newly learned skills while walking. While testing, he found out a godlike skill.


“Defensive Stance, activate!”


Defensive Stance: Increases physical damage received by 20%, increases movement speed by 50%


“Yes!!!” Seeing Defensive Stance which was in the debuff column, Li Huailin couldn’t keep his calm even after a long time. Moving around to test the effects of the (de)buff, he felt that his body was as light as a feather, as if he could fly already.


“This skill is really a godly sill! Not only does it increase the damage I receive, it even allows me to run faster to my death! I was really wise to choose warrior as my profession!”


Suddenly, Li Huailin felt pride for being a warrior… (T/N: But the reason for his pride…)

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  1. knightlord

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    Fighting Spirit Burst

    No level

    Unleash your full potential in an instant, Decreasing all stats by 30% for 1 minute. After usage, user will be subjected to a weakened state, Increasing all stats by 50% for 10 minutes.

    Instant cast

    No cost

    Cooldown: 30 minutes

    Increasing all stats by 50% for 10 minutes.!!! o.o

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