All Things Wrong – Chapter 14: The Start Of Courting Death

“Though I can run faster now, I still have to find a suitable training (suiciding) place.”


Li Huailin started to seriously think about how to end his life. After all, he had just reached the human capital and didn’t know the area well. Ideally, there was an area similar to the mine in the Beginner Village; close with strong monsters.


“Looks like I have to gather some information first… Where do I start…?” Li Huailin thought silently for a while, before a light bulb appeared on his head.


“I’m really stupid! I can just browse through the forums for such information!”


Just as he was about to log off, the conversation of two nearby people caused Li Huailin to halt.


“That damned girl, not only did she cause me to die once, I even got a stat reducing curse which lasts for seven days! How the hell do I train now?” A player said with a vicious face.


“Haha! You’re the one who couldn’t control yourself and went to grope her. Isn’t that asking for lightning to strike you?” A player beside said in schadenfreude.


“All I did was grope her, what’s wrong with that!”




Li Huailin didn’t care about the morally wrong conversation that ensued. A flash of lightning struck passed through his heart, like the scene in Detective C*nan whenever C*nan has a revelation.


“How could I forget this?!” Li Huailin immediately logged off and checked the official game website. Easily, he found the content he was looking for, and it was written very clearly and explicitly on the website.


System to prevent sexual harassment: When a female player experiences sexual harassment, she will receive a notification which will ask whether she wants to use the system’s ‘Heavenly Thunder Punishment’. The player who sexually harassed the female player will get striked by lightning when the female player uses the ‘Heavenly Thunder Punishment’, causing the player to die instantly, while getting a seven day debuff which lowers all stats. This debuff will not disappear even after death. Dear players, please have common sense and courtesy while playing the game and create a clean and safe game environment together.


“Instant death!” Seeing these words, Li Huailin excitedly shook his arms. “This is what I have dreamed of!”


The crazily exhilarated Li Huailin immediately went back online to find a girl to tease.


“Girls, where are all the girls~” Li Huailin looked left and right, and just as he was about to tease a random girl, suddenly realised!


“Wait, if I’m going to tease girls anyways, why not find some that are more pleasing to the eyes? If I randomly tease even ugly girls, won’t people think my taste of girls is weird?”


With this consideration, Li Huailin started to look not for girls, but beautiful girls.


“Wait! I can’t be too hasty too!” Li Huailin thought about another thing again. “What if I tease that girl and unexpectedly, that girl is an easy girl? Then, not only does she not kill me, she clings onto me instead? Whew! Luckily, I am smart and thought things through so thoroughly!”


Narrowing his search even more, Li Huailin finally found a beautiful girl which fit into Li Huailin’s search category. Extremely beautiful, awarded above 90 points by Li Huailin despite his picky taste. She had a good body that was perfectly curved, shoulder-length hair and an aura which classical beauties had.


There was two reasons why Li Huailin specifically chose her. First of all, she was alone. Secondly, she seemed very cold, definitely the cool beauty type who was as cold as Antarctica! Without a doubt, she will bring down the thunder of punishment if Li Huailin were to tease (molest) her!


“I choose you!” Li Huailin snapped his fingers and walked over to the ice-cold beauty.


“Wait, beautiful girl,” Li Huailin extended his hands and stopped the girl. He then put on an indecent expression and said, “Can I discuss some things with you?”


The cool beauty glanced at Li Huailin, and was befuddled. This was because people who wanted to hit on her were aplenty, but most of them wore top-class equipment all over, one step away from wearing gold coins on their face to hit on her. So, what was the deal with this guy who was only in his beginner set? Though perplexed, she still made a cold face and said, “Begone!”


“Let’s just talk for awhile~” Li Huailin said in a very friendly manner.


“What do you want?” The cool beauty was getting impatient already.


“Err, can you help me by lending me your chest to touch?” Li Huailin said with a gentlemanly smile.




The cool beauty was so angry to the point she started smiling, a Hanya mask vaguely visible behind her. She who had ample experience getting hit on had never seen been hit on like this before. Though every guy who wanted to hit on her all had this as their end goal, they still put on a noble facade to try to impress her. Never had she seen such a direct person. However, she obviously won’t have any thoughts about Li Huailin just because of this.


“Okay then! If you’re not afraid to die, then come and touch it!” The cool beauty who had already delivered divine punishment to many players didn’t care about having to deal with one more.


“Oh, okay!” Li Huailin, happy beyond words, reached out for the beauty’s chest.


Just as he was about to reach her chest, Li Huailin suddenly felt resistance. Then, the sky turned black, and a huge flash of lightning appeared, striking Li Huailin on the head.


With a ‘boom!’, Li Huailin exploded into a stream of white light, and he appeared at the respawn point.


[System Notice]: As you have violated the game’s rules and sexually harassed a player of the opposite sex, you have been struck by ‘Heavenly Thunder Punishment’. You have received the curse ‘Shameless Pervert’.


[Battle Log]: You have died. Gained 1260 EXP.


“I’m really too f*cking smart!” Li Huailin said excitedly. “Without even leaving the capital, I can level up!”


Li Huailin then excitedly started to scan for his next target. In the end, he saw the cool beauty walking here again after waiting for a while.


“Why is it her again?… Well, it’s okay, I guess…” Li Huailin thought about it, and decided to walk over.


“Hey, beautiful girl.” Li Huailin stopped the cool beauty once again with an indecent expression. “Can I trouble your chest and touch it for a while again?”


“You again?” The cool beauty was first startled, before she got livid. “What ‘trouble your chest’? Are you asking me or my chest?!”


“Is there a difference?” Li Huailin said with a confused expression.


“You…!” The cool beauty frowned. “Touch it if you want to die.”


How did you know that I wanted to die?! Li Huailin almost exclaimed. However, he still held it back in, thinking, “Levelling is more important, why talk so much?” Thus, he reached out for the girl’s chest again.


Boom! Another flash of lightning struck. The surrounding players shook their head. Yet another player who didn’t learn their lesson.


[Battle Log]: You have died. Gained 1260 EXP.


“Good, let’s quicken the pace.”


As the cool beauty was close to the respawn point, the revived Li Huailin took big strides towards the cool beauty and stopped her again.


“Hey, beautiful girl, can I touch…”


“Touch!” The beauty anger could probably cause global warming already, and roared before Li Huailin could finish his sentence.






[Battle Log]: You have died. Gained 1260 EXP.


The revived Li Huailin rushed to the front of the beauty once again: “Beautiful girl, don’t go! Lend me…”




This time, the beauty didn’t even bother replying and blast Li Huailin to oblivion again.


[Battle Log]: You have died. Gained 1260 EXP.
















After getting struck seven times, the surrounding players finally realised something was wrong. Though players who were struck due to sexually harassing people were numerous, they didn’t occur so frequently, like now. Once after not even 30 seconds, and in the same location to boot!


A crowd slowly formed, and they discovered a male player wearing beginner’s armour single-mindedly rushing to try and stop a beauty. (Actually, Li Huailin was not even trying to stop the beauty anymore. To die faster, Li Huailin reached out for the beauty’s chest while rushing towards her, creating the illusion of Li Huailin trying to stop her.)


However, the beauty unforgivingly meted out divine punishment upon the guy again and again. Yet, the guy didn’t give up no matter what, and rushed towards the beauty from the respawn point unflinchingly.


“What a desolate and beautiful love story…” A player with an absurdly strong imagination solemnly said.


“Doesn’t this idiot know that he will get a curse if he does this? Retard.” A player at the side commented snidely with a cold smile.


Regardless of what the crowd said, Li Huailin was already immersed in the euphoric experience of leveling up. In just a few minutes, he was already on the verge of leveling.




[Battle Log]: You have died. Gained 1260 EXP.


[System Notice]: You have leveled up to Level 11.


“Yes!” Li Huailin shouted while rushing to the beauty again.




As the sounds of thunder got more and more concentrated, the surrounding crowd slowly got touched by this ‘youth who was willing to die just to call back his girlfriend’.


Seeing Li Huailin who was once again rushing towards the beauty from the respawn point, a player suddenly shouted, “Keep going, young man! We are behind you!”


These words were like the keys to a flood gate, and not long after, other players also started shouting, “Keep going!”, “Keep going!”


Keep going!


These cheers started unifying, and soon, only the thunderous cheers of ‘keep going!’ could be heard near the respawn point.


The completely clueless Li Huailin was indeed puzzled by these people cheering him on, but he ignored them and cared only about leveling.




Keep going!




Keep going!


Eventually, every ‘boom!’ was echoed by tens of thousands of ‘keep going!’. Many didn’t know what was going on, but hearing so many people shouting, decided to shout together.


Li Huailin didn’t even know how many times he had died, but he was already close to Level 12. Spending only 10 minutes to get to this stage, is this the leveling speed of a human? Rushing once again to the cool beauty, Li Huailin used the same move he had always used, ‘Chest-groping Dragon Claws’!




The expected ‘boom!’ didn’t come, startling Li Huailin who felt something soft in his hands.


“Huh?” Li Huailin unconsciously squeezed his right hand, and felt something very soft and nice.


“Have you touched enough…?” An ice cold voice that could reverse the effects of global warming entered Li Huailin’s ears.

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