All Things Wrong – Chapter 15: Carrying out Plan B

Li Huailin lifted his head – his right hand still tightly grabbing the cool beauty’s left breast – and found the beauty looking at him, infuriation on her face. However, Li Huailin also discovered a tinge of red due to shyness. (T/L: No shit, Sherlock.)


“Err…” Li Huailin who was glared at retracted his hand in embarrassment. “Why didn’t you kill me?”


“Are you that interested in my chest?” The cool beauty said angrily while crossing her arms over her chest to block Li Huailin’s vision.


“Err… how should I explain myself…?” Li Huailin really was at a loss on how to explain this situation to her. Tell her honestly ‘I’m actually not interested in your chest, I just want you to kill me!’? That was even more nonsensical, and perverted in another sense, than him trying to grope her chest.


On the other hand, the crowd also realised that Li Huailin’s hand had managed to touch the girl’s chest, which meant that the girl had consented to this contact.


“That kid actually succeeded!” An player uncle shouted.


“I finally understand the old saying: ‘Nothing is impossible, if you are determined enough to do it’…” Another player said, enlightened to one of the truths of the world.


“I’m starting to believe in love again…”


“Kiss her!”


Such a shout was suddenly heard from one of the players. This created a ripple effect, and soon, the ‘Keep going!’ chant of tens of thousands of people turned into the ‘Kiss her!’ incitement.


“It seems like I’ve done something incredible without noticing it…?” Li Huailin who was still clueless about the crowd’s response could only turn back to the cool beauty in front of him.


“Hey, beauty…”


“What do you want?” The cool beauty who saw Li Huailin taking one step towards her immediately got nervous. “Letting you touch once was because the spirit of Saint Mary suddenly took me over. Don’t be too much!”


“Huh? What I wanted to ask is…” Seeing her misunderstand, Li Huailin reached out for her in a panic.


“Aaaah!” The cool beauty shrieked, and with a white flash, logged off…


“Huh? Huh? Huuuuuh?” Li Huailin who was startled by her action suddenly noticed the massive crowd him that was stunned too. It’s going to be troublesome if they catch me. Thinking that, Li Huailin took advantage of this golden opportunity to log off before they could recover.


After taking off his game device, Li Huailin wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. “I feel like I just got myself into great trouble…”


Not willing to go online now knowing that tens of thousands of people were waiting to question him, Li Huailin decided to browse the forum before sleeping.


When he opened the forum page to do his daily forum browsing…


Top post: Brother Niubi breaks out of Beginner Village, warrior instructor first to face his wrath.


Li Huailin then saw a video of him slapping the warrior instructor Aaron Sterd at a crazy rate while holding him.


Post author: Me and my friends are all stunned silly.


Comment 1: Me and my friends are all stunned silly. People below, please notice the format.


Comment 2: Me and my friends are all stunned silly.






Refreshing the web page again, another post replaced the top post position.


Top post: Tens of thousands witnessed history’s most romantic love story


Post author: At around 9pm, in the central city plaza of Godblessed City. A man, to pacify his girlfriend who was angry at him, got struck by the system’s Heavenly Thunder Punishment over twenty times. All this, just to be able to caress his girlfriend’s face once more… In the end, he earned the forgiveness of his girlfriend, and they both logged off together. What happened afterwards, there is no need for me to say ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I only want to say one thing: You can still believe in love.


The video in the post was actually an edited one, and not only did it film the majestic scene of tens of thousand of people cheering Li Huailin on together, it also showed the scene of Li Huailin dying and ‘setting off on his mission’ repeatedly. Combined with the sad and beautiful BGM, even Li Huailin himself got touched by this video. And he knew what was the true reason for these supposedly noble death!


Comment 1: I just want to say that I’m extremely touched.


Comment 2: I will definitely get my boyfriend to propose to me like that in the future.


Comment 3: Please tell me the name of the man in the video.


Comment 4: Please give me the man in the video.




Comment 664: Am I the only one who thinks that the man in the video is very similar to Brother Niubi who slapped the warrior instructor?




Comment 790: Please tell me the name of the woman in the video. I’m also willing to get struck by lightning for her.






“Damnit, who was the bastard who created this rumour! What nonsense!” After reading the post, Li Huailin could wish for nothing more than choke the post author to death. What romance, what love? It was nothing like that at all! He didn’t even know the cool beauty’s ingame name! Yet this author said that they are a couple, and even implied that they logged off to do ‘that’?


“How the hell am I going to face the girls whose chest I am going to grope (who are going to send me to death)?!” Even Li Huailin was not shameless enough to carry out another one of this antic after such an incident.


Scratching his head in frustration, he continued to browse through the posts, and soon, one caught his attention.


Post title: Big news! Big news! The goddess being pursued in the top post is my cousin!


Post author: I am the guild Scarlet Lady’s Army’s guild member, ScarletDrink. The goddess in the top post is my cousin ScarletRain, and she and that man are not in a relationship. It’s that man who wants to pursue my cousin. My cousin says she is extremely satisfied with his performance, but I can guarantee they didn’t go offline to do ‘that’!


Comment 1: Don’t cook up stories.


Comment 2: You’re lying, author! She is my cousin!


Comment 3: Post author here, what I’ve said is all true.


Comment 4: I still believe in the top post’s story.




“ScarletRain?” Li Huailin believed in this post’s author. This was because only he himself knew that he really didn’t know the cool beauty, so this post author wasn’t lying. “Scarlet Lady’s Army? Don’t tell me every member’s name starts with a ‘Scarlet’…”


Silently remembering these names, Li Huailin continued to browse the forum, and one suddenly caused his body to shake with excitement.


Post title: How dare you kill me ‘LeavingTraces’! If you have the guts, come to XXX coordinates to duel me tomorrow! Or else, I will kill you till you become Level 0!


Post author: Come if you dare! I will duel you one-on-one!


Comment 1: Are you an idiot? Only a retard will go.


Comment 2: I’m the post author. Commenter 1, who did you call an idiot? Do you believe that I will kill you till you return to the Beginner’s Village too?


Comment 3: Come bite me if you can!




“I’m so stupid! Why did I come up with the stupid idea of teasing girls?” Li Huailin suddenly had an epiphany. “I just have to find someone to kill me, right? Why did I go and do such a troublesome thing?”


Li Huailin quickly went on to the official game website and checked the information about PKing. However, he realised that there was not much information about PKing, only a notice asking players not to PK players in the same alliance, and that such a PKer will be punished by the system.


Li Huailin then went on to the forums instead, and after searching with ‘PK’ as the keyword, indeed found an information guide to the PK system.


PK was divided between those within the same alliance and those between different alliances. In the same alliance, the the person who attacks first will have his name turned grey, which lasts for 30 minutes. During this time, if the grey-named is killed by the attacked’s retaliation, the grey-named will have a 100% chance of dropping one of his equipment, and lost 20% of his current level’s EXP. Furthermore, the retaliator won’t get his name turned red.


If the aggressor manages to kill his target, the target will only have a 50% chance of dropping an equipment and lose 10% EXP, while the aggressor will gain one Infamy point. When Infamy exceeds 5 points, the player cannot enter any cities, or they will get arrested by the guards and be imprisoned. When Infamy exceeds 10 points, the capital will place a bounty on his head, and any player who kills this player will get some EXP and money.


“Okay! I know now!” After reading the post, Li Huailin fist-pumped. “I will proceed with Plan B tomorrow! Find someone to PK, then get killed by him! Being able to get 20% EXP after dying if I’m the aggressor, what a life! This EXP is definitely more than teasing girls, and much safer too! Yes, this is it!”


Unaware of the unreasonable things that will happen tomorrow, Li Huailin happily went to sleep with a face full of excitement. Yup, ignorance is bliss sometimes…

Saquacon (Translator)

Saquacon (PR)     


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  1. Angel

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    thx for the chapter ^^

  2. tsukii

    Hey, its mentioned that the buff lasts a week… He gonna cry taht people unable to kill him due being to “niubi”… And some how, due reversed system of his, he would gain “fame” instead of “infamy” when he kill… Thus making any player tried to kill him hunted by NPC instead…. Uwah… He so gonna cry

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