All Things Wrong – Chapter 16: This is completely different from the plan!

Li Huailin who got more and more excited at the prospects of his plan nearly couldn’t sleep at all. On the morning of the next day, the eager Li Huailin only ate a little for breakfast before rushing online.

He found himself in the same plaza he was in when he logged off, and since Li Huailin had already finished thinking up the plan last night before sleeping, he immediately headed to the capital’s north gate.


As Godblessed City lay on a flat plain, there were four gates in total, the North, South, East, West Gates. Li Huailin had already checked yesterday that the area within the capital was a safe zone where PK was not allowed, so he could only fight outside the city. As for why the North Gate, it was because it was the closest to the respawn point, making it convenient for him to get there.


Due to it still being early in the morning, there weren’t many players online now. The training area near the North Gate wasn’t that good either, so Li Huailin couldn’t see much people near the entrance. Thinking about where to camp, he decided that the bridge across the moat in front of the North Gate is ideal. This area wasn’t a safe zone, and a player will have to pass through this bridge no matter what if he want to leave from the North Gate. Perfect for Li Huailin’s plans.


“Everything is prepared now… all that’s left is…” Li Huailin help up the broken sword in his hands, “…people.”


Soon, the first target appeared. Not far away, two guys with average looks could be seen approaching. One of them had the look of a warrior, with a long sword on his back and a shield in his hands. Some of his equipments had a green glow, showing that it was uncommon, so he could be considered to be quite rich. The other wore a long cloth robe, and had a wooden staff on his back. Due to having such generic equipment, Li Huailin couldn’t decide whether he was a wizard, cleric, or shaman.


“Stop!” Li Huailin shouted loudly before jumping out from the shrubs he was hiding in. “This road was paved by me, these grass grown by me! If you want to pass through here, leave behind the road fees!”


“Huh?” The two players were at first startled, before they both started laughing together.


“Are you an idiot, robbing people even in a game? And your threats are also so old-fashioned too! Are you trying to rob our money? Cause all you’ve done is rob my breath by making me laugh so hard.”


The warrior said, still laughing.


“Also, if you want to rob, at least act more professionally! How do you expect to scare someone while wearing only the beginner’s set? Are you trying to provoke us to kill you so that our names will turn red, then ask your friends to ambush us and make us drop our equipments and go to jail? We aren’t that stupid!”


The wizard-looking guy deduced a plan that didn’t even exist on his own, and it seems that he was very confident in his deduction as he was nodding his head in self-satisfaction.


“What?! There was such a plan too? Why didn’t I think about it?” Li Huailin struck the palm of his hand with a fist. “But… it doesn’t concern me at all. I came here to die anyways. Forget it, I will just attack them directly. That way, they can kill me without breaking the rules, why talk so much?”


“If you don’t give me the money, I will kill you!” Li Huailin then proceeded to rush at the wizard with his Beginner’s Broken Sword, and stabbed the wizard in the chest. Li Huailin who got too into the act even said, “Why talk so much, huh? Do you think you are hot stuff?”


-890 (Critical)


A huge blood red number appeared over the wizard’s head and before the wizard could say his last words, he fell to the ground with a ‘plop’…


[System Notice]: You have killed player ‘GluttinousBread’. Infamy -1




Not only the warrior, even Li Huailin didn’t anticipate this outcome. What the warrior didn’t anticipate was the fact that player wearing the beginner’s set could kill his friend in a single hit, with a close to 900 critical to boot! What was with this damage?! What Li Huailin didn’t anticipate was… “When did I become so niubi?!”


Li Huailin quickly checked his character page.


Name: Forest


Profession: Warrior


Secondary profession: Mining


Level: 12


EXP: 12800/16000




HP: 2200/2200


MP: 2200/2200


Physical attack: 418~495


Physical defence: 44~61


Magic attack: 34~41


Magic defence: 52~57


Strength: 319


Agility: 117


Constitution: 110


Intelligence: 117


Mind: 110


Luck: 5


Fame: 1200


Free stat points: 0


“The hell, which freak’s stat page replaced my own?!” Li Huailin was stunned, completely clueless about why this is happening. All he did was sleep for a night and his character’s stats increased by a few hundred percent? However, Li Huailin quickly found the answer to this mystery. In his buff column, there were twenty over buffs with the same picture.


Shameless Pervert: Curse for breaking the game’s rule and sexually harassing a player of the opposite sex. All stats +10% for 7 days. This curse cannot be cancelled.


Li Huailin counted the number of such pictures and came up with 28… which means his stats were increased by 280% now. He was already an all strength build, so now, his power level was over 9000!… just kidding. But, his attack power was indeed off the charts, at more than 400. So with a critical, a 890 damage was possible. Since a wizard didn’t have much health in the first place, obviously he would die from such a strong hit.


“This… the f*ck is with this situation!” Li Huailin soon had a headache. If a normal person was to encounter such a situation, that person would probably die from happiness. A 280% all stats buff for 7 days. Within this 7 days, that person would literally be like a god, and even boss at the same level would just be like a black slime back at the Beginner’s Village. The problem is… Li Huailin can’t level up from killing mobs and bosses! Even if his 40~60 physical defence was reduced by half with his Defensive Stance skill, he still had 2200 flipping HP! How is he to die now?!


Just as he was getting depressed, the shocked warrior finally recovered, and ran away without even thinking about it. His target: the safe zone of the capital, away from this freak of a player!


“Right, you were here too!” Li Huailin thought of another plan. Though the wizard was already sent to the respawn point by him, the warrior was still here! Since Li Huailin had attacked the party member of the warrior, the party has 30 minute to retaliate. Though his stats were perverted, there would be no problems if he just stood there and let the warrior cut him! Let’s just hope that I’m not as perverted as Kirito yet…


With such a passing thought, Li Huailin rushed after the warrior. With the 50% movement boost from his godlike skill Defensive Stance, Li Huailin caught up with the warrior in no time, and stopped him from the front.


“Don’t go first!” Li Huailin said hurriedly.


“Big Brother, I recalled already! You must be Brother Niubi, right?”


The warrior had already thought that Li Huailin looked quite familiar at first glance, but didn’t think much about it. Now that he did, wasn’t this guy the same guy who was shown to be beating up NPCs in the forum, Brother Niubi?


The warrior had thought that Brother Niubi was a legend only, and even if he was strong, it was only to a certain extent. He didn’t think that the first time he meets Brother Niubi in person will be the time when he is so overawed by his strength to the point he wants to kneel now. For players at his level, all it would take is a slash from Brother Niubi! How could he dare to offend such a person? Thus, he started begging fervently.


“Brother Niubi, please forgive me for not being able to see Mount Tai! Please, don’t kill me…”


“No, I didn’t mean to…” Li Huailin awkwardly scratched his head. He really didn’t want to kill people! “What I want to say is, you are that wizard guy’s party member, right? Don’t you want to avenge him?”


“I would never dare to think about that! I witnessed the whole process just now already! For my friend to get robbed by Brother Niubi is the result of him doing good deeds for his past eight lives! Yet, he didn’t let you rob him with gratitude?! How foolish of him! His death was a given!” The warrior had seen Li Huailin’s videos before, and thinking he knew Li Huailin’s personality already, said things he thought Li Huailin would like.


“Why is it given?!” Li Huailin pulled the warrior and said viciously, “I will give you your final chance. Will you avenge him or not!”


“Brother Niubi, I have parents and children to feed, and my family depends on my gaming… My EXP only increased by 23% after a whole night of grinding, so please, don’t kill me!”


After saying a sobbing backstory, the warrior took out 5 silver coins and placed it on the ground.


“This is all my assets, please, spare me…”


“I-I…” Li Huailin didn’t think even in his wildest dreams that his robbery attempt would be successful, so he didn’t know how to react now.  


“Thank you, thank you! My deepest gratitudes to Brother Niubi for sparing me! When I go back, I will always remember this experience fondly, and will never plan for a revenge. My friend will do so too! I guarantee it!” Seeing Li Huailin’s conflicted expression, the warrior thought that Li Huailin was contemplating on whether to kill him or not, so he quickly tried to show his sincerity to completely sway Li Huailin towards the decision to not kill him.




Seeing that Li Huailin didn’t respond, the warrior quickly moved past Li Huailin and ran back to the city with a speed that brought up dust clouds, disappearing in the horizon in the blink of an eye.


“This… is completely different from my plan!”


Li Huailin facepalmed. However, he quickly made up his mind.


“There is no way that every single player in the human capital dare not kill me! So, I will continue to rob!”


While setting up a flag for himself, Li Huailin went back to the bush he jumped out from last time…

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Saquacon (PR)     


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    1. Darkos

      Then they’ll go like: it’s truly an honor to be stabbed by you, you’re really the champion of azura! the chosen of thalos! the incarnation of sheogorath! the nerevarine, the agent and the last Dragonborn together ~spurt~ dies…

      then a guard will run to you and said: stop! this is as far as you go! without me giving you a fitting reward! you’re truly heroic citizen! your bravery has touched me to tears, please, accept the legendary sword passed down in secret by the town guards! the Goldbrand!!

  1. Linklight2

    Why doesn’t the guy attempt to be ‘nice’ to ultra strong npcs? He could use his improved stats to run to an advanced area, and get himself killed there.

  2. Pein

    Honestly, I think admins/ moderators should know about him, but they just want to have fun by watching how far he can go.
    But why hasn’t he already thought about setting his spawn point in another race’s capital and getting killed by them ? They wouldn’t have heard of “Brother Niubi” that much.

    1. Seregosa

      Well, he’s actually doing more good than bad, his adventures are really interesting and a lot of people clearly pay attention to him and loves his actions. It spices the game up and doesn’t really hurt anyone… much.

      “This… the f*ck is with this situation!” Li Huailin soon had a headache. If a normal person was to encounter such a situation, that person would probably die from happiness. A 280% all stats buff for 7 days. Within this 7 days, that person would literally be like a god, and even boss at the same level would just be like a black slime back at the Beginner’s Village.

      Tell me about it, back when I played WoW in wrath of the lich king, I played on the horde side on a pvp server called ”silvermoon”. There was about 95% alliance and 5% horde on that server.

      When going to wintergrasp, a pvp place in the middle of the continent, we were severely outnumbered. Usually there was 1-10 players on horde and around 200(or 100, can’t remember the exact cap) on the alliance side. However, the team that is severely outnumbered will get a buff that will just keep on stacking the more outnumbered you were. It had similar effects, increasing HP, Healing received(like health regen) and damage by several hundred percent.

      We were like f*cking bosses in there, mowing down huge groups like there was no tomorrow. Especially when playing on my warrior, I had some crazy defense and regen spells, like getting healed from being stunned. Mowed down countless people, was like a f*cking armored tank just running people over 😛 Ah, some of my best memories from that game before it turned to crap.

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