All Things Wrong – Chapter 17: Is even the world against me leveling up…?

Godblessed City Northern Gate. Time: afternoon. A Level 13 player just walked past the city gate, planning to grind some EXP and money from the monsters on the plains. Though the monsters here were stronger, there were not many people here, and that suited this player’s needs as he wasn’t used to snatching mobs from people. This was his usual training spot.


With a ‘rustle’, a wild poke-… Li Huailin has appeared! This was Li Huailin’s second time jumping out from this bush, and after intercepting the player, shouted, “This road was paved by me, these grass grown by me! If you want to pass through here, leave behind the road fees!”


“A robbery?” The player was a forty-odd man, and laughed candidly, “You’re learning how to rob at such a young age, kid? If you have so much time, why not kill some monsters? Though it’s much lesser, at least the money was earned through proper means. That’s way better than the money acquired from robbery, right?”


“I like robbing people, what of it?”


Li Huailin then realised this excuse was really shitty. Like robbing? People will think he is crazy! He quickly added, “I urgently need money, so quickly give me your money if you know what’s good for you!”


The player was shocked by Li Huailin’s words. He then sized up Li Huailin, and saw that he was wearing the ‘legendary’ beginner’s set. Upon seeing this, the player suddenly thought of something, and nodded his head in understanding.


“Indeed, everyone is working hard for a living, and we will all experience some tough times…”


The player then took out 20 silver coins and said, “How about this? I don’t have much money on me, so I will give you these coins instead. Though it is not much.”


“Huh?” Li Huailin stared at the player with slacked jaw.


“Though I don’t know what dire straits you are in now, committing crimes is never the correct way to get out of difficulty!” The player pat Li Huailin’s shoulders with a sincere and heartfelt expression on his face, “Kid, the road ahead is still long… I hope that you can find the correct path…”


“I…” Li Huailin was on the verge of being driven crazy by this good samaritan!


“Okay, I need to go and train now. Farewell.” The player pat Li Huailin’s shoulders once again, and walked off to train. If this was an anime, a gust of wind will definitely blow by right now…


Looking at the player’s receding figure, Li Huailin was not so inhumane as to go up and kill him now. Looking at the coins in his hands, Li Huailin didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.


“Could it be that I have a talent for robbery…?”


Just as he was contemplating on the reason for his failure, the sound of footsteps could be heard behind him. Li Huailin didn’t even bother checking who was there and immediately turned around while shouting, “This is a robbery! Guys on the left, girls on the right, lay down on your belly now!”




A cute shriek was heard. It was a female player who came. Li Huailin was slightly stunned by this player, as she really was very pretty. She was very young, at about 15~16 years old. She looked pretty, refined, and most importantly, cute! One would have the urge to pet her head just by looking at her.


“Ah! Brother-in-law!” Before Li Huailin could continue his coercion, the young lady shouted such a shocking thing loudly.


“Brother-in-law?” Li Huailin was dazed, “Young lady, I haven’t even married yet. You must have gotten the wrong person.”


“Oh, you haven’t met me yet brother-in-law! My name is ScarletDrink, ScarletRain’s younger cousin!” ScarletDrink said with a smile.


Li Huailin immediately recalled the ‘Big news!’ post he saw last night. Though he indeed memorised the names of the people inside, he didn’t think he would really meet the post author, and so soon too!


“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t randomly call people brother-in-law! You should know that I have no relation with your cousin, right? Calling me brother-in-law is too much!” Li Huailin immediately tried to rectify the way this lady was calling him.


“You’re right, I obviously know that you just met my cousin yesterday. However, you were also seduced by my cousin’s beautiful looks that could topple countries, right? If not, why did you chase her so fervently? Hmph hmph! Don’t think I can’t tell!” ScarletDrink had the ‘I’ve already seen through you, so stop acting!’ expression, complemented by a mischievous smile.


“Who the hell was seduced?!” Li Huailin was being falsely accused, and this false accusation could really bring him trouble if not settled properly!


“Rest easy, brother-in-law! I’ve already helped to gather some information for you! You are the one with the highest hope of earning my cousin’s heart out of the tens of thousands of suitors she has!” ScarletDrink ignored Li Huailin entirely, and started rambling on by herself, “My cousin agreed to let you touch her chest yesterday, and that is the most conclusive evidence of your advantage! She has never let anyone touch her body, not even in the game. You are the only man who I have ever seen touch her chest! How was it, my cousin’s chest? Was it nice and big?”


“Yup… they indeed are…” Li Huailin replied unconsciously and nodded his head in agreement, but quickly realised something was wrong! “Who cares if it is nice and big?! Could I trouble you to tell your cousin that I really don’t plan on wooing her?”


“Okay, understood!” ScarletDrink suddenly hammered her palm with a clenched fist. “I’ve seen this technique before on a book! Act cold to attract her attention, one of the high level strategies used by males to woo females! As expected of brother-in-law! Confessing in front of tens of thousands yesterday and using such a high level wooing strategy now, you are indeed the brother-in-law that I’ve given my seal of approval to!”


“What type of unhealthy books are you reading at such a young age?! Can you think about things using more common sense!” Li Huailin couldn’t help but retort.


“Ah! Don’t get agitated, brother-in-law! I am standing on your side!” ScarletDrink looked at Li Huailin anxiously, and tried to explain herself, “I am not against you wooing my cousin at all! Also, I won’t tell her that you are just trying to attract her attention either! Rest assured, brother-in-law! I will help you on your love conquest!”




“Are you speechless because you are too touched, brother-in-law?”


“I… want to cry…” Li Huailin held his face.


“Brother-in-law, you don’t need to cry due to gratitude! Though I will help, it will only be to the extent of providing you with data on my cousin, and her current movements! You still have to work hard to win her heart! My cousin really have a lot of suitors!”


A kind-hearted advice from the love guru, ScarletDrink!


Li Huailin: “……”


“Brother-in-law, I’m treating you so well, so shouldn’t you do something to repay me?” After giving unwanted love advice, ScarletDrink looked at Li Huailin with a face filled with expectations.


“Fine, tell me what you want.” Li Huailin wanted to quickly chase this girl away. He was scared that he will really go crazy if he continued interacting with her!


“Do you have any good Cleric equipments, good Cleric skill books, or something along this line, brother-in-law?” ScarletDrink was a cleric, so she naturally asked for such things.


“Why the hell will I have these things? Look at what I’m wearing, do I look rich?” Li Huailin showed off his beginner’s set, “If I really had money, do you think I will engage in robbery here?”


“Robbery? You really are robbing people, brother-in-law?” ScarletDrink was slightly shocked. Though she did hear Li Huailin saying that he wanted to rob her, she thought that he was only joking. To think that it was true…


“Yes! See, poor me can only resort to robbery now, so what can I give you?” Li Huailin shurgged his shoulders. “I’m still busy robbing people, so go and train on your own. Goodb-”


“Robbing people seems fun!” Li Huailin didn’t even get to finish his sentence before ScarletDrink interjected. With sparkling eyes, ScarletDrink said to Li Huailin, “I’ve never robbed anyone before in my life! Brother-in-law, please bring me to go rob some people!”


“I…” Li Huailin wanted to slap himself so hard for talking about robbing people in front of this unpredictable girl.


“Haha! Brother-in-law and I will become the ‘Evil Duo’, being able to successfully rob anyone without exceptions!” ScarletDrink started fantasising about her great future…


“Hey, Drink, listen to me.” Li Huailin quickly tried to dissuade ScarletDrink from robbing people with him. Because… he wasn’t planning on really robbing people! All he wanted to die, but he couldn’t say that out loud, so he could only try to dissuade her by stating the demerits of robbing people.


“Robbing people is a very high-skilled job! Not only do you need the relevant skills, even if you do, there is still risk in it!”


“Don’t worry brother-in-law! I’m very smart! If you teach me just once, I can learn it immediately!” ScarletDrink immediately replied, “Also, I’m not scared of the risk too! I’m actually really strong, at Level 15 already! The only people with a level higher than me are the guild master and my cousin!”

“What evil deeds did I do in my past life?! Why can’t I shake off this girl no matter what?” Li Huailin could feel the very world working against him now…


Forget it! If this girl dies a few times with him, she will definitely give up following him, right? Right?! Li Huailin was feeling quite depressed. He clearly remembered thinking like this just the night before, and what happened was…


“Fine then! If you are truly sincere about learning, I will teach you the true art of robbery!” Li Huailin had no choice but to bring her along.


“Yay! Yay!~” ScarletDrink was overjoyed.

Translator’s Notes:

Sorry for the late release! >.< Was bogged down by exams and homework…

Saquacon (Translator)

Saquacon (PR)     


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