All Things Wrong – Chapter 18: An unwanted successful practical lesson…

Godblessed City Northern Gate. Once again, in the bush that was probably getting annoyed already, Li Huailin and ScarletDrink were there. ScarletDrink who was excited about her first robbery was excitedly scanning the area for her first target, while Li Huailin was just having a headache.


“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law~ Come to think of it, I don’t know your name yet!” Said ScarletDrink while she was in the middle of her recon mission.


“My game name is Forest, real name is Li Huailin. Call me by whichever one you like.” Li Huailin didn’t hide his name, and just gave it out.


“Hmmm…” ScarletDrink went into a state of deep thought with furrowed brows, “Forget it~ I will just call you brother-in-law! I like calling you by that!”


Li Huailin: “……” Why did you ask for my name in the first place?


“Brother-in-law, why do we have to hide in this bush?”


“It’s to give people a scare by suddenly appearing!” Li Huailin started to seriously come up with nonsense to trick this girl, “The most basic part of robbery is to have an imposing air! Imposing air, you know?”


“Hmm…” ScarletDrink tried to understand, but shook her head in the end.


“Simply put, having an imposing air means being able to scare the other party and make them fear you. Only then will they give you money! Or else, if he is not scared of you, why would he give you money?” Li Huailin continued cooking up stories, “So, we have to hide here so that we can frighten our targets when we suddenly appear. That way, the scared opposition will have less initiative, and our chance of a successful robbery will increase!”


“You know so much, brother-in-law!” The innocent ScarletDrink wholeheartedly believed Li Huailin’s nonsense, and her eyes that was looking at Li Huailin were filled with stars now.


“Of course! Talking about robbery, there really aren’t many people better than me at it in the world.” Li Huailin who had just unwillingly started his successful robbery career today was already boasting that he was in the best in the world.


“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law! Someone is coming!”


Li Huailin looked around, and indeed saw a person coming. He looked like a warrior, and was the attack-type, with a two-handed great sword on his back. Not only that, his equipment was not bad, with four of them being uncommon!


The stronger, the better! Thinking that, Li Huailin jumped out of the bush and said his catchphrase once again.


“This road was paved by me, these grass grown by me! If you want to pass through here, leave behind the road fees!”


This was ScarletDrink’s first time doing this, so seeing Li Huailin say so much suddenly, didn’t know what to say anymore. After thinking for a long while, she finally said, “Brother-in-law is right!”


“What? Robbery?” The warrior was shocked by this turn of events, but proceeded to size up the robbers. The female cleric was still normal, with two uncommon equipments. But… what was the deal with the guy wearing only beginner’s equipment?!


“What are you looking at?! Quickly give me the money, or I will turn you into white particles!” Li Huailin said viciously.


ScarletDrink didn’t know what to say again, and just said, “Brother-in-law is right!”


“Why do you say the same thing over and over again?” Li Huailin complained about his unprofessional helper.


“Hmm? This is my first time, so I don’t know what to do…” ScarletDrink shrugged her shoulders to show her innocence.


“Forget it, just say what you want…”


The warrior was also shocked by these strange robbers, but subsequently got a little angry. What was with this daylight robbery, and by two total noobs at robbery too! Li Huailin’s rude words also contributed greatly to his anger. Thus, the warrior said in a low voice, “Scram! I have to go train, and have no time to play with you guys!”

Li Huailin was overjoyed. Finally, a normal player with a normal reaction! Looks like there is hope to die this time!


“Brother-in-law, what do we do when he doesn’t give us the money?” ScarletDrink who saw that the warrior was being uncooperative asked anxiously.


“We obviously attack him first. If he still doesn’t give in, we kill him.” Li Huailin obviously wanted to attack first. This way, he will be the aggressor and gain 20% EXP when he dies!


“Oh, I see!” ScarletDrink nodded her head, and had the ‘I’ve learned another thing!’ expression on her face.


“You dare attack me first? Attack then!” The warrior obviously didn’t wanted to attack first, or he will get Infamy and a red name. Looking at Li Huailin’s equipment, the beginner’s set, he thought that letting Li Huailin attack once was no big deal.


“Finally, a normal person!” Looking at the resisting warrior, Li Huailin nodded his head in appreciation. Tears were also starting to gather in his eyes…


Li Huailin then raised his Beginner’s Broken Sword and rushed at the warrior. While stabbing, he also said, “Why do you resist?!”




A red number floated, and both the warrior and ScarletDrink was stunned.


“What?! Impossible!” The warrior exclaimed, before quickly checking his HP bar, which only had around one pixel of red left. Even a baby’s punch could kill him now. What was with this guy with beginner’s equipment? How can he have such strong attack power, being able to almost one-hit kill him without using skills?!


“Ar-Are you scared now?” Even ScarletDrink was frightened by this development, but realising that she was still trying to rob here, took what Li Huailin told her about scaring the opposition to heart and threatened the warrior.


With a plop, and in front of the shocked (but also exasperated) Li Huailin, the warrior kneeled.


“Big brother, I had eyes but couldn’t see Mount Tai! Please forgive me and let me off!” The warrior begged with extreme grief.


“Huh? Bro, you are being robbed here! Are you not angry? Do you not want to kill me?” Li Huailin kind-heartedly reminded the warrior. But in the warrior’s eyes, it looked like sarcasm!


“Right! Didn’t you say that you wanted to kill us just now?” ScarletDrink did the right thing a robber should do now of all times, and raised her head in pride.


“No, no, no! You two must have been mistaken! How would I dare to even touch you! You can kill me by just moving your fingers after all.” The warrior now had an ‘I’ve repented’ expression, and quickly took out 20 silver coins. “I only have this much on me now, please don’t kill me!”


Li Huailin didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, and gave another kind-hearted reminder. “Dear player, please do reconsider! You had a hard time earning these money right? How many monsters did you have to kill to get this much? Are you really fine with parting with it just like that?”


ScarletDrink was confused by Li Huailin’s words, but was suddenly enlightened(?). Brother-in-law must have realised that this player has not taken out all his money, and thinks it’s too little! Right, I must help brother-in-law now! Thus, ScarletDrink once again did what a robber should do, and tried to put on a vicious face (which looked cute in the end), “Right! You only have this much after killing so many monsters? Quickly take out all the money you have on you now! If not, my brother-in-law will stab you to death!”


Ignoring the unprofessional expression of ScarletDrink, the warrior reacted when he heard ‘stab you to death’, and quickly took out the rest of his money, which included over ten silver and copper coins. “Th-this is everything… I really don’t have anymore!”

Li Huailin: “…..” He was on the verge of rolling his eyes to Andromeda.


“Fine, seeing that you are so honest, we will let you off! You are free to go now.” ScarletDrink who saw the speechless Li Huailin thought that the player must have given up all his money already, so she let him off. ScarletDrink didn’t know how did Li Huailin know that the player had not taken out all his money yet, and thought in her heart, “Brother-in-law is so awesome! I still have much to learn!”


“Thank you, thank you!” The warrior who was overwhelmed with gratitude quickly ran back to the city.


“Yay! I was successful on my first robbery attempt! Look, brother-in-law! After counting, we got 34 silver and 60 copper coins this time! I’m so good, no wait, you’re so good brother-in-law!”


Seeing that the warrior has left, ScarletDrink immediately jumped for joy with the coins in hand.


“Yeah… Ha… ha… ha…” Li Huailin could only give a dry laugh now.


“Huh? Why do you look so unhappy, brother-in-law…?” ScarletDrink tilted her head, and suddenly thought of something again, “Right! You are already so good at robbery, so this attempt must have been the one with the least turn out in your robbery career!  Looks like we, no, I still have to work harder!”


Looking at the excited ScarletDrink, Li Huailin facepalmed. “What is with this situation…? If this goes on, I really will become the best in the world at robbery…”

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