All Things Wrong – Chapter 21: Terrifying Turnouts


Evening, XS City, Huaxia, in a high-class bungalow, Su Ruoyan put down the last dish and used the apron to wipe her hands. Looking at the completed four dishes and soup, Su Ruoyan made a slight smile, before shouting to the second floor, “Shui’er, come and eat!”


“Coming, cousin!” A girl’s voice came from the second floor, and soon after, a beautiful seventeen year old girl skipped down the stairs. This is ScarletDrink, real name Su Shuizhen, nickname Shui’er. She is 17 this year and is still studying in a high school, though it is the holidays now that’s why she is living with her cousin. Her cousin is the cool beauty ScarletRain, true name Su Ruoyan. She is 22 this year.


“La~lala~” Su Shuizhen hummed a little song while sitting down, and when she saw her favourite chicken wings, exclaimed, “Wow! There really are chicken wings today! Cousin is the best!”


“You are going to get fat sooner or later.” Su Ruoyan jokingly retorted, “What happened today? I didn’t see you in the game at all. If you don’t train properly you will be left behind!”


There will always be professions in the game which are horrible for training, like the cleric. Under normal circumstances, clerics always team up to train. They would have no danger of dying training alone, but their attack power made it such that their rate of killing is ridiculously slow. Su Shuizhen was supposed to train with the guild’s party today, but she went missing, making Su Ruoyan curious.


“Right, right! Cousin, I did something very meaningful with brother-in-law today!” Talking about this, Su Shuizhen’s face was filled with pride.


“Brother-in-law? Which sister’s husband are you talking about?” The clueless Su Ruoyan asked for the specific person. They had many relatives after all.


“Yours! The one who touched your chest in front of so many people yesterday!”


The moment this subject was brought up, Su Ruoyan’s face turned red. She feels that something must have been wrong with her yesterday, actually letting him touch her. Thinking about it now, even she herself didn’t know what she was thinking back then, but it was too late for regrets. However, how did that person know the Shui’er was my cousin, and find her too? Su Ruoyan was completely unaware that Su Shuizhen had already betrayed her in the forums.


“How did he find you? Why does he know you are my cousin? Did he harass you?” Su Ruoyan asked, a little angry.


“Ah, you misunderstand, cousin!” Seeing Su Ruoyan frown, Su Shuizhen was scared that Su Ruoyan will misunderstand Li Huailin. She hurriedly explained, ‘I coincidentally ran into brother-in-law, and I was the one who told him.”


“I see…” Su Ruoyan nodded her head, and her expression got better, “D-Did that pervert bully you? Don’t be clueless when you’ve already been taken advantage of, silly girl!”


“Brother-in-law didn’t bully me! He treats me very well!” Su Shuizhen immediately answered, “Brother-in-law also taught me an amazing skill.”


“Amazing skill? What is it?” Su Ruoyan asked curiously.


Su Shuizhen puffed her chest out with pride, “Robbing!”


“Huh?” Su Ruoyan was taken aback, “Wait just a second… Is the robbing you are talking about the same as the robbing I am thinking of?”


“Of course! Robbing money, right?” Su Shuizhen nodded with a smile.


“That pervert actually brought you to rob people?” Su Ruoyan’s face immediately darkened.


“Yeah! We did it for a whole day! Brother-in-law is so awesome! The best I have seen of him is when he just glared at the person and the person immediately handed over the money obediently.” Recalling that scene, Su Shuizhen felt Li Huailin’s figure becoming larger and stronger. “I still have a lot to learn!”, she thought to herself.


“Awesome? Do you know that robbery is a bad thing?” Su Ruoyan was so angry her trademark Noh mask was appearing already.


“I know!” Su Shuizhen nodded her head, “But robbing with brother-in-law is just too fun! I didn’t have this much fun in games before!”


“You…! You are not allowed to interact with that pervert from now on! He will turn you bad!” Su Ruoyan immediately declared.


“No~! Brother-in-law is so awesome! It’s only fun when playing with brother-in-law!” Su Shuizhen finally found someone fun to play with after such a long time, so she was unwilling to relent.


“Return all the money you’ve robbed by tomorrow, or I will really get angry.” Su Ruoyan immediately put on a strict face and said seriously.


“Return everything? Why?! It’s so much money! We got around 20 gold coins!” Su Shuizhen said with an expression like as if her heart was rended.


“Urgh!…ahem, ahem…” Su Ruoyan almost spit out the food she was eating, “H-how much?”


“20 gold coins! Brother-in-law and I got around 44 gold coins together, and brother-in-law said that I should get half, so I took 22 gold coins.” Su Shuizhen said honestly.


“22 gold?” Su Ruoyan was honestly shocked now. The game had only started for a week, so the average amount of money a player had was around 20-30 silver coins. People who had one gold coin and above could be considered to be rich already. 22 gold coins. Honestly, even if the whole Scarlet Lady’s Army’s 43 people pooled their money together, they won’t even have 22 gold coins.


“How did you guys rob? Rob a whole guild?” Su Ruoyan asked anxiously.


“Guild? Oh, right! We robbed 10 gold coins from the vice-leader of Spirit World, and also 14 gold coins from one of the top ten players FlowingWind! Other than that, we robbed over 200 other players.” Su Shuizhen declared with pride.


“*cough*…..*cough cough*….” Su Ruoyan was scared silly.


“Talking about who we robbed, brother-in-law is really too awesome! Even FlowingWind was settled with two strikes from brother-in-law! I really worship brother-in-law now!” While talking about this, stars started appearing in Su Shuizhen’s eyes.


“Really? That pervert is so strong?” Su Ruoyan asked in disbelief.


“Of course it’s true! I saw it with my own eyes! Ah! How stupid of me! I forgot to record the process! Oh no, if not I could have let you see the handsome figure of brother-in-law when he was fighting. To waste such an opportunity to raise your image in cousin’s eyes, I’m sorry brother-in-law!” Su Shuizhen said, thinking that it was truly a pity.


Su Ruoyan went silent for a while. She understood her own cousin, so what she said must really be true. If so, then that pervert is an expert more skilled than even FlowingWind! But, if he is such an expert, why is he doing something as lowly as robbing people? Is he truly just trying to play with Su Shuizhen?


Su Shuizhen looked at Su Ruoyan, and an idea came to her. Playing with brother-in-law is so fun, and he treats me very well too. I must help him! With such a thought, Su Shuizhen said, “Cousin, cousin~ Let’s go find brother-in-law together tomorrow! Brother-in-law misses you so much! He keeps talking about you all the time.”


“I’m not going. There is a guild activity tomorrow. We are going to clear the Level 15 instance dungeon Venomous Snake Cave. You are not allowed to go too. Our guild finally got four Level 15 players, and after we help ScarletSash train tomorrow, we can get a full Level 15 five-man party. Just right to clear the dungeon.” Su Ruoyan said this with a serious tone, “Also, I will tell Sister Yue about the money tomorrow, and how we settle the money will be left to her.”


“Huh? But I want to find brother-in-law!” Su Shuizhen was really unconcerned about the money distribution, but playing with Li Huailin held great meaning to her!

“No. We only have one Level 15 cleric in the guild, and that is you. If you don’t go, how are we going to clear the dungeon? Don’t give Sister Yue trouble.” What Su Ruoyan thought in her mind was, “I must not let her meet that pervert. She’s too innocent, and easily deceived!”


“Uuuu…” Su Shuizhen had downhearted expression, but suddenly, she thought of a plan! However, she still acted sad and said, “Okay, cousin. I will listen to you…”


“En!” Su Ruoyan didn’t notice anything weird, and just nodded her head.

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    Hmmm. Interesting chapter. I can’t say this about most stories, but I don’t know what’s going to happen next (after bringing brother nubi along). Thanks!

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