All Things Wrong – Chapter 22: My girlfriend is in danger?

Meanwhile, on Li Huailin’s side.


Li Huailin logged off exasperatedly and immediately accessed the game forum website. As expected, the top post was as follows –


<SOS, Brother Niubi is facing difficulties!>


Post author: I logged in in the morning today wanting to go to outside the Northern Gate to train, but unexpectedly met Brother Niubi! What was even unexpected was that Brother Niubi was committing robbery! I willingly gave him 20 silver coins, but thought the situation was odd when I when back to think about it.


Why would someone like Brother Niubi deign to robbery? Is he facing some sort of difficulties now? Just what trying circumstances does he have now? I don’t know, but I think that if one is in trouble, everybody should pitch in to help. Here, I beseech those with some extra money to go and help Brother Niubi and get ‘robbed’ at the Northern Gate. Also, I hope that nobody will say that you are donating, or someone like Brother Niubi would be too embarrassed to accept it.


Comment 1: Really? Let me log in and check.


Comment 2: Brother Niubi needs money? All I have is money, I will donate 1 gold coin.


Comment 3: Are you crazy? Why are you going to give him money?


Comment 4: What?! <Heart of Glory> is indeed a tough game to play. Even Brother Niubi lacks money now.


Comment 5: Just watching the show… I have no money.




“The hell…!”


Li Huailin was already on the verge of vomiting blood. Who said that he needed money? He was obviously trying to court death! Yet, people are queuing up to donate money to him now? How is he going to suicide in the future? Go to the Southern Gate, and a post titled <Brother Niubi is robbing people at the Southern Gate>, go to the Western Gate, and a post titled <Brother Niubi is robbing people at the Western Gate>. Even worse, he now owes so many people a favour! Spirit World also gave him 10 gold, and though they said he didn’t need to pay them back, it still didn’t sit right with Li Huailin.


The more the thought about it, the angrier he got. Work hard for the whole day and all he got was not even an iota of EXP, get a clingy ScarletDrink, and owe so many people a debt of gratitude. He didn’t even know what he was doing anymore.


Now, he couldn’t even level up! This was all because he went to harass girls. His stats now were so high that not only players, even monsters couldn’t do anything about him. Even if he lured ten mobs to surround him and let them gank him, he will only die after a few minutes. That is if nobody tried to snatch the mob from him too!


“Forget it! It’s only seven days.” After contemplating and deliberating and regretting and blah blah blah, Li Huailin finally got over it. It’s not like he couldn’t level up forever, it was only for seven days. He didn’t need to kill mobs to get EXP like the other players in the first place, so he didn’t even need to worry about wasting seven days. Better days are still ahead, he need not be so gloomy and make life so difficult for himself now.


“Let’s go and stroll in the game these few days then. I can also take this opportunity to learn the distribution of mobs in the game, and find out which is the best place to train (suicide)! Just take this as preparatory work and after seven days, I will show the world how to train the ‘right’ way!”


Li Huailin clapped his hands, thinking to himself that his plan was perfect!


“Okay, time to sleep. I will gather information tomorrow.” With a plan in mind, Li Huailin got into bed and peacefully entered the world of dreams.


On the following morning, Li Huailin got up at 7 as usual. He was not in a hurry to play the game today. He was just brutally harassed by the world’s insanity yesterday, so he was planning on relaxing today in real life. After changing his clothes, Li Huailin decided to go for a jog, and have his breakfast too.


When he just opened the door, Li Huailin heard a feminine ‘Ah!’ exclamation.


Seeing who it was, Li Huailin found out that it was his neighbour Chen Juan. She was wearing a party dress with exposed shoulders, with a red veil on those shoulders. Chen Juan who was already bewitching now looked elegant and cold.


Looks like Chen Juan was just returning home, and was coincidentally passing by his house. She did not expect that the door would open so suddenly, hence the ‘Ah!’.


“You scared me to death, handsome!” Seeing that is was Li Huailin, Chen Juan pat her revealing chest and acted scared.


“How is that possible? If opening doors could kill people, I would be in jail a long time ago.” Li Huailin smiled, “Sis Juan, why are you back so early today?”


“Why can’t I come home early?” Chen Juan rolled her eyes. “I was unlucky today and couldn’t get any guys. Hey, do you think men nowadays are blind? I’m so pretty, yet no one approached me!”


Chen Juan then sized up Li Huailin, and made a seductive pose, “Handsome, do you think sis is pretty?”


“Pretty, so pretty! See, I am even salivating! Mop, where’s the mop?!” Li Huailin made an instant reply.


“Since sis is so pretty, and I couldn’t find any men last night, and feel empty and cold now, do you think you should do something?” Chen Juan said while slowly approaching Li Huailin.


“Don’t, Sis Juan! Don’t you think having a neighbour as your sex friend is weird? We meet every now and then all day, won’t that be so awkward?” Li Huailin said while smiling.


“Hmm…” Chen Juan thought over Li Huailin’s words, “What you said is reasonable, and a poor guy like you can’t support me anyways. Fine then, I will let you off.”


“Hehe~” Li Huailin laughed and closed the door before proceeding to go out.


“Wait…” Chen Juan suddenly extended her hands and blocked Li Huailin.


“Hmm?” Li Huailin turned around, “What is it?”


“Thanks for last time, when I was drunk.” Chen Juan smiled, “You are a good man.”


“To that, I have a little confidence.” Li Huailin waved his hands and said with a grin. “Sleep earlier, I’m going off.”


“Tch, you fly to outer space after I compliment you.” Chen Juan retorted, before entering her own house.


A morning in the city was peaceful and quiet. Though it was summer, there was still some cool air flowing by. At 7am, most young adults were still resting. As it was the holidays, children were also still sleeping after staying up late. Only some old people were up and about doing morning exercises.


Li Huailin jogged along the nearby river and though it was just a jog, Li Huailin had his own unique breathing pattern. This was a special breathing method, and it was very hard for a normal person to change his breathing habits. It took Li Huailin seven years just to make breathing in the special way normal and a habit. Now, it came naturally to Li Huailin.


Li Huailin reached a nearby park and after resting for a while to fix his breath, he went to the pull-up bar and did pull ups. He really played too much games recently and his body felt rusty now. Thus, Li Huailin took this rare opportunity to do more exercises.


After exercising for an hour, Li Huailin who felt a little tired jogged back to his apartment and ate at the store downstairs. After settling his meal, he went up to take a shower, before finally logging in to the game.


After a period of darkness, Li Huailin once again appeared at the Northern Gate, the place he logged off last time. Before he could even stand properly, a headache-inducing voice could be heard.




Li Huailin rolled his eyes. There was only one person in the world who will call him like that. Silently turning around, as expected, ScarletDrink was there.


“You finally logged in, brother-in-law! I waited you for so long!” ScarletDrink said jovially.


“Why are you waiting for me?” Li Huailin was exasperated.


“Of course, to play with… no, to learn the true art of robbery, robbing with just a gaze!” ScarletDrink leaked out her true intentions, but she still tried to correct it.


“……” Li Huailin was speechless.


“Right, brother-in-law. Are we robbing anyone today? Are we still doing it here?” ScarletDrink said with excitement.


“I’m not robbing today. I have things to do, you go and train by yourself.” Li Huailin said this in a hurry before trying to give ScarletDrink the slip.


“*sigh*… Wait, wait, brother-in-law!” As much as Li Huailin wanted to give ScarletDrink the slip, ScarletDrink also didn’t want to be left alone by Li Huailin. Thus, she quickly pulled him back.


“What do you have to do, brother-in-law? Let me go with you!”


What do I have to do? Nothing much, it’s just to get away from you! Of course, Li Huailin couldn’t really say that, so, after thinking for awhile, he said, “Brother-in-law has to go train! See, FlowingWind said that he will duel me again after ten days, so I can’t be complacent and lose to him right? That would be so humiliating!”


“Ah! Brother-in-law!” ScarletDrink suddenly shouted, “Something happened!”


“Huh? What happened?”


“My sister is in danger!” ScarletDrink said in a panic.


“In danger?” Li Huailin was confused. What does her sister being in danger have to do with him? Forget a relationship beyond just friends, they weren’t even friends! Of course, he couldn’t say that, so he still asked, “What happened?”


“There is a big guild surrounding my sister saying that their leader wants her to be her girlfriend. Brother-in-law, they are not giving you face by doing this! Quickly go and save her and beat them all down!” ScarletDrink then pulled Li Huailin and dragged him off somewhere.


“Hey, hey…” Li Huailin wanted to refuse, but suddenly had an idea! “Damnit, why didn’t I think of this sooner? If one player cannot kill me, what about a group of them? They must be able to kill me, right? Why don’t I just go and offend a guild and let tens of thousands chase after me? Damn, I’m surprised by my own intelligence!”


After thinking things through, Li Huailin suddenly got into the mood.


“Those f*ckers, which stupid guild dares snatch my girlfriend? I will definitely kill him till he calls me father!”


When Li Huailin said that, a smirk suddenly appeared on ScarletDrink’s face, “Right, right! Brother-in-law, you must properly punish them!”


“Let’s go!” Li Huailin said with authority.

Translator’s Notes:
Sorry guys! My end of year exams are approaching, and I have no time to spare for translating now. This will be the last chapter, and the next will only come next month in October… See you then, and wish me luck for my exams!

Saquacon (Translator)

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