All Things Wrong – Chapter 23: Instance Dungeon

To the east of the human capital, in the mountain forest region. Three core members of the Scarlet Lady guild, ScarletMoon, the guild leader, ScarletBloodstain, the strongest Bandit, and the ScarletRain, the mage, were standing in front of the Venom Snake Instance Dungeon entrance.

ScarletMoon was a defensive warrior, on her was a heroic set of light armour. That, with her confident smile, made people have a good impression of her, and have the inclination to trust her.


ScarletBloodstain was female who was approximately thirty, looking a few years older than her guild leader. As a bandit, she is wearing a black cloth armour, and looked quite sinister. However, her smile looked sweet, making her look like a mature beauty.


Lastly, the one who looked cold enough to cause global cooling was obviously ScarletRain. All three girls had their own charms, and added a new scenery to the lively instance dungeon area.


“Rain, did Drink really manage to drag that expert Brother Niubi here?”


ScarletMoon confirmed once again. After hearing that ScarletDrink actually went to engage in robbery with an expert, and got 20 gold too, she was genuinely shocked. At first she didn’t know how to handle this money, but after seeing the posts on the forum, she finally knew what was going on. Though she was perplexed that Brother Niubi who was allegedly in need of money would still gave half of the gold to ScarletDrink, ScarletMoon still accepted the money in the end. After all, she was a guild leader. Having this amount of money to use at such an early phase will definitely aid the guild’s development in the future. Additionally, since he was ‘courting’ ScarletRain, who was part of her guild, showing some form of sincerity was natural!


They were planning to clear the Venom Snake Instance Dungeon today. Their best hunter ScarletSash was Level 14, and almost Level 15 already. They were going to first bring ScarletSash to train to Level 15 in the morning, before going to clear the dungeon in the afternoon. However, ScarletDrink suddenly told them that she was bringing an expert over in the morning and asked them to gather immediately at the dungeon.


“That girl…!” ScarletRain was a little angry. She just told ScarletDrink not to find that pervert anymore yesterday, yet the first thing she did the next morning was exactly that. She already thought that it was odd that her little sister was being so obedient yesterday, now she knew the reason; she already had a plan!


ScarletBloodstain suddenly interjected while smiling, “Rest assured, guild leader! Isn’t that guy planning to court Rain? He will definitely rush here with reckless abandon.”


“Second Sis, you…!” ScarletRain stomped her foot with displeasure. It’s all that pervert’s fault! Now how is she going to explain?


As they were talking, suddenly, the clear voice of ScarletDrink could be heard from faraway.


“Coming, coming! Sister Moon, Sister Bloodstain, cousin, I’ve dragged him over! Over here, over here!”


The three girls turned their head and as expected, saw ScarletDrink rushing over here while with a male youth wearing the beginner set. His appearance at such a high level place really left people speechless.


Seeing the three girls, Li Huailin was also shocked. Where was the ‘strong guild ganging up on them’ scenario he was promised? He couldn’t even feel an iota of a strong guild’s presence! Did he come too late, and they had already settled them?


“You must be Brother Niubi! I am Scarlet Lady’s Army’s guild master ScarletRain, nice to meet you.”


ScarletMoon approached Li Huailin in a very natural manner while extending her hand out for a handshake.


“Oh, nice to meet you.” Li Huailin shook hands with ScarletMoon, but what laughing in his heart. Just as he guessed, the guild leader’s name started with ‘Scarlet’.


“I am ScarletBloodstain, the vice-leader.” ScarletBloodstain didn’t offer a handshake, but still took the initiative to introduce herself.


“Forest, but you can call me Huailin instead,” Li Huailin followed the flow and introduced himself too, “Right, aren’t you guys being surrounded by a strong guild? What happened? Where did they go?”


“Surrounded by a strong guild?” ScarletMoon was confused upon hearing Li Huailin’s words. “We are?”


Suddenly, all three of them understood what was going on and immediately glared at ScarletDrink: “Shui’er!”


“A-Ahem!” ScarletDrink immediately hid behind ScarletRain, “Right, cousin! Brother-in-law was so worried about you! He rushed over the moment he heard that you were being surrounded, and even said that he wanted to cut those bullying you to pieces!”


Li Huailin didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He obviously understood by now what was going on. To think that he will be tricked by such a young girl. This was mainly due to him being too absorbed in wanting to die, so when such a ‘good opportunity’ came, he was so overjoyed that he didn’t think much about it. In other words, he let his guard down.


“Oho~ ‘Rushed over the moment he heard that you were being surrounded’, huh?” ScarletBloodstain said while directing an evil smile at ScarletRain.


“Huh, this…” Li Huailin was taken aback by ScarletBloodstain’s words. He had planned to offend a strong guild and make them kill him by coming here, but now that he thought about it, this action seemed quite… romantic?


Even ScarletRain was embarrassed and took a step back with a red face.


“I’m sorry, Huailin. Shui’er told us that you were going to help us with the dungeon, we didn’t know that you were tricked here.” ScarletMoon said embarrassedly.


“Come help us, brother-in-law! Clearing a dungeon with brother-in-law will definitely be fun!” ScarletDrink immediately sprung out again. “Also, if you help us with the dungeon, you will have more time to spend with cousin! What a good thing!”


“Instance dungeon…” Li Huailin thought about it for awhile, “Does it give a lot of EXP?”

“The EXP the mobs give is not much, but the evaluation after clearing it will give you a large EXP all at once, so it can be considered to be quite a lot. However, we are mainly focusing on getting equipment, so we are not really concerned with the evaluation and EXP now.” ScarletMoon replied honestly.


“Hmm…” Li Huailin was conflicted, and didn’t reply immediately.


“Sis, quickly persuade brother-in-law! If you are the one asking, he will definitely come!” Seeing Li Huailin who showed signs of accepting, ScarletDrink immediately asked ScarletRain to deal the final blow.


“That’s right, quickly persuade him! The guild needs you now!” ScarletBloodstain continued teasing ScarletRain.


“This…” ScarletRain contemplated for a while, and after seeing ScarletMoon who was waiting for her answer, grit her teeth. “Hey, pervert, let’s go together.”


Li Huailin was still weighing the cost and benefits. Thinking that since his he couldn’t level up (die) now, why not just play around for now. After seven days, the EXP he lost will be easily regained after dying a few times. Also, it didn’t seem right to leave now. In such a state, hearing someone say ‘let’s go together’, Li Huailin unconsciously said, “Okay, let’s go.”


“Oho!~~~~~~” ScarletBloodstain who was at the side made a weird sound, “There is something… fishy between both of you.”


“I…!” ScarletRain who started panicking immediately turned her target towards Li Huailin, “Why did you agree!”


“Huh?” Li Huailin was taken aback, before replying casually, “Because I like it?”


“Oho!!!~~~~ ‘Like’~~~~” ScarletBloodstain found the keyword once again.


“You!” ScarletRain stared daggers at Li Huailin with her pretty eyes, before turning her head aside and remaining silent.


“Okay, okay, you two lovebirds. Can we clear the dungeon first before you guys start being lovey-dovey again?” Even ScarletMoon couldn’t hold back and started teasing too.


“We are not! He…” ScarletRain was on full panic mode! She wanted to explain, but couldn’t because she herself let Li Huailin touch her when her brain short circuited last time!


“Right, right! Let’s clear the dungeon first!” Li Huailin was also getting an headache, so the best thing to do would be to change the topic! “Let’s go and finish this up fast.”


“Wait…” ScarletMoon who saw that Li Huailin was going to enter already immediately stopped him. “Huailin, are you going like this?”


“Hmm?” Li Huailin looked at his beginner’s armour set. “I only have this set though? What else can I wear?”


“Huh?! You only have this set? Didn’t you rob over 20 gold yesterday? Where did all the money go?” ScarletBloodstain couldn’t help but retort.


“Equipment are useless to me…” Li Huailin almost wanted to continue with ‘as they are going to be gone when I die’. However, he immediately realised that it would seem weird, so he changed the script. “I’m just too niubi. Now, I feel like I’m bullying them by fighting them while wearing the beginner’s set, so if I wear equipment, I can’t even bear laying my hands on them.”


“Huuuh?” The four were all bewildered. Such a reason existed?


“Don’t worry, just wait and see!” Li Huailin said confidently, before attempting to enter the dungeon again.


“Wait!” ScarletMoon stopped Li Huailin again.


“What is it again, guild master?” Li Huailin turned around again.


“You haven’t entered our party yet…” Seeing Li Huailin who can forget a simple thing like entering the party, ScarletMoon got even more worried. This is an expert?


“Oh, I forgot.” Li Huailin really haven’t entered a party before. He didn’t do so even when robbing people with ScarletDrink yesterday. “Party me.”


[System notice]: ScarletMoon invited you to join her party. Do you accept?




[System notice]: You have joined a party.


“Huh? Level 12?” Shocked voices could be heard.


Translator’s Notes:
Finally, my exams are over, so I can finally return to my schedule of Wednesday and Sunday! BTW this chapter is for Sunday (tomorrow) haha.

Saquacon (Translator)

Saquacon (PR)     


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    I’d prefer no romance to happen. Romance easily ruins novels, even more in a novel like this. I don’t mind some random fake romance that we’ve already seen though.

    That aside, I wonder if party members can see buffs?

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