All Things Wrong – Chapter 24: Cheat-like Attack Power

“Huh? Level 12?” Looking at the level of Li Huailin who had just entered the party, even ScarletDrink who had seen Li Huailin’s prowess exclaimed in shock. She didn’t think that brother-in-law would be three levels lower than her.

“What about it?” Looking at the party screen, other than him who was Level 12, the highest leveled was ScarletMoon at 16, while the other three were all Level 15. However, he didn’t think that he was weird. His stats now were probably the same as or even higher than that of a Level 40 player.


“Venom Snake Cave’s recommended level is 15, and that is for normal mode too.” ScarletMoon explained.


“I can’t go in?” Li Huailin asked.


“It’s not that, you technically can go in.” ScarletMoon realised that Li Huailin could really be clueless about instance dungeons and started explaining, “The recommended level is a guide on the lowest level a player must have to be able to clear an instance dungeon. Normally, if you are not at the recommended level, it is impossible for you to clear the dungeon. That’s why all of us raised our level to 15 before coming here.”


“Oh, I see. But if I can go in, then everything is fine! Don’t worry, be happy!” Li Huailin waved his hands, “Let’s go in quickly.”


“Umm…” ScarletMoon was rendered speechless by Li Huailin, and didn’t know what to say for the moment.


Meanwhile, Li Huailin had already excitedly entered the instance dungeon. There is a white colour membrane at the entrance of the dungeon, and the moment you pass through it, the party will be teleported to an independent space without any other parties. Nobody will steal the monsters from you, all you have to do is clear the dungeon.


“Big sis, is this really okay?” ScarletBloodstain asked with suspicion. After all, in a Level 15 dungeon, you can thank the gods already if a Level 12 didn’t drag the party behind. What’s more, this is their first clear attempt! Is it really okay to try to carry on with just four combat able members?


“I believe in brother-in-law!” ScarletDrink suddenly shouted from behind, before rushing into the instance dungeon too.


“Forget it, let’s go. Let’s see the situation first.” Seeing that ScarletDrink had already rushed in, ScarletMoon who was still hesitating about whether to carry on or not decided to just wing it. She can’t possible just let ScarletDrink and Li Huailin try to clear the dungeon alone, right?


“Everybody, enter the dungeon.”


“En.” ScarletBloodstain still had a worried look, but she still obeyed Big Sis’s words. ScarletRain on the other hand was worried about ScarletDrink, so the moment ScarletMoon said those words, she immediately rushed in.


Venom Snake Cave is a 5-man small instance dungeon. The map is that of a cave in a mountain. If Li Huailin had accepted the pre-quest from the capital, he would have understood the story of this dungeon. It’s basically about how the soldiers of the capital has found out that the number of venom snakes in eastern mountains has suddenly increased explosively, to the point it can endanger the city.


Through reconnaissance, they found out that there was an evil group that worshipped the Venom Snake Cult was rearing poisonous snakes. Venom Snake Cave was this group’s headquarters, so the players were asked to attack this place.


Of course, Li Huailin would not accept the mission as that would decrease his EXP and money! So, without completing any pre-quests, Li Huailin somehow or another got into this instance dungeon.


“Apply all buffs and prepare to clear the dungeon.” Though doubtful, ScarletMoon still took on the leadership role after entering the dungeon.


ScarletDrink and ScarletMoon immediately raised their staves and applied some buffs to everyone.


Li Huailin looked at his debuff column.


Word Magic・Toughness: Constitution -10. Duration: 30 minutes


Arcane Wisdom: Intelligence -10. Duration: 15 minutes




Li Huailin was speechless. These guys were obviously here to ‘help’ him, but what can he say?


ScarletMoon looked at the first group of monsters in front of them. Three poison snakes. The one in the middle was red, while the two on the left and right were green. It seems that the red one is slightly stronger, and cloth armour professions will most likely not be able to withstand its attacks. So, it was essential that the red one’s aggro is firmly directed towards the tank. As such, ScarletMoon said, “First kill the left one, then the right one. Leave the red one for the last.”




“Prepare for battle, I’m going!” ScarletMoon raised her shield, and prepared to attack.


“Wait…” Li Huailin suddenly interrupted.


“What is it?” ScarletMoon asked, confused.


Li Huailin raised his hands, “I want to be the tank!”


“You?” ScarletMoon looked carefully at Li Huailin’s equipment. Yup, still the legendary beginner’s set. “But you don’t even have a shield…?”


“What’s the use of a shield? I have always used my body to withstand mob attacks. Don’t worry, just see.” Li Huailin thumped his chest and said with confidence.


“Is-is that so…” ScarletMoon had a sombre expression.


“I believe in brother-in-law!” ScarletDrink expressed her support for Li Huailin once again from behind. “Don’t worry brother-in-law, I will definitely ensure that you are at full health at all times!”


“Sure, just watch.” Li Huailin didn’t wait for ScarletMoon’s reply and just rushed at the mobs.


After entering the aggro range, the mobs immediately discovered Li Huailin and rushed at him. As the three snakes’ aggro was shared, all three of them rushed at Li Huailin.


“Look at my critical!” Li Huailin took out his Beginner’s Broken Sword and slashed the snake closest to him.


-910 (Critical)


The green snake at the front, without even attacking once, was bisected by Li Huailin.


[Battle Log]: You have killed Green Poison Snake, EXP -35


Looking at the astonishing critical damage, the three girls behind all couldn’t control themselves and said, “Dafuq!”


At the same time, the other two’s attack had reached Li Huailin’s body.










Li Huailin was surprised by the HP increase, and looked at his buff column.


Grade 1 Poison: Gain 25 HP every 5 seconds, Duration: 30 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.


“This is too much, isn’t it!” The girls who had wanted to rush over to help Li Huailin were shocked silly. This attack, this defence… what is going on?!



Li Huailin slashed once again, this time, at the red snake. The red snake’s body coiled up due to the attack, but unexpectedly didn’t die. Looks like its HP was quite high.


“Horizontal Slash.”


Li Huailin immediately used the skill he has never used before, Horizontal Slash.






“Heavy Slash.”


-1040 (Critical)


The red snake hissed indignantly, before collapsing and deducting 45 EXP from Li Huailin.


Li Huailin continued to use a normal attack, causing 400+ damage to the last snake and killing it. The whole battle lasted for 8 seconds and Li Huailin was still at full health at the end.


“Done. Good. Let’s continue.” Li Huailin nonchalantly held his sword and continued to proceed deeper into the dungeon.


“Wait just a minute, you!” ScarletMoon couldn’t hold herself back and shouted loudly.


“Huh?” Li Huailin turned around, “What is it?”


“Isn’t your attack and defence too perverted?!” ScarletMoon who broke down a little shouted again.


“Huh? Is it?” Li Huailin said while sending an inquisitive gaze towards the three girls who were still in shock. Everyone including ScarletRain silently nodded their heads, and from their faces, they looked like they were half a step away from raising a big card that said ‘It is perverted!’ on it to show how shocked they were.


Li Huailin self-absorbedly flipped his hair, “Haaa… I am always so super-duper-badass-and-awesome, even I am falling in love with myself…”


“Scram!” ScarletRain retorted sharply.


“Brother-in-law, I am in awe!” ScarletDrink replied with stars in her eyes.


“Me too, I really shouldn’t have suspected you, Brother Niubi. I want to say that I am humiliated by my own suspicion.” ScarletBloodstain pat Li Huailin’s shoulders, clueless about what she can say.


“Are we still going to clear the dungeon?” Li Huailin looked at the girls who were still expressing their shock, and asked.


“Sure we are, why not?” ScarletMoon suddenly realised that she had gotten a treasure. Though unsure about how Li Huailin could be so strong, but having a strong player with them for their first clear attempt is without a doubt a good thing!


“Then let’s continue.” After he finished saying his piece, Li Huailin immediately rushed at the next group of mobs.

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