All Things Wrong – Chapter 25: Shocking Realisation

After fighting for a while, Li Huailin could generally grasp the difficulty of this instance dungeon. The monster’s physical attacks were not really high. With his defence as reference, these mobs will at most cause 20-30 damage to normal players. However, their poison were the killer. A single snake can give you a -25 HP every 5 second debuff, a stackable one at that, capping at -75 HP every 5 second.

What’s more, each snake’s poison is separate, so if three snakes attacked a player at the same time, the max debuff is -225 HP per second. With a 30 second duration, that meant 1300+ damage. At the current game phase, even the meatiest tank would have around 1400 HP only, so fighting these snakes is a really tough thing to do. If the healer didn’t do their job properly, even normal mobs can cause a party to be wiped out.


But this was nothing to Li Huailin. The mobs only caused 10 damage to him in the first place, and their poison even gave him HP. After fighting with Li Huailin for a while, the girls all found out that they had nothing to do, especially ScarletDrink.


Li Huailin’s ability to attract aggro was really high. Typically, with just one slash, it was impossible for the others to attract aggro no matter how they attacked. Since Li Huailin didn’t lose HP at all, and all the mobs attacked Li Huailin only, nobody needed healing. ScarletDrink who realised this started using Holy Impact to kill mobs instead of healing.


The mob clearing proceeded safely and quickly, and they soon reached the first boss. This whole process didn’t even take 10 minutes.


The first boss was a large snake with red and green stripes. Other than its large size, Li Huailin couldn’t tell in what way was this snake strong.


“Err, actually, I have done research online about how to clear this dungeon already. One of the information I got is about how to kill this boss. Do you think we should talk about it?” ScarletMoon asked Li Huailin.


“Tell them about it. I’m going.” Li Huailin immediately raised his sword and rushed at the boss.


“Hiss~!” The boss also entered combat mode, and with a loud hiss, rushed at Li Huailin who rushed over first.


“Heavy Slash!”




At the same time, the large snake’s attack landed on Li Huailin.




Grade 2 Poison: -35 HP every 5 seconds. Duration: 30 seconds, stacks up to 5 times.


Yet another boss plotting its own death reminded Li Huailin of Azaz. In no time, the boss’s poison has 5 stacks already, letting Li Huailin recover 175 HP every 5 seconds. This was around the same as the damage the boss could do in 5 seconds to Li Huailin, so his HP was probably going to be full this time as well.


“What other special skills does this boss have? If it doesn’t have any, let’s all attack it together to save time.” Li Huailin said to the girls behind him.


“I don’t think we can save much time anyways…” ScarletMoon couldn’t help but retort. After fighting for only 20 seconds, the boss had already lost a quarter of its HP. They could probably finish killing the boss in a minute.


Though she said that, all of them still started attacking, including ScarletDrink who was doing everything but what a healer should be doing.


“The boss will enter rage mode at 30% HP, and its attack speed and power will increase.” ScarletMoon had already changed to use a two-handed sword, and told Li Huailin about the boss while slashing at it.


“Just one skill? What a ridiculously weak boss…” Li Huailin sighed.


As expected, the boss entered rage mode at 30% HP, and its attack speed and power increased a little. To a normal party, this would be dangerous. But to Li Huailin, he couldn’t tell the difference between the normal mode and rage mode boss.


[Battle Log]: You have killed Venom Snake Cave’s first boss, Large Snake Dursula. -375 EXP


With a loud cry, the first boss died after just one minute.


“Yay! We succeeded!” ScarletDrink was the first one to jump out and celebrate.


“Though we managed to kill the first boss on our first attempt, I don’t know why, but I don’t feel any sense of accomplishment…” ScarletBloodstain at the side was feeling conflicted.


“Don’t be conflicted, Second Sis! Sister Moon, quickly loot the boss!” ScarletDrink said anxiously.


“Me?” ScarletMoon looked at Li Huailin and asked.


“You do it. I don’t really care about equipment, just give me the excess you have.” Li Huailin replied casually.


ScarletMoon didn’t ask why Li Huailin didn’t want equipment, and just looted the boss. Two uncommon equipment came out.


One was a sword, while the other was a shoulder guard.


“Give the shoulder guard to Bloodstain, and the sword to Li Huailin.” As a guild, they obviously wouldn’t fight over equipment distribution, so the equipment were instantly distributed.


“Okay.” Li Huailin took the sword without hesitation and looked at it. He really didn’t care about equipment as it only increased attack by a little, and it would drop after he died. However, this sword did indeed look better than the Beginner’s Broken Sword. At least it didn’t have rust on it.


“Let’s continue.” After testing his new sword, Li Huailin waved his hands and walked deeper into the cave.


After the first boss, Li Huailin realised that the mobs were different. The first group of mobs they encountered consisted of a human and two green snakes.


Snake Charmer Scout

Level: 17

HP: 1200

Physical attack: 80

Physical defence: 60


Li Huailin could still see the mob stats now, but if the mob was just one level higher, Li Huailin would be unable to do so..


The scout held a wooden bow in his hands, showing that he was obviously a long-range attacker. Furthermore, his attack was not low, being able to cause 30 damage to Li Huailin. However, it still didn’t pose a threat to Li Huailin. It took only two critical hits or three normal attacks to kill the scout.


While marching onwards with ease, the snake mobs they encountered became smaller and smaller in number, while human-type monsters started becoming more numerous. The new mob they encountered was even a mage type.


Snake Charmer Mage

Level: ???

HP: ???
Magic attack: ???

Physical defence: ???


The mob’s level was too high for Li Huailin to see its stats, however the mage’s HP was even lower than the scouts, needing only two hits to kill it. Its attack is lightning magic, but it’s still the single-target type, causing 90 damage to Li Huailin. The poison from the snake still allowed Li Huailin to recover his HP.


After around ten minutes, the party finally reached the second boss, and also the final boss for normal mode. Its name was Snake Charmer Dergusen.


Dergusen was a human-type boss, standing in the centre of an altar with snakes carved all over it. There weren’t any other monsters here, only Dergusen who was murmuring something. In his hands was a staff, so he should be a boss who knew how to use spells.


“This should be the last boss, right? There doesn’t seem to be any road left in front.” Li Huailin asked after surveying the surroundings.


“En, this is the last boss already.” ScarletMoon nodded her head. “Let’s start. I will tell you the boss skill while fighting.”


“En.” Li Huailin nodded his head, and proceeded to attack the boss.


“The god of poison snakes will conquer the world, and apostate like you will have no where to hide!” Dergusen shouted loudly, before rushing at Li Huailin.




Li Huailin immediately slashed Dergusen, taking away close to 5% of the boss’s HP at one go. He realised that this boss’s HP was even lower than the first boss’s, but that probably meant that Dergusen’s attack will be comparatively higher.


“Ha!” As expected, with a wave of his hands, the boss shot a lightning bolt at Li Huailin. This lightning bolt was stronger than those fired by the mages outside, taking 150 HP from Li Huailin at once.


“Ah!” ScarletDrink who had never used a healing spell so far until now was shocked. She suddenly realised that she was a healer, so she immediately cast a healing spell at Li Huailin.


Healing Art: -25 HP every 3 seconds, Duration: 12 seconds.


“Hey, you…” Li Huailin had wanted to retort that ScarletDrink was helping the boss to kill him, but he suddenly had an epiphany! This epiphany caused his body to tremble, “Dammit! I’m so stupid! How could I have not thought of such a simple levelling method?”

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