All Things Wrong – Chapter 26: Exhilarating Discovery

“Wait…” Thinking over it again, Li Huailin thought that this was not good too. Calling someone to heal you until you die, no matter how you think about it, it’s too suspicious, right?

“Haaa…. what should I do… If I had known it would be like this I would have become a healer instead. Then all I would have to do is to heal myself to death to level up. But now… changing profession is impossible…” Li Huailin mused with pity.


Of course, though he was thinking about all these stuff, his attack had never stopped, and after slashing so fervently, the boss’s HP had already approached 50%.


Seeing the boss’s HP, ScarletMoon said, “Be careful, the boss will release poison fog at 50% health. The fog will last for around 30 seconds, with a maximum of three fog at a time. The fog will reduce a fixed 100 HP per second, so escape the fog immediately when you are in it.”


“Oh, I’m not scared.” Li Huailin smiled. A boss was being normal for once, but it was once again going to cause its own death. Helping Li Huailin recover 100 HP every second… even if Li Huailin wanted to die of his own accord, it would be hard!






Poison fog: Recover 100 HP every second


Li Huailin’s HP which had been reduced a little by the boss and ScarletDrink immediately became full again. On the other hand, ScarletMoon face changed and she quickly retreated out of the fog. At the same time, she professionally took out a HP pot and downed it.


“My god! Why didn’t I think of that!” Seeing ScarletMoon drinking the HP pot, Li Huailin’s body shook. “ScarletMoon, quickly give me a HP pot!”


“Isn’t your HP full?” ScarletMoon said after confirming Li Huailin’s status in the party page. “Also, don’t you bring HP pots when training?”


“Why are you saying so much? Quickly give me a HP pot!” Li Huailin said desperately.


“Here.” ScarletMoon was taken aback, but she still approached Li Huailin and threw him a HP pot.


Medium Healing Potion: Recover 35 HP every second. Duration: 6 seconds.


Healing potions are separated into normal potions that recover HP over a duration, and instant potions which instantly recovers HP, these two types. Instant potions were very valuable, and at the game’s current phase, not only were there no recipes for these potions, even their ingredients were very hard to gather. Thus, most players used normal potions for the time being. Though the recovery required some time, it was cheap and easy to make, allowing players to afford it.


Seeing the potion ScarletMoon handed him, Li Huailin was honestly happy, and immediately consumed it.






As Li Huailin expected, a debuff appeared the moment he consumed the HP potion.


HP potion: Lose 35 HP every second. Duration: 6 seconds.


“Great!” Li Huailin vigorously slashed his sword to express his excitement, coincidentally removing the last shred of HP the pitiful boss had.


“Snake God… have you abandoned your children…?” The boss face was full of indignation, and after kneeling down and coughing up blood, he laid down lifelessly on the ground.


[Battle Log]: Your team has killed the second boss of Venom Snake Cave: Snake Charmer Dergusen. You have lost 450 EXP.


[System Notice]: Instance dungeon cleared. Calculating final evaluation.


[System Notice]:

Clear time: 27min 21s

Completion: 75%

Final rating: B

Rewards: 800 EXP


“Yay! We cleared it!” ScarletDrink was the first to celebrate.


However, she didn’t think that someone was even more happy than her. Just as ScarletDrink was jumping in joy, Li Huailin immediately hugged her.


“Yes, I can finally level up!” Li Huailin said with great emotion.


ScarletDrink was dazed at first, but a system notice snapped out of it.


[System Notice]: Player ‘Forest’ is suspected to be harassing you. Do you want to use the system to punish this player?


“Ah! Don’t kill brother-in-law!” ScarletDrink’s first reaction was this. However, her face immediately got red. “How can brother-in-law do this… in front of sis too…”


ScarletRain was also quite happy about a successful dungeon clear, but when she saw Li Huailin hugging ScarletDrink, her face immediately darkened. She immediately took a step forward and shouted, “Hey! Pervert! Let go of Shui’er!”


“You guys split the loot. I have an emergency to attend to, see you next time!” Li Huailin didn’t care about ScarletRain’s word, and put ScarletDrink down immediately before exiting the dungeon after saying his piece. Li Huailin who had never visited the general store obviously didn’t know of a convenient thing called the Return Scroll. Fortunately, this dungeon wasn’t that far from the capital, and Li Huailin knew the way back too. So, Li Huailin just started running back.


“That fellow, he runs so fast!” Seeing Li Huailin suddenly escaping, ScarletRain stomped her foot angrily. After that, she quickly went to ScarletDrink’s side and asked, “How are you? Why didn’t you kill that pervert?”


ScarletDrink’s face was still red, and didn’t know how to answer ScarletRain’s question. In her heart however, she was thinking, “To think what sis said was true, brother-in-law is really a pervert…”


“Hmm? Hmm?” ScarletBloodstain whose meaning in existence is to tease ScarletRain immediately came over and said, “Why is it that I feel someone is feeling worried? Are you jealous? Of your own cousin too?”


“Ah!” ScarletDrink exclaimed in surprise, and nervously looked at her cousin. “Sis, there is nothing going on between brother-in-law and me! D-Don’t misunderstand!”


“What are you talking about? There is nothing going on between him and me as well!” ScarletRain was worried, this misunderstanding seems to be getting harder and harder the resolve!


“I’m worried about ScarletDrink! This has nothing to do with being jealous!”


“Okay, okay. Let’s not talk about this first.” ScarletMoon clapped her hands to attract the attention of the girls, “Let’s split the loot first before we talk about love, okay?”


“There is no love!” ScarletRain said in a panic.


“Okay~ I’m looting the boss now.” After saying that, ScarletMoon lowered her head and started looting.


When a flash of blue light appeared, joy appeared on ScarletMoon’s face.


“A rare equipment has come out!”


Though she was the leader of a guild, she didn’t have a single rare equipment on her at all. She didn’t think that her first dungeon attempt will give her guild the first rare equipment as well.


Snake Charmer’s Steel Breastplate (Rare)

Plate armour

Physical defence: 20~30

Magic defence: 15~15

Strength +10

Constitution +10

Required level: 15


“What good luck, getting a tank equipment. A rare breastplate, if I sold it in the market, I can probably get more than 5 gold, 10 even. This is a godlike armour from our first clear, so selling it would be no problem.” ScarletMoon said seriously.


“Wow! You really struck it rich, leader! Quickly equip it!” ScarletBloodstain was overjoyed too. If they had this equipment at first, they would be much more confident about clearing this dungeon, even without Li Huailin.


“Li Huailin is a warrior too…” ScarletMoon said after much contemplation, “This whole dungeon was literally cleared by him alone… If we took this without saying anything, wouldn’t it be too…”


“Well, he’s wooing our Rain, so some contribution is a must!” ScarletBloodstain said with an evil smile.


“Hmm…” ScarletMoon remained silent with furrowed brows.


Seeing ScarletMoon’s seriousness, ScarletBloodstain stopped joking around and got serious too.


“Leader, if he had wanted equipment, he wouldn’t have left before looting the corpse. I think that that guy probably doesn’t even care equipment of this standard, so don’t find trouble by yourself, leader.”


“Bloodstain, don’t you think… this guy is full of oddities?” ScarletMoon said after some thought.


“You don’t say? Tell me, which part of that guy is not weird?” ScarletBloodstain said with a bitter smile, “But if he doesn’t want to say, what can we do? Singlemindedly ask?”


“I know, that’s why I didn’t ask him, right?” ScarletMoon laughed, “I just thought, what if this guy joined our guild…?”


“You’re right!” ScarletMoon’s eyes suddenly lit up. However, she suddenly realised, “Wait, he is a male, but our whole guild is made of females. Isn’t this a little unsuitable?”


“Is brother-in-law joining our guild? Yay, yay!” ScarletDrink suddenly interjected, “Playing with brother-in-law is so interesting! If he joins our guild, it would definitely be fun!”


“No way!” ScarletRain said nervously from behind, “Leader, our guild has always only accepted girls!”


“But we accept the family of our members too, right?” ScarletMoon said with an evil smile.


“What family? There really is nothing between us!” ScarletRain said hurriedly.


“See? I didn’t say whose family, but you came out and admitted by yourself.” ScarletMoon said while laughing.


“Huh? I… I…!” ScarletRain didn’t know what to say.


“Forget it. A silly child like you will probably still be single at my age, I won’t depend on you.” ScarletMoon sighed, and turned to ScarletDrink. “Shui’er, here’s a mission for you. Go and drag your brother-in-law into our guild.”


“En, okay! Leader, you are the best!” ScarletDrink said excitedly.

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  1. ITrideMyBest

    Thanks for the chapter! and I just wanted you guys to know that I have read the first chapter till the latest chap(this). Along the road, I “dieded” a couple of times because of how hilarious this is! Though, the comedy is degrading a bit but still, I will read some more chapters! Maybe.. just maybe.. it might get gud.. and I love the development plus the misunderstanding. (I feel like I didn’t express my feelings enough.. language.. and sorry for the bad english.)

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    This is a great novel, but the release rate is a bit slow, even seeming to have stopped completely for two months now…

    To make things wrong, I can’t find any machine translations for this novel… this seems like the kind of novel that would be good even in a machine translated form because it’s simple and details doesn’t matter.

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