All Things Wrong – Chapter 28: Epiphany, and the urge to slap himself…

“How many do you want, Brother Niubi?”

Seeing that Li Huailin wanted to buy HP pots, a player immediately started to peddle his business. Though every single player wanted HP pots, the cruel reality is that not just anyone could afford it, especially in large amounts. He had a lot of HP pots on him that nobody had bought yet, and he had to meet the guild’s quota before he could train, so he was really anxious to sell it off.


“Wait a minute and let me calculate first…”


Li Huailin looked at the amount of coins he had. 22 gold coins and a few silver coins. Contemplating for awhile, Li Huailin decided that leaving a few silver coins just in case was enough. He had nothing to spend money on anyways (equipments are useless to him for now). En, buying 550 pots for 22 gold it shall be!


“I want 550 pots, do you have enough?”


“So much?”


Though the player was just thinking that he had a lot of unsold HP pots just now, he didn’t have that many!


“I only have 6 and a half stacks, which is 65 pots on me now.”


Hearing that Li Huailin wanted an exaggerated amount of HP pots, other players immediately started promoting their business too.


“I have 5 stacks here!”


“I have 9 stacks!”


The scene started getting chaotic but fortunately, a player who you could tell came from a big guild stepped up and used his leadership skill to facilitate the process.


“Everybody gather all your pots and see if we have enough.”


As everyone was in a hurry to sell their pots, they obediently listened to the command and soon, they had already calculated the number of pots each person how much they should get in the end.


The leader-like person then approached Li Huailin.


“Brother Niubi, we have 42 stacks, that is 420 HP pots here. Why not you wait for our guild to get the HP pots we have placed in the auction site as well? It will only take around five minutes.”


Taking the HP pots from the auction would incur some cost, but it was much better than not being able to sell it off at all. In the end, it was still a profit.


Li Huailin thought for awhile, and said, “Okay, I’ll wait.”


A player suddenly thought of something, and gave a kind reminder.


“Right, the transaction will involve 55 stacks of items. A bag cannot store it all, so why not we do the trade at the bank?”




“The bank storage. Haven’t you used it before, Brother Niubi?”


“No, I haven’t. What is it?”


“Oh, it’s like this…”


The player then started talking about it in detail. In <Heart of Glory>’s setting, a player only had 50 slot of spaces in their bag, and there was a limit to how much an item can stack. The max for HP pots were 10 as said before, so Li Huailin who wanted to buy 55 stacks of HP pots had already surpassed the max bag capacity. Using the bank storage was necessary in these scenarios.


In <Heart of Glory>, every player had 50 starting slots for their bank storage. Items placed inside will not be stolen or dropped. If you want to expand the storage, you can spend money to do so. Each expansion adds 10 slots, but it gets exponentially expensive. The first time costs 1 gold, the second 10 gold…


Li Huailin nodded his head after listening to the explanation.


“I understand now, let’s go then.”


With players who were waiting to receive their money following behind him, Li Huailin soon reached the bank in the city. The player responsible for fetching the HP pots from the auction site had already reached the bank at this time. After using the trading system in the bank, Li Huailin finally got the 550 HP pots he wanted.


The leader who facilitated the trade just now introduced himself after receiving the 22 gold coins.


“Brother Niubi, I’m the financial officer of Snow Lion, IHaveNoMoney.”


*Cough* *Cough*… IHaveNoMoney?


“Let’s add each other as friends. If you have more business next time, you can contact me.”


“Your name is so… amazing.”


Li Huailin couldn’t resist the urge to retort in the end.




IHaveNoMoney smiled.


“The whole guild always asks me for money, so I got myself this name. After all, I am part of the financial sector, and need not a cool name like in the battle sector.”


Li Huailin laughed.


“Okay then, we will keep in contact.”




Saying that, IHaveNoMoney left along with all the players.


“Finally, I have gotten my HP pots!”


Li Huailin did a fist pump. Looking at his bag which was filled with stacks of HP pots, Li Huailin felt excited.


“Come, let us drink this sweet poison!”


HP Pot: Reduce HP by 35 every second. Duration: 6s




Li Huailin had wanted to drink a second one, but realised that he couldn’t.


[System Notice]: You need to wait for 28 seconds before you can drink the next HP pot.


“What?! There is a cooldown time?!”


Li Huailin was shocked at first, but soon felt relieved.


“Luckily, I bought only Medium HP pots just now. If I had bought the small ones, I would sooner die from boredom than the poison.”


Small HP pots ‘reduced’ HP by 100, while Medium pots ‘reduced’ HP by 210. From an economic standpoint, the small ones would be more worth it, but Li Huailin didn’t care about that at that time. Fortunately, this allowed him to avoid a trouble in the end, albeit unintentionally.


“Should be about time…”


[System Notice]: You need to wait for 2 seconds to drink the next HP pot.


“Tsk! Annoying!”


Li Huailin was really anxious to die now. After fighting with the system for 6 minutes, finally, Li Huailin’s character let out the programmed death cry and died drinking HP pots.


“What? What happened?”


A player nearby was stunned. At the bank which was obviously a safety area, someone just died! How could the player not be baffled?


Looking at the area which Li Huailin was at just now, he found a stack of HP pots.


“What? Such good luck?”


The player immediately picked it up. This was a stack of HP pots! 40 silvers! Checking the surroundings with a guilty heart, the player saw that no one noticed him. He then quickly left. It would be bad if the player came back after all.




After reviving at the respawn point, Li Huailin found out that he had dropped a stack of HP pots. Only now did he recall that a player will drop something from his bag if he dies. Li Huailin who had died hundred of times with nothing but the legendary, undroppable beginner’s set had completely forgotten about this fact a long time ago. Thus, his carelessness caused him the loss of a stack of HP pots.


Li Huailin rushed towards the bank, but the HP pots were obviously gone already.


“Which detestable guy took my thing!”


However, though Li Huailin was angry, he didn’t even have the slightest clue about who took it at all. Thus, he could only let this matter be and blame himself for being so careless.


Li Huailin then started thinking of countermeasures.


His bank storage was already full, and he had 4 stacks of HP pots on him now. Thus, Li Huailin split the 40 HP pots equally to take up a slot each in his almost empty bag. This way, he will only drop 1 pot each time he died. This was acceptable.


With this done, Li Huailin walked out of the bank and drunk potion while making his way to a place with less people. When he reached an alley with not much people, Li Huailin died once again.




After reviving, Li Huailin found out that he didn’t drop anything. Looks like his luck was quite good this time, thus he repeated the process again.


[System Notice]: You have reached Level 13.


After dying thrice, Li Huailin finally levelled up. He had originally needed to die twice only, but clearing the dungeon with the girls took away 9% of his EXP, causing him to need to die once more.


Li Huailin didn’t stop here and started drinking potions again. He will walk to the bank while doing so to get more potions if he ran low on them, and proceeded to a deserted place again to die. After reviving, this process was repeated, and each cycle took around 6~7 minutes.


For the whole morning, Li Huailin immersed himself in the happiness of levelling up. After dying 30 odd times, Li Huailin finally got to Level 15. He was currently in a deserted area and was drinking his 12th potion, the final potion he would need to die.




However, after six seconds, the sweet relief of death didn’t come. Looking at his HP bar, he found out that he still had 40 HP, which was regenerating too.


Li Huailin stood there stunned, but finally realised that his stats had increased after levelling up, so 12 pots weren’t enough. 13 was needed.


“How troublesome…”


Li Huailin’s first thoughts were to quickly rush back to the bank to get more potions to drink, or else the 12 potion so far would be wasted!


However, just as he had this thought, a realisation hit him. He had this realisation mostly due to the adrenaline of finding a new way to level up had finally receded and Li Huailin could think more rationally. Yet, this realisation caused him to want to go back in time and kill himself for the sheer stupidity he had displayed.


“I only need to drink so much HP pots because of my stats that are boosted by 280%, so couldn’t I just wait for after the buff is over to drink these pots? Then, I would only need 3~4 pots! Why am I wasting so much pots now?”


Needing to vent his embarrassment, Li Huailin quietly facepalmed…

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    1. Saquacon Post author

      What a perceptive reader, realising Li Huailin’s end game levelling method! Unfortunately, currently, it takes way too much time to get to a high place, and higher levelled places are too far away from respawn points…

      1. Darkos

        Wasn’t the city wall pretty tall? He could just land with his head, also, wasn’t there a moat surrounding the city? If the fall doesn’t kill him, he could just drown himself .-.

        There’s a lot of ways to kill yourself, specially if the game is “98% real”… But he’s so dumb he’ll probably notice waaay ahead in the plot….

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