All Things Wrong – Chapter 29: The Terrifying ‘Poison’

Li Huailin’s heart was really bleeding now. As his character had been anything but normal so far, all the normal game experience he had accumulated so far were rendered useless, and he was making stupid mistakes even he was embarrassed of. Like now, he had already wasted over 300 Medium HP pots! They are all money! Though the method of obtaining them was a little… questionable. But still! If he had waited for his debuff to be over, he would have been able to increase his level by over ten, instead of 3 now!


Earning money was so difficult for him. He can’t farm mobs, nor do quests, and yet, he can’t level up quickly without money! Li Huailin was for the first time thinking that this joke of a character was bringing trouble to him.


“En? Player, looks like you have suffered a grave injury!”


Suddenly, a voice interrupted Li Huailin who was drowning in a sea of regret.


Li Huailin looked up and saw that it was an old male NPC. He looked to be at least 70 years old, with long white beard. He was currently pulling Li Huailin with his wrinkled hands, and on his head was his name – Eddard Stark.


“What is it?”


Looking at this scenario which looked like the starting of a hidden quest no matter how you looked at it, Li Huailin was honestly exasperated. He just randomly walks into an area with no people, and a hidden quest is just triggered? Are hidden quests so cheap nowadays?


“I saw that you were gravely injured, and as a doctor, I cannot let a person who I can save just die in front of me like that.”


Eddark Stark replied.


“Come, come inside. I will heal you.”


“Sigh… yet another few hundred fame… Getting them is unexpectedly easy, huh?”


Li Huailin sighed. If he accepts the mission and give it up immediately, he can still get a few hundred fame, so what’s the harm of going? Except my common sense, that is…


Eddark asked Li Huailin to sit while he went to the alchemy table and did some… ‘things’. At least, Li Huailin who had not learned alchemy didn’t know what he was doing. Not long after, Eddark walked over with a bowl of green medicine. Li Huailin was intrigued by this. Aren’t medicine usually stored in pots? Why is this stored in a bowl instead?


With a smile, Eddark said, “Here, drink this. It should be able to heal your injuries.”


Li Huailin took the bowl and observed the medicine.


Advanced Spring of Life Medicine (Quest)


Recover 5% of HP every second for 25 seconds. Getting attacked will interrupt the healing effect.


Note: This is a quest item. Please drink it as soon as possible as it will disappear in 10 minutes.


“A medicine that recovers HP by percentage?! If I have this, won’t I die after drinking just one?”


Li Huailin had just wanted to get some fame, but didn’t expect to meet such a good thing.


Seeing that Li Huailin was ‘hesitating’, Eddark smiled.


“Drink it, child. It’s not bitter.”


Li Huailin recovered and anxiously asked.


“Pops, do you still have medicine like this?”


“Huh? We will talk about the medicine later. Drink it first, you are heavily injured.”


Li Huailin was truly heavily injured. With just 60 HP left, he had not even 3% of his HP now.


“We have to talk about it now! Pops, I have to say that this bowl of medicine is filled with poison! If I drink this, I will directly meet my maker!”


Li Huailin said this seriously. He really will enjoy a free trip to the respawn point after drinking this medicine.




Eddark was immediately aggravated.


“The Spring of Life Medicine I may not be a master at concocting this medicine, but after refining the recipe for thirty odd years, I will never make a bad medicine! Furthermore, the ingredients used in Spring of Life doesn’t have any poison at all, so how could you be poisoned? Child, you are not an alchemist, so don’t just talk nonsense.”


Seeing that Eddark reacted this way, a sinister plot immediately took form in Li Huailin’s mind. With a plan in mind, Li Huailin smiled.


“Oh? You said it yourself. Do you dare to take responsibility for your words?”


“Of course!”


Hearing someone doubt his medicine, Eddark was livid to the point his beard was floating.


“Drink it. I will take responsibility if something happens to you.”


“Oh? How will you take responsibility?”


Hook, line, sinker. Li Huailin thought as he continued his plan.


“Why not do this? If I meet my maker after drinking this potion, you have to give me a few hundred of this medicine.”


“F-few hundred?”


Poor old Eddark almost puked blood on the spot.


“Do you know how many ingredients is needed for just one portion of that medicine? Silver Leaf Grass, Opulent Grass, Blue Tree Sap…”


Seeing that Eddark will continue to ramble on if he let him be, Li Huailin immediately interrupted with a chop.


“Okay, okay. Don’t tell me the ingredients, I’m not an alchemist so I won’t understand either. What you mean to say is that you don’t have anymore?”


With a wave of his hands, Eddark said with authority, “If you die after drinking this, I will immediately give you the medicine’s recipe!”




Li Huailin frowned upon hearing that. Secondary professions were impossible for him, so what was the use of recipes?


“Is there any other options? Recipe… I don’t really want it.”


“You! You will be the death of me!”


Eddark was truly angry now. This Spring of Life recipe was the crystallisation of his life’s work, and nobody else had it. If he so much as expressed desire to sell it, people will be begging to exchange it for castles and cities! Especially so in a war period such as now, as his medicine meant a lot to the injured. Yet, the small player in front of him is refusing it? My rage bar, my rage bar is almost max!


Holding such anger in his heart, Eddark said with a wave of his hands.


“My medicine definitely doesn’t have poison in it, so you will fully recover after drinking it. Go after drinking it. I won’t bother with you anymore.”


“You said it yourself! I’m drinking it, I’m really drinking it!”


Li Huailin proceeded to put the bowl near his mouth.


Eddark, confident in his medicine, egged Li Huailin on.


“Drink. Don’t worry, you won’t die.”


Thus, Li Huailin poured the medicine into his mouth and as expected, a debuff appeared. However, before he could even check it, Li Huailin’s vision greyed and he fell down lifelessly on the floor.


“What?! Impossible!”


Eddark exclaimed in shock. He quickly recalled the concoction process. I didn’t do anything wrong… I have already done this for thirty odd years, producing over ten thousand of such medicine, so how could it go wrong?


As Eddark was musing over this incomprehensible occurrence, a player’s shout could be heard from the door.


“Everybody! Come and look! A quack doctor said that he could heal me, but I died immediately after drinking his medicine! My EXP! My efforts! How is this any different from murder?! Somebody, please help me uphold justice!”




Poor Eddark couldn’t resist the urge to curse despite his good cultivation and immediately ran to the door. As expected, it was the player just now: Li Huailin.


“Wh-what are you talking about? Who are you calling a quack doctor?”


“Are you not? You saw it yourself! I died after drinking your medicine, so what else do you have to say in your defence? I had said that it was definitely poison, but you didn’t believe me!”


Li Huailin shamelessly accused Eddark with a face glowing with justice.


“This… this…”


Eddark still did not understand what happened until now. There really was nothing wrong with his medicine! Yet, the fact that Li Huailin died after drinking it was the truth too.


“Come in first. Let me see the problem.”


Eddark didn’t wait for Li Huailin to say anything and pulled him into the house before quickly running to his alchemist table. After working on something for a while, another medicine stored in a pot was produced.


Eddark took the newly produced potion and put it in front of Li Huailin.


“Try this, it is definitely safe!”


The potion definitely looks more advanced; it was not in a bowl, but a crystal pot now!


Li Huailin checked it.


Super Spring of Life Potion (Quest)


Recover 10% of HP every second, for 12 seconds. Getting attacked will interrupt healing effects.


Note: This is a quest item. Please drink it as soon as possible as it will disappear in 10 minutes.


The potion looked more transparent the previous one, and there was a faint purple light running through the middle. Stored in a crystal pot, it looked exceedingly beautiful.


“This… this medicine…?”


Li Huailin’s was honestly shocked, and it showed on his face.


Satisfied with Li Huailin’s reaction, Eddark declared with pride:


“Correct. This is the priceless Super Spring of Life Potion. I created this only when I reached Master level in Alchemy, and it can quickly heal all of one’s wounds. Even the gravest of injury can be recovered from in just 10 seconds.”

Li Huailin interrupted Eddark’s boasting.


“I want to say that this potion seems to be even more poisonous that the one just now.”


Eddark immediately refuted.


“Poisonous? Impossible! This potion contains the sap of the World Tree, which has the most life force on this continent! There definitely won’t be poison in it. Quickly drink it.”


“Why should I drink it? I had just been poisoned to death by you and have full HP now after reviving. So, I could be considered to be injury-free. Why must I drink a potion that recovers HP?”


After finishing his piece, Li Huailin looked provokingly at Eddark.


“Talking about this, isn’t your method of ‘healing’ me killing me off so that I will have full HP?”




Eddark was once again angry to the point his beard started floating.


“I just want to prove that my potion will never have poison! You must have died after eating something else! It has nothing to do with my potion!”


“Hmph! You still won’t admit it? Fine, look closely! I had just revived, and don’t have any status ailments on me now, with full HP, right?”




Eddark nodded his head.


“Then watch as I drink your poison laced potion.”


“There’s no poison, rascal!” Eddark couldn’t help but refute.


“I’m drinking it now, please help to look after my corpse…”


Saying that, Li Huailin shed some crocodile tears.


Eddark was infuriated by Li Huailin’s actions.


“Drink it! I won’t believe your words!”




Li Huailin then lifted his head and downed the priceless potion in one go.


The confident Eddark smiled upon seeing this and asked, “How is it? Do you feel comfortable?”


“My blood is flowing in the reverse direction, my organs are failing. En, I feel that my life is coming to an end.”


With a stoic face, Li Huailin commented on his body’s condition.


Eddark, almost roaring, “What drivel!”


Li Huailin, with a face filled with sentimentality, “Ahh, I think I can see my parents who died long ago waving their hands at me…”


“Bastard! What are you talking about-”


Before Eddark could finish saying refuting Li Huailin, Li Huailin who was reminiscing about the past suddenly collapsed on the floor and went to see his maker.

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